What Voice Are You Listening To?

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Note from Kat: Today’s post is from the lovely Jenni Keller

Ps 11973

Four of us stood around the kitchen island while our kids played downstairs. While we talked about the start of school and getting settled into new routines, our conversation took a sadly, familiar turn to the topic of body image.

While we four women have very different body types, we shared one thing in common: the struggle for contentment. And as one woman shared, I looked at her and couldn’t see what it was that she saw in herself and so clearly could not accept. We nodded our heads as she spoke, because we all have the same thoughts rattling through our heads at times.

While I could have gone around the table and noted beauty in each of these girls, it’s not nearly as easy to look in the mirror and make the same notations of myself. And as I strive for health, through healthy eating and exercise, I find that I have to lay down thoughts and motivations that aren’t honoring to God, more than I care to admit.

I want to be healthy for the long haul, so that I can live a long life, enjoy my family, serve God and remain active for many years to come. That’s the big picture. The picture I love and take pride in.

But, there’s also a voice I wrestle with, when my pants get a little snug, that lies to me about my worth. That wants me to punish myself or think negatively of myself, stealing my focus for days at a time.

This is a calculated, effective scheme of our enemy. And he would love nothing more than to steal our attention away from God’s grander purpose for our days, and ultimately, from who God says we are in Him.

After our conversation, I was reminded of how the enemy is whispering the same lies in all of our ears and how susceptible I am to those lies, again and again.
As your sister in Christ, let me share truth with you today:
Psalm 8:3-5

“When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor.

Psalm 119:73
Your hands have made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments.
Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
Luke 12:7
But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.
Romans 8:1
There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.
The struggle is real. We live in a fallen world.
When you feel tempted to hate your body, believe your less valuable or punish yourself because of lies, find a verse that speaks to you or stick these verses on your fridge or your mirror, and don’t just read them, but speak the truth out loud.
How do you combat the body image lies? 
 Jenni is a passionate Christ-fol14461727596_b274881371_olower. Wife. Mommy to four. Learning to embrace His redeeming work in my life through motherhood. I love cooking, running, coffee and community. Child sponsorship advocate for Horizon International, Inc.

New Resources for Your Mornings!

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Hello Mornings Logo Final - God Plan Move

Hi friends! I’ve been very busy working on a fun project for you and I’m so excited to share about it today.

As you might know, I wrote a book called Maximize Your Mornings and it’s all about helping you to develop an amazing morning routine. And we have a community challenge called HelloMornings that is designed to help you build that habit with a community of other women. (Actually, registration just opened this week and we’d love to have you join us. Spots are filling up fast, though, so make sure to sign up soon.)


Well, The HelloMornings Team and I have created two NEW resources that I think will be amazingly helpful for those of you wanting to make the most of your mornings.

The FREE HelloMornings Workbook

First of all, we have a new HelloMornings Workbook that we will be giving out FREE to everyone who participates in the HelloMornings Challenge. The workbook has pages for each day of the challenge with the Bible reading for that day (this session we are all studying the book of Jonah), a reflection prompt, a journaling section, a planning section and a fitness section.


So, you’ll be able to hit on each aspect of HelloMornings on one simple page. I’m really excited about this resource and how it’s going to simplify things for everyone.

It will make it SO much easier for new members to follow along and it will help everyone else make progress on all three areas (God. Plan. Move.) of HelloMornings.

Imagine thousands of women all over the world daily spending time with God, planning their days based on what God is teaching them and then learning to be healthy so they can live out the things He is calling them to…powerful stuff, my friends!

The (optional) HelloMornings Power Pack

Speaking of power, we are also introducing a new resource that we are calling the Power Pack. This is an extra resource that we are offering and it is for those wanting to take their HelloMornings to the next level. This session’s Power Pack includes :

HelloMornings Power Pack.001

We did our best to jam pack the kit with everything you need to grow in the three areas of HelloMornings – God. Plan. Move.

And, for this initial launch of the Power Pack, we are offering it for just $4.97!

