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  • Avatar Denise says:

    Hi Kat,
    I have a burning question that I hope you can give me some insight on. With all of this discipline with getting up early and, of course, having to go to bed early, where does spending time with your husband fit in? After a long day of homeschooling, meals, errands, and whatever else needs to be done, I am exhausted. I try to get a personal devotion time, a short workout, and take my vitamins every day, which all help to keep my energy level up, but I still don’t have the energy for lovemaking. I love the time spent with my husband just winding down for the day, talking, etc., but lovemaking for me can only happen in the morning, which doesn’t allow for getting up super early. As it is, I never get 8 hours of sleep. That is my goal, but it just doesn’t seem possible during this phase of my life. I’d love to hear what yours or anyone else’s thoughts are on this.

    Thank you!

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      I would just say that we must live life from the inside out. We can’t be the wives our husbands truly need if we aren’t spending time with the God who knows our husbands better than we do. So, if meals need to be frozen, if the house needs to be dirty, if errands need to be postponed. So be it.

      Also, my heart is really just to encourage women to connect with God first thing in the morning. But that doesn’t need to be your primary extended Bible study time. That can be whenever in the day that works for you consistently.

      I hope that helps?

  • Avatar Nicole says:

    Good question Denise! I struggle with the same thing (minus the homeschooling). Would love to hear Kat’s insight too. : )

  • Avatar Tinitia D. says:

    Hi Denise, I realize this response comes two years later but I thought I’d encourage you by saying what you’re experiencing is very common. Outside of spending time with the Lord, our husbands are our top priority.

    Allow the Lord to help you by walking in the grace you already have. Intimacy is an important part of marriage and is key, in many aspects, to our husband’s heart. Ask the Lord for wisdom in this area as to how you can apply this, and He will give it to you.
    Blessings to you.