A Little Help With the “Why?” This Christmas

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This is a guest post from my friend Erin who blogs at Home With The Boys.

When I became a parent, Google became my best friend.

Why do snakes have long tongues?

Why are oranges orange?

Why can’t I eat rocks?

Ok, maybe I made up that last one, but I’ve heard some CRAZY questions in my 6 1/2 years as a mom. And it can be EXHAUSTING.

I actually do LOVE the fact that my boys are curious. They love to learn and I will try to answer every single one of their million questions if it will keep this hunger and curiosity alive!

But this mama needs some help on the question-answering front every once and a while, and I’m especially grateful to have this help around Christmas time from What’s in the Bible?

Why Do We Call It Christmas? answers all sorts of questions about this tradition-filled holiday! Where did all of these extra traditions come from and what do they have to do with Jesus’ birthday?! Why do we decorate Christmas trees? Who was St. Nick? And why DO we call it Christmas?

In all honesty, I have learned just as much from this DVD as the kiddos. Some of the information might be over the head of your littler ones, but I’m always surprised at how much sinks in even at a young age!

Besides, we didn’t just learn from Why Do We Call It Christmas? We laughed. A LOT. If your family is already fans of Veggie Tales or the What’s in the Bible? series, you will definitely love this!

Along with Why Do We Call It Christmas?, What’s in the Bible? has just debuted an awesome Advent resource for families called Everyday Emmanuel. It is a 68 page downloadable PDF with activities, devotions, and printables to make this Advent more meaningful for your family!

Right now, when you order both Why Do We Call It Christmas? and Everyday Emmanuel, you will get 50% off the retail price of both with the coupon code CHRISTMAS50!


A Special Coupon Just For You!

What’s in the Bible? is offering a special deal this month just for Inspired to Action readers!  Use the coupon code INSPIRED at checkout for $10 off any orders over $50 plus free shipping! Just click on the coupon below to shop!


This deal applies to any of the DVDs and expires on 11.28.12.

In the spirit of WHY Do We Call It Christmas?, what is the craziest question one of your kids has asked you?


*This post contains affiliate links, but we share because we love.

Understanding and Developing Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

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(Note from Kat: This is a guest post from Kellie M.)

A few months before my husband proposed, I had lunch with my boss and good friend.  He asked me a lot of pointed questions about my relationship and how things were going.  He asked me if I had any reservations about my (now) husband.  And I hesitated.  I didn’t have any reservations about him, as a person or as my best friend, but rather my hesitation was in my struggle to form some type of appropriate spiritual connection while dating that would build a foundation for our marriage.  

I knew that he believed in God (heck, I met him at church), so that was easy to cross of my list.  But the real problem was understanding what people meant when they said that husbands and wives should be spiritually intimate.  

What does that actually look like?  I asked my boss what that looked like in his marriage.  He struggled for a response and in the end he ended up asking me if we prayed together. That was a rather unsatisfactory answer to me. And that started a long journey of thoughtfulness.  

I’ve spent a long time thinking, researching, reading, and asking what spiritual intimacy in marriage looks like.  Every answer is so different, I’ve learned there are many different ways to be spiritually intimate.  Unless we take a minute to stop and understand what those ways are, we can’t appreciate the spiritual intimacy that we already enjoy with our spouses and we underestimate the spiritual intimacy that we could develop. 

Individual Spiritual Intimacy

One of the most powerful types of spiritual intimacy that we can experience with our spouses is not directly with them.  It’s the individual spiritual intimacy with God that ties us to our spouses.  The spiritual bond that we share with our spouses by doing life together in submission to God is powerful, but it is much more powerful when complimented by a fervent prayer life of intercession for our spouses. Often disregarded as simplistic, this easy task can create unpenetrable  bonds with our spouses.  

The act of praying for another requires a great investment–not only is it an investment of time and energy, but of spiritual care.  We spiritually care for the well-being of our spouses when we pray for them.  Often times, praying a spouse through a hard day can create space for the other aspects of spiritual intimacy to thrive.  