(I want to give a HUGE thanks to Jen Stanbro and Emily Thomas for sharing their talents with us in this Power Pack. Jen is the beautiful voice behind the “God Day” song (you’ve probably heard it at the end of the Inspired To Action podcast) and Emily created a CUSTOM printable of our HelloMornings theme verse – Psalm 143:8.)

Why are we offering the Power Pack?
Because we want to equip women who want to go deeper in each area, and we can do that best by creating something valuable that will help them and will allow us to cover the costs of the challenge in addition to allowing us to have the resources to create exceptional materials for everyone.

We are so excited to offer these resources to you and have plans really take HelloMornings to a new level where everyone has the resources they need to truly thrive.

To learn more about HelloMornings click here and to grab your copy of the Power Pack click here!

Oh Exercise! How I Love Thee–Sometimes

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Why is it that even though I know how important exercise is and how much I need it and how good it makes me feel when I actually get out there and DO it, I’m constantly in a battle to make it a regular part of my life?


I wish I could share with you today all about how I’ve created regular space in my days to add in the “Move” aspect of the HelloMornings theme: “God, Plan, Move.”

I can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy exercising! When I’ve managed to keep consistent with it for a few weeks at a time, I understand and feel all the beneficial effects. But I struggle with the discipline of it.

The apostle Paul understood this struggle:

I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway. But if I do what I don’t want to do, I am not really the one doing wrong; it is sin living in me that does it.

I have discovered this principle of life–that when I want to do what is right, I inevitably do what is wrong.

I love God’s law with all my heart.

But there is another power within me that is at war with my mind. This power makes me a slave to the sin that is still within me. Oh, what a miserable person I am!

Romans 7:19-24a (NLT)

Discipline, in any area of our lives, is a spiritual issue.

And spiritual issues need to be handled with spiritual tools: Scripture, prayer, accountability. I’m pretty sure this is not news to anyone, maybe just a reminder for those who, like me, struggle with the discipline aspect of exercising.

Just knowing in our head that keeping healthy and fit is important, or even experientially understanding the benefits of exercise, may not be enough to keep us motivated to stay consistent. Sometimes it simply comes down to fighting the spiritual battle of discipline in our heart.

The great thing about all this? We don’t have to do it on our own!

Paul confidently states in the last part of the passage in Romans 7:

Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death? Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Have you ever considered exercise to be a spiritual battle? What are some practical methods that you’ve used for fighting that battle?I am the wife of an Army Chaplain

LisaWalters   I am an Army Chaplains wife, a homeschooling mom of two teen girls. I am an editor. I overindulge in dark chocolate and love Jesus. My      spiritual journey has been one of ups and downs, joys and heartaches, times of growth and times of questioning. At this stage in my life, my    consistent prayer is for wisdom in knowing how to parent teen girls!


How I Stopped Dreading Dinnertime

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Dinnertime is relentless, isn’t it? It comes every single evening without fail.

How many weeks in a row can we eat spaghetti and tacos and that easy crockpot potato soup before my family notices I only have three poorly executed recipes in my arsenal? (Also, it’s summer and 80+ degrees. Nobody wants to eat my potato soup right now.)

If it were up to me, we’d eat breakfast dishes every night. I make delicious cheesy eggs and perfectly browned pancakes. My bacon is just the right level of crispiness (that’s extra crispy, thank you very much), and let’s not discount the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a simple bowl of cereal.

I mean, think of the time we’d all save if we ate cereal every night. Seriously.

But I live in the real world with things like my family’s health and happiness to consider. You, too?

A few months ago, at the height of my dinnertime despair, I found myself relying on Subway, Panera, and Chipotle  for dinner far too often.  And every time I tried a new recipe from Pinterest it turned into a colossal failure. My children wouldn’t touch it, and my husband just happened to be a little less hungry on those nights. So what’s a girl who doesn’t like being in the kitchen to do when night after night, week after week these people I live with expect food on the table?

One day not long ago, I spotted a few friends on Instagram chatting and sharing about how much luck (and fun) they were having with Michael Symon’s Five in Five cookbook.  (That’s five ingredients and five minutes of cooking.)

Wait a minute, I HAVE that book in my kitchen.

