Today’s giveaway are printables I use every day. It’s my Daily Overview printable and my Daily Journal printable. On one side is where I plan my day and on the other side I do my bible study and journaling. The journaling side is a lighter grey color so that you can print them on the same piece of paper without the ink bleeding through.

It really helps me to have this simple visual to guide me through the things I want to get done each morning and each day.


And my favorite tip? My notebook system! I use a levenger circa notebook, which I got for my birthday a few years ago. But my friend Kellye recently discovered that Staples has a MUCH cheaper notebook set that is just as well made.

The thing about these notebooks is it has the feel of a spiral notebook, but the function of a three ring binder because you can print your own pages, move pages around and add in any size or shape paper.

Check it out and get all excited about it here.

…and just so you know, that’s not an affiliate link or anything. I have no association with Staples or Levenger. I just really, really, really love my notebook and I think you will too!.