Shared Purpose / Lifestyle Spiritual Intimacy

Lifestyle spiritual intimacy may be both the easiest and the hardest kind to achieve. This type of intimacy is built up over time.  Time spent driving miles and miles together, experiencing life’s firsts together, raising children together, getting ready for bed every night together, and battling life’s hurdles together all create opportunities to develop spiritual intimacy as you work together as a team to do life well.

The shared experiences facilitate the growth, but it’s the shared purpose and values in those experiences that truly develop this type of spiritual bond. Building a team grounded in God’s purpose for your lives (and importantly, God’s purpose for your joint lives) can only bring you closer. Every time you make a decision based on God’s purpose for your life, you are drawing your spouse spiritually closer. 

Accountable Spiritual Intimacy

Now here’s where this whole thing gets dicey.  This isn’t a license to nag but rather an enormous amount of pressure to love your spouse as Christ loves the church. For me this often means picking up the dirty socks from the bedroom floor and cleaning up the dishes off the coffee table without yelling at my husband…no, it’s more then that.  It’s loving by example.  Thinking together about how you spend your money, how you tithe, how you prioritize your time.  

All these things you may be doing bits of already but think if you did them with a bit more intentionality, wouldn’t that have a huge impact on how spiritually connected you feel. Spiritual intimacy will develop as you hold each other accountable to going to church, getting involved in a bible study, tithing regularly, being available for friends, and doing those things that God has laid on our heart.  Allow your spouse to help you to grow spiritually and as a result so will your spiritual intimacy.  

Hopefully, thinking about these different ways to be spiritually intimate with your spouse helps to break down the enormity of the challenge and to identify ways that you are already forming spiritual bonds. Inspired To Action has been a great resource to me in this journey. Below are links to a few resources that I have found helpful.

Good luck on your journey!


Individual Spiritual Intimacy – I’ve been using Kat’s Husband Prayer Calendar for two years now and find that it guides my prayer time each day.  

Shared Purpose / Lifestyle Intimacy – Do you know what your goals or purpose in this life are?  Check out these posts on goal setting.

Accountable Spiritual Intimacy – I know how much Kat loves music and sharing her favorites.  If you are not familiar with Derek Webb check out his album called “I See Things Upside Down”.  It’s all about how Christ loves the church.  My favorite song is “I Want a Broken Heart”.  

About Kellie:
As a new mom (and wife, and daughter, and employee, and lots of other titles) Kellie is still figuring out what she is all about and what normal really looks like. Kellie talks about all of life’s good things on Punctuated Goodness including baby wearing, cloth diapering, and all sorts of crafty things.

Click here to check out her blog.

Kris’ Story: Why It’s Worth It to Lose A Little Sleep

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A few friends I met during the Hello Mornings Challenge: Aubrey, Kristi, me, Christine and Michelle.

(Note from Kat: Today’s post is from HelloMornings Team member Kris, who blogs at Always Alleluia.)

The alarm goes off at 0’dark thirty A.M. Before you start rolling your eyes, let me just say that I rarely make it out of bed at right then. But that’s the goal. Why would a tired mother of four sacrifice at least two potentially amazing hours of sleep, by her own choice?

I’ll tell you.

Because it makes a difference.

Before this season of life, I’d cling to my pillow, I’d roll out of bed when the baby beckoned or the toddlers moaned for breakfast.

I had no time to fully wake-up before I’d be forced to fully engage.

I resented the immediate demands put on me before I had the opportunity to make it to the bathroom, or grab a turbo shower.

When my oldest was two, if I didn’t shower before he got up, I’d be waiting until nap time or later that evening after my husband came home. And as for managing a decent devotional time?

Yeah, that wasn’t happening much either.

Spiritually, I was starving. Resentment swelled. A hole opened up in my spirit because there was no order to my mornings, no structure in place for my day.

I gained weight.

I lived in my stretched out yoga pants and ratty t-shirts.

I was irritable–restless.

It sounds bleak because it was.

Time passed, more babies, more weight, more demands on my time–

I realized something needed to change. Enter Hello Mornings.