Determined to catch their excitement for trying new things in the kitchen, I asked these friends for recommendations from the book. The commitment seemed low. I could handle five ingredients and five minutes.

I slowly started adding the recipes into the mix. Turns out, chefs write cookbooks and they include really good recipes! Who knew? Now I have a new outlook on dinnertime and a brand new arsenal of meals thanks to a few simple steps.

The Four Steps I Took To Banish Dinnertime Dread

  1. Make a commitment to choose one new recipe each week. Look for them in the cookbooks you already own (or those at your local library) and visit websites and blogs where the author makes a living writing and sharing recipes.
  2. Skim the ingredients list and directions to see if there’s an ingredient or technique you need to learn more about before tackling it. This is especially important if, like me, you’re still getting comfortable with meals that require more than two steps (open and heat).
  3. Add the ingredients to your grocery list and get excited for your new adventure. You can even involve your kids if they’re old enough. Tell them you’re trying something new and ask them to help you make it turn out just right. (Personally, I send my kids far from the kitchen when I’m trying a new recipe, so that last part may have been a pep talk for myself.)
  4. Ask your family for feedback and keep track of the recipes that work best so they find a way into your regular rotation.

And here’s a bonus step: Try to enjoy the process. When I stopped viewing dinnertime as a chore and started seeing it as a way to lovingly serve my family, my heart did a 180 degree turn. Now when I’m chopping shallots (I know what those are now! I tell you, I’m on an adventure!) and dicing tomatoes, I thank God for the mouths that I’m able to feed through His generous provision. What an awesome job we get to do, mamas.

Do you have trouble coming up with new meals to serve your family? Are you ready to join me on my adventure? Do you allow little helpers in your kitchen?


sarahSarah is a 30-something wife and mom of two preschoolers who lives imperfectly for Jesus. She’s a communication professional by day, word girl by night and always an appreciator of art. You can find her pursuing beauty and collecting stories at www.girlgrowsup.com.


Renew Your Mind

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{photo credit}

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

(Note from Kat: Today’s post is from regular contributor Jenni Keller.)

I’m a first generation athlete. I grew up in a family that valued health and watched their diets, but athletes, we were not.

After my second pregnancy, I was up about 50 pounds and feeling desperate to reclaim my body and my health. And so my journey began.

I’m not sure at what point I crossed over the line and began to embrace and believe it; but after six years, I finally believe I’m an athlete.

One very important lesson I’ve learned in my pursuit of health and in my life, is that my “norm” is always changing. As I eat more healthy food, healthy food tastes and even sounds better to me. As I push my body to new goals, my endurance, my muscles and my mental toughness continue to evolve.

I often think of the verse in Romans that says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2 (ESV))

Breakdown the word “renew”, to “new again”. Our minds can be made “new again” and will in turn “transform” us. As we continue to pursue Christ, get to know Him and his character, we are made new. More like Him. Our norm transforms from what the world says is the standard, to more in line with His Standard.

I love what this verse teaches, because I believe God’s truth is true in all aspects of life.

The lifestyle that feels normal to you now, doesn’t have to feel like your normal one month from now. The enemy wants us to believe that “I could never (fill in the blank)”. The truth is, “…with God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 (ESV))

And your giant leap of faith begins with the baby step of squashing the lie.

The truth is God has epic adventures ahead for you and pushing in on your fear and doubt is the first step towards His best for you. Set that alarm. Write down that goal. Do a search on a health topic of interest. And trust His renewing work, one day at a time.


What healthy lifestyle goal feels impossible to you? What lies are you believing? What doubts cloud your faith? Click here to join the discussion.


Passionate Christ-fol14461727596_b274881371_olower. Wife. Mommy to four. Learning to embrace His redeeming work in my life through motherhood. I love cooking, running, coffee and community. Child sponsorship advocate for Horizon International, Inc


Three Places to Find God

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Note from Kat: Today’s post is from my friend Christie Elkins.

