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Background – God Showing Off

In May 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines with Compassion International to see the work that they do their for children in need. I traveled with three other amazing blogger and three Compassion staff members.

Being a part of this trip was simply one of the biggest honors I could imagine. My husband and I have been sponsoring children through Compassion for about 10 years now. Sathish, Sophanie, Sayriel, Maricor and Akakor Grace are a part of our family.

Compassion Blogger Trip Philippines

And while I would have been ridiculously honored to go on a Compassion trip to any location, to be invited on a trip to the Philippines… is simply God showing off.

My mother, whom I never knew, was from the Philippines. All my life I’d dreamed of going, but never imagined I actually would have the opportunity. Not only did He orchestrate my going, I even had the opportunity to meet my sponsor child and some of my family for the first time!!

Post List

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Here is a video my brother made for the trip. It’s to one of my favorite songs called A Thousand Things by Christa Wells.

Untitled from Russell Slager on Vimeo.

Emily’s House
This is a video I made of a visit to the home of a girl named Emily. The song is I Saw What I Saw by Sara Groves.

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