Kat describes Hello Mornings like this:

The Hello Mornings Challenge was birthed to encourage Christian women toward the life-giving habit of waking up early.”

How is getting up early “life-giving”?

Simply put, when you, as a Mom, are rooted in scripture and prayed up for the day, you have the ability to pour out more of yourself for your children, and family.

For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

I know this from experience. I am about to begin my third Hello Mornings challenge and I have tasted the fruit that results from rising to the challenge (pun intended!)

Hello Mornings is a community of women who encourage and build each other up in Truth. <–Tweet This

It’s a network of faithful souls who lift each other in prayer, and hold accountable their fellow group members.

It’s hard to get up before the sun. It’s hard to exercise and plan and spend time in prayer when you’d rather be sleeping. I know.

But sometimes, God calls us to do the hard things. When we step out of our comfort zone and are forced to rely more fully on Him, He grows us in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

The women who participate in Hello Mornings don’t have a super power. They have friends and sisters in Christ holding them up in prayer. They have God in their hearts and on their lips as they encourage through scripture and kind words.

My life has been changed for the better by the Hello Mornings challenge.

There are over 3000 women registered for the fall Hello Mornings challenge from countries all over the world. That’s amazing. That’s God’s hand right there.

Registration for the next session will start in December, but you can join us now by following and using the twitter hash tag #hellomornings. Even if you aren’t officially part of the challenge, consider following the tweets, you’ll be blessed by what you read. That’s how I first discovered Hello Mornings. I’ve been impacted for the better as a result.

For more encouragement and “method behind the madness” of all this early rising, download Kat’s FREE ebook, Maximize Your Mornings.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait expectantly. Psalm 5:3

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I entrust my life. Psalm 143:8

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35


Are you a morning person? What is your biggest challenge in the mornings? Click here to join the discussion!

About Kris
Kris is a Jesus loving wife and momma to four kids. She serves as an Advocate for Compassion International and as the MOPS coordinator for her church. Besides homeschooling her kids, in her free time, Kris writes, runs, and pretends she’s a photographer and famous chef. You can follow her musings on faith, life and motherhood at her personal blog, Always Alleluia and on Facebook and twitter.

Share The Wealth: Morning Stories, Tips, Resource Link Up

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Hello Mornings Challenge Team

This is a guest post from HelloMornings Team member Aubrey Barela. (Top row, third from right.)

Something big is starting in just a couple weeks…something that could change your life. Your family. You.

If you have decided to join the 2500+ other women that are doing the HelloMornings Challenge, August 20 is GO TIME. The clock is ticking, it’s about to get real, friends.

{fist pump}

(fyi – registration is still open. Join us?)

But…with all that motivation and serious talk you maybe be feeling…

nervous, scared, clueless, fearful, anxious…fill in the blank______.

Emotions rise up when there is something big about to happen, and I believe if you go after this goal of spending daily time with God…something big *will* happen.

As a HelloMornings team and community we want to help you. We want you to help one another.

We desire this community to be a place of encouragement and a place where we are wildly cheering one another on from start to finish!

photo credit

Share The Wealth Link Up on Monday!

What do you say we start all this cheering on and encouragement right about now? Yep. I thought you might be interested!

Today we are asking you to share the wealth of your HelloMornings successes, tips, resources, encouraging words, even what was hard and how you overcame.

Write up a post on your blog and then link up with us here at Inspired To Action on Monday. Next week we will randomly pick one of you who linked up and you’ll win a bag of HelloMornings Coffee!

If we all shared even a little tid bit of goodness just think how much would collectively be shared for us all to dive into? Awesomeness is the word that comes to mind!

Our desire is to create community among the HM team, you and the readers of your blog. You are not meant to do this alone. So jump in, share what you got. If you don’t have a blog or new to the HM Challenge then take some time to soak in all the this goodness that is about to be shared!

Change is on the horizon my friends. Get ready!

Take Action: Write your post and get ready to link up on Monday! (Click here to join the Link Up!)

(Note from Kat: I loved Aubrey’s post yesterday on her blog – the “shadow job” of motherhood. Check it out.)