One of the things that the Lord has been impressing upon me lately is His omnipresence. Summer months can derail a morning routine quicker than you can say “sweet tea” due to the changing schedules of children and spouses in your household. I have found this particularly to be true over the past week or so, when my boys have shared this bizarre virus that is floating around (Seriously, who gets this stuff mid-June?) and has left their mama depleted and in much needed time with God. Yet, there are three places I can count on when I really need to hear His voice. When I feel like I am hitting a brick wall in my quiet time, I can do a simple retreat to clear my mind and hear His voice with increased clarity:


1.) In nature.

I am not, by nature, an outdoorsy gal (no pun intended) but since we have moved to a farm and tried our hand at gardening for the first time this year, I have found that skipping outside to pull weeds and just dig in the dirt a little clears my head and gives me time to commune with God. No iPhones or radios allowed, just fair weather and a sweet breeze will do. If gardening isn’t your jam, try a simple walk or run in your neighborhood, a moment or two by the lake, enjoying a good book under a shade tree at the park, or swinging side by side with your children. (Note: if those park swings start to bow, jump off. Not that I can add this to a list of recent life experiences or anything. Ahem…)


2.) In the car.

One of the things I used to do a few summers ago when the children were smaller was load them up on a particularly stressful day and just drive. More often than not, at least two out of three would take a nap, and it would give me a few moments of peace and renewed thinking. When I felt the Lord pull at my heart seven years ago to resign from my job and become a stay at home mom, I pulled over to the side of the road and began writing everything He was saying to me. I never expected His presence to be so strong on the four lane, but it was and now I take full advantage of “car time” to pray and journal. Just put the car in park first…


3.) In public.

I have had the same experience two times over the past few months, where I have been in a restaurant or in the grocery store with my youngest, and a wife or grandmother have approached me in tears, telling me to hold tight to my little ones, how they are a blessing, and how they have lost precious children and would give anything for one more day. Those ladies blessed and humbled me greatly, as God used that moment to remind me how children are a blessing and a gift from Him, and how I needed that perspective change after long days of training and retraining little hearts. He used them to speak to me, and me to them. He is so good.


So, as we plan our days, keep in mind that the Lord is everywhere, keeping watch over the wicked and the good (Proverbs 15:3)  He will show His love and grace when we least expect it, and when we seek Him we will find him. Even if we are knee deep in tomato plants.


christie elkinsChristie is a mother of 3, cop’s wife, and Junior Mint lover. She blogs at Letters From the Nest and is a columnist for her hometown newspaper, The LaFollette Press. Christie and her family reside in the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee, where sweet tea is served at every meal and hospitality is second nature.

It’s Not About a To-Do List

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Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 10.31.36 PM

                  {photo credit link}                                                                                                                                                                            

Note from Kat: Today’s post is from my friend Patti Brown.

Some days my brain doesn’t want to turn on until 8:00. I get up early, sit on my couch and look at my bible, but the words swim.

I’ll fight it. I’ll brew more tea or make an egg or do something that I hope will get those brain cells firing. But some days it just isn’t gonna happen.

Do you have days like that too? Do you get worried or feel like you’ve failed if you can’t get your bible study done first thing in the morning?
It’s Not About a To-Do List
As much as bible study is vital to every Christian, and I am passionate about encouraging women to stay in the Word, we busy gals have to guard against turning it into another thing to check off the to-do list.

Your time with God is not about a to-do list. It’s about a relationship.

My youngest is seven years old, but he is not too big for morning snuggle time. He crawls out of bed and into my lap and we just sit. It’s a time of kisses and hugs and sweetness. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we are silent. I enjoy these moments so much, knowing the time is flying away before my eyes.

Your Abba Father – your Heavenly Daddy – wants more time with you.

When you get together with your best friend, do you bring a list of topics that need to be discussed? Do you feel there are certain things that must be accomplished in order to have had a satisfactory time together? 

Nah, probably not.

Cup of coffee? Check. Discuss children? Check. Relate most recent difficult situation? Check.

And your quiet time, your HelloMornings time, does not have to be a checklist either. Spend time in the Word every day, but there is no rule that your study time has to be just after you stumble out of bed.

Your morning meeting with the Father can be a time of enjoying a prayer conversation, singing love songs to Him, resting in His presence. Be with Him.

