Moms need mission statements every bit as much as Fortune 500 companies do. This is a series I wrote on how to create your own mission statement. Get the ebook based on this series here.

1. Purposeful Motherhood: Why Moms Need Mission Statements

2. Purposeful Motherhood: How To Create A Mission Statement

3. Purposeful Motherhood: How To Use Your Mission Statement



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  • Avatar Adrienne says:

    I can not believe how easy this book made it to write my mission statement. It sounded so intimidating! I literally dug in and was done in 15 minutes and feel like it is a true, grounded mission statement. I’ve also made a first revision within the first few minutes of writing it after reading some of the other mission statements. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Avatar George Queen says:

    Moms are the best when it comes to these things..

  • I am so looking forward to reading this- I am ill-and I am in NEED of boost to help me get it going! looking for some answers & I think this will help! tks

  • Avatar Seamama says:

    Thank you for your blog posts and ebook on this topic. I’m working through the ebook now but I’m getting stuck… When it comes time to choose only my top/most important roles, what happens to the roles that got cut? For example, you had “small group leader”, “runner”, and “web designer” at the bottom part of your list… what have you done with the roles? Have you stopped doing those things now? If you still do them but to a lesser degree, could you talk more about how you juggle roles that aren’t in your mission statement? I really struggle with figuring out what to cut and it pains me to let things go. I would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Great question. I stopped web designing and small group leading, but I do still run, although I’m not doing races and run less than 30 minutes a day a few times a week. It’s hard to cut things, but it is absolutely the only way to grow in the most important things. We all have a finite amount of time and energy, the more we can focus that, the greater impact we can have in our most important roles. That doesn’t mean that other things won’t move to the top of the list in a later season, it just means that right now we are choosing to focus on these things.

  • Avatar Seamama says:

    So now I’ve read “Maximize Your Mornings” and I see you do still run! 🙂 So it looks like even though “runner” wasn’t one of the roles you choose to include in your mission statement, it is still part of your life. I feel like in the end, everything I’m already doing could somehow be incorporated into my mission statement and/or my life, but that it wouldn’t help me b/c I’d still be overscheduled and overburdened. So I’d love to hear more from you on how I can discern what I should/shouldn’t be doing right now in my life. Also, now that I’ve read the “Mornings” ebook, I’m wondering if you could give us a breakdown of the timing… how long do you pray, how long do you run, etc? Thanks! Your books have been a huge inspiration for me!