Two HelloMornings Challenge Announcements!

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Accountability Captain Registration Is Now Open

Registration for the Fall HelloMornings Challenge Accountability Captains (AC) is now open! If you have a desire to encourage other women as they grow in their relationship with God, we would love for you to lead a HelloMornings group!

Click here to learn more about being an AC.

We’ll be rolling out more information and exciting updates to the Challenge in the coming weeks. In the meantime:
1. Pray about being an AC. Learn more here.
2. Note that general registration opens on July 16th.

Pinterest Contest Winners

It’s time to announce the winners of our What #hellomornings #means2me Pinterest Contest! A huge thanks to Avodah Coffee and Naptimes Diaries for the great prizes.

We have had so much fun looking through your pins (and thank you for contributing to some of the other boards, too)! The pins were all so personal and so great, we just decided to randomize our four winners. (FOUR WINNERS!)

So, are you ready?

Psalm 143:8 Print

First, three of you are going home with this fabulous print from Jessi Naptime Diaries. She created it just for #hellomornings with our theme verse (did you know we have a theme verse?).

Isn’t it gorgeous? Our winners, will receive this this print on 110 lb cardstock and max dpi colors. (I’ve bought several from Naptime Diaries and you will love it!)

A Coupon For Everyone!

If you’d like this print for yourself, get 20% off with code HELLOMORNINGS at Naptime Diaries’ etsy shop! (You could hang it up in your Mom Cave!)

Here are the three winners (and their winning pins):

Sarah Comely: “taking a delicious breath of God’s creation and artistry.”

Source: via Hello Mornings on Pinterest

Anne Bickle: “taking time First thing to visit with God over coffee is the best thing I can do to take care of me”

Source: instagrid.me via Hello Mornings on Pinterest

Tereasa Mansfield: “Being fed so I can feed my family. That’s what #hellomornings #means2me”

Yipppeee! Aren’t you excited?

Avodah Coffee Winners

Our final prize is a gift-pack from Avodah Coffee! You get three bags of coffee for your #hellomornings! YUM!

And our winner is Kristen Zoecklerwho said, “#hellomornings #meanstome: the patience to encourage a budding makeup artist :)”

Source: lh4.googleusercontent.com via Hello Mornings on Pinterest

Visit The Resource Center

Thanks for all your fun pins and for sharing our Pinterest Resource Center. Remember to continue to contribute to the boards and check in on them every now and then because we are always adding great pins for you and your #hellomorning!

We’re Having a Pinterest Contest!!!

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Note from Kat: Today’s post is from HelloMornings Team Member Amanda who blogs at Impress Your Kids. She and Kristi have put together a jam packed HelloMornings Resource Center and today they have a contest for you. Read on:

I hope you’ve perused our HelloMornings Resource Center on Pinterest! There’s already lots of good stuff there and I can’t wait to see what else you have to add to it. (See Kristi’s instructions on how to contribute!)

To help kick off our Resource Center in style, we’ve got a little contest for you!

Ready? (Eeek! I am!) All you have to do is tell us what #hellomornings means to you. What pops into your mind or your heart when you see #hellomornings? Or hear Maximize Your Mornings? hello mornings Do you think of the beautiful sunrise outside your door?

Your Mom Cave? wake up to coffee Coffee?!

Or a Scripture God gave you? Or maybe it’s your snooze button, a talking with God, the quiet before your kids wake up or a shower without kids’ noses plastered to the door. (<–that’s mine)

Whatever it is, we want you to pin it to one of your own Pinterest boards and tag it with #hellomornings and #means2me. You can pin from now until next Tuesday the 26th. On that day, we’re going to pick a couple of winners for some fabulous prizes!

The Prizes

Ready for the prizes? Wheee! You are! I promise, you are! Two people will receive a gorgeous (GORGEOUS) Scripture print from Jessi at Naptime Diaries. She has the most gorgeous (can I say that word again?) shop full of Scripture prints to hang in your house.