When We Most Need Those Quiet Moments with God

And have you noticed? The days we are most likely to race past time with God are the days we need it most. You know – the crazy hectic days when the calendar looks like a toddler’s scratch pad, all covered with pen. 

Just like you make an extra effort to give the people you love hugs and kisses and encouragement before a hard day, make an extra effort to get Abba time before your hard days.

He’s just waiting to love on you up there in His lap.


Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 10.33.52 PMPatti homesteads and homeschools in Texas with her husband and three children. Between correcting math and feeding chickens, she writes with her daughter at Blossoms and Posies, their home arts website for girls, and on her personal blog Joyful Mama. Patti first joined the HelloMornings community in November 2010.

Is It Worth It?

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As I was running this morning I found myself asking “Is it worth it?” I’m training right now for my next race and I’m attempting to stay on a running schedule. But it’s hot and humid and I’m sacrificing sleep for this run right now. So the question comes to mind “Is this worth it?” This question comes to mind in other areas  of my life besides exercise.

  • When I am in it up to my neck in training these little people God has given us. There are times when I’m at a loss and I wonder: Is this worth it? Am I making a difference?
  • When something takes me extra effort or time that will show my husband respect or encouragement. But will he even notice? Is it worth it?
  • Taking time to pursue relationships with family members, friends, neighbors. Well they don’t seem to care one way or the other so why should I?
  • Getting up early to spend time with the Lord, when most mornings I am interrupted by early risers who don’t know how to be quiet. Why am I doing this again? Is it worth it?
  • Daily choosing to walk with Him. Often His way is not the most popular, not the easiest or most comfortable. And that question creeps into my head, is this worth it?

Of course I know the answer to this question in each of these scenarios. It IS worth it. All of it. But I still have these thoughts in moments of doubt, complacency and discouragement. And I’m guessing, if you are honest you do too. Lies can so easily find their way into our thought life and tell us that our effort and time put into staying fit and healthy, our marriage, our kids, our relationship with Him and others isn’t worth it. BUT IT IS.

Anything that is precious is going to cost us something to maintain, to pursue. Or it wouldn’t be precious to us.

It is worth the extra time, effort, the uncomfortableness, even the lack of sleep. My kids are worth it, my husband is worth it, my God is worth it. And if I want to be healthy and fit and do races well, then the training is worth it. So I will fight back those lies with truth. His truth.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,  who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:1-2

I will pursue my goals, my kids, my husband and others even when I don’t get the instant gratification of making a difference that I so want. I pray that my heart motivations are pure. Above all, I will pursue Him. He is worth it. On the days when I don’t feel like getting up to run, when my quiet time is continually interrupted, when I discipline for the same things over and over, when the drama and attitude is a little too much, when my extra effort goes unnoticed and I just don’t have it all together. It is okay. Because He still sees me same, He gives grace and He says: I am worth it. And He says: You are worth it. Let’s keep going.

What fitness/life goals are you chasing after? Share in the comments below!

profile pic 1:16:13 Aubrey is married to Brian and they have one handsome little dude and twin girly girls. Brian and Aubrey were in full time ministry for 11 years but recently made a major  change and entered the working world. Aubrey works part time at a local triathlon store and recently started her own Virtual Assistant business. She loves to run, eat ice  cream, create something out of nothing and have dance parties with her kids even though her dancing is less than cool.  She is passionate about encouraging and helping  others to set goals in all areas of life and then help them go after it! Aubrey is self labeled the CEO of the little part of the world they call home, relying on God’s grace every  step of the way.


The Secret To Fighting Seasons of Overwhelm

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Note from Kat: This post is from a HelloMornings Challenge contributor, Sarah.

I’m in the middle of one of those seasons. You know, the so-busy-it-feels-like-every-second-of-the-day-is-scheduled kind of seasons.

I’m walking around in a constant state of worry that I’ll forget a crucial detail and all of my spinning plates will come crashing down.


Recently, I found myself asking my four-year-old daughter to remind me of this or that, but I quickly decided that wasn’t the best approach when she started telling people, “My mommy forgets things a lot.”

