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Fighting Motherhood Myths with Ruth Schwenk :: ITA101

| Podcast | One Comment

There are so many motherhood myths out there we start to believe once we become moms. They can hold us back from living out our mission as moms. When we believe those myths about ourselves, they change how we can best parent and love our children. My guest on this… Read more


Parenting without Regret :: Laura Seibert :: ITA100

| Podcast | One Comment

Of all the people that I’ve ever interviewed, there are few people I could recommend with more integrity and wisdom than Laura. Her words as a mom and a wife hold such weight and I was greatly encouraged by what she said about owning motherhood. I know you’ll be inspired by… Read more


Simple Bible Study Tips for Busy Moms :: Katie Orr :: ITA99

| Podcast | No Comments

As moms, it can be challenging to find time to go as deep as we want into Scripture. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Katie Orr, a pastor’s wife and the author of a new bible study series that you will love. Katie’s tips and ideas for how… Read more


Embrace Life, Live Curiously :: Logan Wolfram :: ITA96

| Podcast | 2 Comments

As moms who are raising the next generation, something that is so important is reigniting our faith. As we teach and model this for our children, they watch and pick up on how we live out our faith. Logan Wolfram, my guest on this episode of the podcast, is the… Read more

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