Scripture Prints
She has designed a very special print just for #hellomornings based on Psalm 143:8, “Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.” It’s still under TOP SECRET design but as soon as it is ready we’ll let you know! scripture art Oh, and Naptime Diairies is also giving our Inspired To Action readers (that’s you!) a 20% off coupon for her entire etsy shop! The coupon code is: HELLOMORNINGS. So, go grab one of those prints for yourself and a few extras to grace your walls!

Avodah Coffee
But wait! There’s more! Our second prize is from the fabulous Jessica at Muthering Heights. She and her husband opened a coffee website shop adventure called Avodah Coffee. The word “avodah” is a Hebrew word which describes action that is simultaneously work, worship and service. How much do you love that?! Jessica and her husband also donate a portion of their proceeds to some awesome ministries and organization. sustainable free trade coffee Since coffee is such an important part of a #hellomornings (for most of you, anyway), Jessica is giving away a super cool 3-pack of coffee to a blessed and highly favored lady!

How To Enter the Contest

Now, let’s recap:
1. Pin what #hellomornings #means2me
2. Win Scripture and coffee
3. Ends Tuesday, June 26.

OK! Ready, set, PIN!

photo source: #1, #2, #3, #4

HelloMornings Resource Center

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(Note from Kat: I’ve been on a crazy vacation the past few weeks – pics and stories coming soon – and normally, the blog would have been pretty quite. Instead, our amazing “HelloMornings” team has really stepped up and I’ve come home to all kinds of fantastic things…todays post, for example. Kristi and Amanda are heading up our new HelloMornings Resource Center. Here’s Kristi to tell you about it.)

Great Inspirations

It’s here!!! Our HelloMornings Resource Center is in full effect. We invite you to join us to use this center and share your own resources!

We have created pinboards on Pinterest to share our ideas and help one another out.

What is Pinterest you ask?

(from their website)

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Join Us!

HelloMornings is on the Pinterest train and we want you to ride along. Once you have a Pinterest account – look  for Hellomornings and follow us.

We want the Hellomornings Pinterest boards to be an extension of the community we’ve already built here and on twitter and facebook. Feel free to comment and like pins as well as repinning to your own boards.

If you have a pin you think could be useful to others in the community, tag it #hellomornings and #hello_______  (you’ll understand our board structure when you see our profile) and we’ll add it to our boards.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Also- feel free to continue to tell us what you would like in the way of resources and our team will see how we can help you.

Stay tuned for a fabulous HelloMornings Pinterest Contest some of our favorite pins and instructions!

(In full disclosure, Inspired to Action/HelloMornings is using some affiliate links to books and products we really believe in!! If you choose to buy any of these resources through our links, we’ll be using any little bit we make from that to make HelloMornings even better for you!)

So are you on Pinterest? Let us know. Leave a comment here and we’ll make sure to follow you back.

How To Keep Your iPhone From Ruining Your Quiet Time

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Note from Kat: Today’s post is from my friend Heather MacFadyen. She blogs at GodCenteredMom.com. She is an amazing part of the Hello Mornings Team and I’m so thankful for her ideas, energy and encouragement.

I care what you think…

Every day I fight a battle. Will I strive for your approval or God’s?
How I spend my time, energy, thoughts & resources depends on this battle. Buying a new dress to impress at a baby shower. Obsessing over a previous conversation and if I hurt a friend’s feelings. Repeatedly checking email, Facebook, Twitter, to see if you commented, “liked”, or re-tweeted me.

I want you to tell me how wonderful I am. Having an iPhone in my hand from the moment I wake until my eyes drift off to sleep keeps the battle right in front of me. Constantly.

Tweeting more than Praying

When I started getting up “for” my kids, instead of “to” my kids I wasn’t addicted to my iPhone. It was before I entered the “blogging” world. I didn’t know a single person on twitter. None of my friends were updating their statuses at crazy early ‘o clock.

I would wake up have my quiet time with God, some quick exercise and plan my day all in the 40 minutes allotted.

Slowly I met more #hellomornings moms online. Instead of tweets being ignored, when I wrote something meaningful others liked it and would comment or re-tweet. It fed my addiction for approval.