I’m discovering these busy seasons are inevitable with raising a family, and I also know it will pass. But as the famous (in our house) bear hunt book says:  We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We gotta go through it!

So, instead of trying to escape the busy, I’m determined to do the best I can with the time and energy God gives me each day. I’ve gone back to my tried and true method for staying on top of my to-do list. Perhaps you’re in a similar season? If so, here are my tips for making it through with minimal plate-dropping.  

Step One: The Brain Dump The first thing I do when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed is to sit down and make a list of every task, responsibility and commitment that is fighting for space in my brain. Nothing is too minor for this list. Put RSVP card in the mail, schedule oil change, finish the laundry, return library books… Seriously, anything that’s taking up brain power goes on the list! Once I make this master list, I find it useful to actually make a plan to get it all done…

Step Two: Plan Your To-Do’s I (still) use a paper planner, and the one I have separates each day into morning, day and night. This works well for me because I can list tasks on each day at the approximate time I should complete it. For example, if I know I need to bring cookies to a party on Thursday evening, I add “buy cookies” to my lunchtime errands on Thursday.

During my busiest seasons, I even plan things as simple as sending a follow-up email or calling to check in on a friend. If I think of something I have to do, but can’t get to it right away, I jot it down in my planner to get it out of my brain and onto the list. And every time I hear myself telling someone I’ll do something, that’s a cue to write it in my planner. That way, I’m not wasting brain space worrying about whether I’m forgetting something.

And if a paper planner isn’t your thing (you’re my hero), I found an iPhone app called Things that allows you to manage tasks in a similar way.

Step Three: Maintain the System It does no good to write a list of to-do’s if you don’t look at the list. Each morning I spend a few minutes reviewing my planner. I move yesterday’s tasks that I didn’t complete to the current day (or a future day, if appropriate). This method makes it hard to procrastinate for too long without annoying myself.

If I write the same unfinished task day after day, it’s a sign the task is either not important or that I’m putting it off and I just need to do it already. And the best part of all this planning? Crossing those babies off when they’ve been accomplished, of course!

What method of planning do you use when you are feeling overwhelmed with daily life activities? Click here to join the discussion!

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 7.41.46 PMSarah is a 30-something wife and mom of two preschoolers who lives imperfectly for Jesus. She’s a communication professional by day, word girl by night and always an appreciator of art. You can find her pursuing beauty and collecting stories at www.girlgrowsup.com.

If you still need a reason to jump into the early-morning craziness…

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Katie Orr

If you’ve been around Inspired to Action for any length of time, you’ve heard about HelloMornings and the benefits of the early-morning habit. You’ve read of the challenge to wake up for your kids, instead of to your kids. And you’ve listened to the calls to start the day putting first things first, through spending time with Jesus.

You may find yourself on the sidelines — still not convinced that an earlier morning is for you. If you have any inkling of “jumping into the game” will you take a moment to read through the comments of yesterday’s post over at the HelloMornings blog? We’ve been celebrating our 8th HelloMornings challenge, by declaring what the Lord has done in our lives through the HelloMornings challenge.

The comments are just breathtaking.

I discovered a need and a solution I had never considered…

…I would have wasted these opportunities sleeping.

…I give Him the firstfruits of my day and I am a much happier Mama…

God is doing a great work in the lives of these mamas. He is transforming their souls, their families, and even some physiques. These women are not more discipled, more athletic, or more spiritual than you and I. They are simply women who have taken Him at His Word — that He has come that we might have life, and that we would have it abundantly!

He bestows abundant blessings when we choose to follow Him in obedience.

So, friend, if you think He might just be whispering your name—calling you up to sit at His feet and listen to Him in the early morning hours—will you listen? Will you obey?

I hope you will.

HelloMornings Winter Session

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  • Session runs January 28th – April 26th (13 weeks)
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About Katie
Grace-clinger. Truth-speaker. Pastor’s wife. Mommy of three. Auburn fan. Loves to equip others to walk with the Lord for a lifetime. Co-author of Savoring Living Water: How to have an effective quiet time and author of Focused15 Bible studies. Creator of Do Not Depart where you can receive encouragement and tools to abide in God’s Word.