A year later I spent more of my hellomornings time on my iPhone than in my Bible. This was not Kat’s intent. The online community she plugged me into was for accountability and encouragement, not a distraction from God.

My iPhone Boundaries during #hellomornings:

For me getting rid of my iPhone was unrealistic. Being a part of the #hellomornings team, leading a Twitter accountability group, and contributing to “Do Not Depart”, I need to be checking in on my phone in the morning. In order to put my “iPhone idol” in its proper place, I had to establish some boundaries:

1) Write a quick tweet to “check in”
2) Glance through the feed for my accountability group for any prayer requests/struggles/etc.
3) Respond to those requests
4) PUT the iPhone in the NEXT ROOM!
5) After spending time in prayer, the Word, journaling then tweet what God’s taught me.
6) Check the Bible study stream (#lovelikehim) for any other wisdom
7) Once a week take a 24-hr social media Sabbath

This may not be your struggle. You may not even have an iPhone. There is most likely something consuming your thoughts, time, and energy other than God. Whatever you think about most often takes the place of God in your mind (“Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your MIND”).

What is distracting you from keeping your eyes fixed on God? What boundaries can you put in place today? Click here to join the discussion!

A Secret Weapon for Stressful Holiday Situations

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stress elf
photo credit

Note from Kat: This is a guest post from one of my dearest friends, Kellye. She does a lot to help with Hello Mornings (have you registered yet?). I hope you’ll make her feel welcome today!

Also? This picture TOTALLY cracked us up…

A Secret Weapon Against Holiday Stress

I love what Kat posted a while back about her secret weapon that allows us to walk in any occasion confidently. (Don’t you think she should really look into starting a blog of incredibly practical tips for moms or something some day?)

I thought I would share a secret weapon for stressful situations with you. And what better time of the year than the holidays!

I mean I’m sure your holidays are always full of moments where your children beg to dress up and smile and look at the camera to take Christmas photos. Or where your entire extended family joins hands and breaks out into spontaneous carol-singing when together. Or where Christmas baking and Christmas decorating always produces the Martha Stewart results you had in mind.

I, on the other hand, tend to get frustrated with events that don’t match the ideal in my head. And the really terrible part – it is beyond my control. But I seem to really like control.

For Me, Travel = Stress

This past summer, my family and I had traveled to a different state to visit family. For me, travel may as well be in the dictionary as the definition of stress. The trip had cost more than we wanted to spend on it. There was more tension amongst various family members than I was comfortable being around.

The time zone change left my already too-early-risers rising two hours earlier. The schedule of the extended family that we were expected to follow was the exact opposite of ours, so the kids were exhausted, waking all through the night, and very irritable. This left me feeling angry at those calling the shots on the daily activities. It was stressful.

My Breaking Point

Then there was this climatic moment where we were trying to keep the boys quiet in a hotel room early in the morning. They were on the other bed opposite me about the break out into a fist fight over angry birds and the ipad.

I did not feel patient. (Understatement of the year). I wanted to lecture. I wanted to cry. I wanted to bang my head against the wall. And then it was like all of sudden all the prayers I had prayed for patience and wisdom as a mom were answered in one realization.

I was angry because I was out of control. Really? Really.

The worst part of all the uncomfortable circumstances was that there was nothing I could do about them. I couldn’t fix them or change them.

This realization brought so much freedom to me. Because I know the truth.

The truth is that I have an ever faithful always trustworthy loving Father who has everything (EVERYTHING) under control. My job is so much easier than I act like on a daily basis.

The Simple Secret Weapon

So what’s the secret weapon? When I am headed into a potentially stressful situation or event, I’ve been taking some time beforehand to specifically ask the Lord what it is that is within my control. In the hotel room this summer, I knew the only thing I could really control was how I responded. I want to always choose to respond as the peace-bringing truth-speaking loving mother, wife, and friend.

I want to choose to respond as a woman who knows her place in the hands of God.

Action point: Are you feeling stressed? Make a list of the causes. Circle the items you can change, then make a plan. Pray over the things on your list and lay all of your burdens at the feet of God.

Philippians 4:6-7 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.