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By June 15, 2015Podcast

If you’ve ever wondered about essential oils or other natural remedies, join me for a chat with Stephanie Langford, found of


In This Episode You’ll Hear…

  • Why we should consider natural remedies.
  • Natural remedy options for stomachaches, headaches and fever.
  • Where to learn more about natural remedies.

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Quick Links

Stephanie’s recommended reputable websites for remedies:


– this site shows articles from a variety of blogs and websites, but most of these are more reputable and I would trust them more than a random google search.

    1. – very well educated teachers and writers (their courses are excellent, too).

Stephanie’s Recommended Books:

    1. The Handbook of Vintage Remedies – really accessible for beginners.
    2. Be Your Own Doctor
    3. Prescription for Natural Healing – just make sure you get one of the new editions, a 5th edition, not an older version which has some outdated information.

Great Posts from Stephanie’s Blog:

    1. The 5 Best Natural Remedies for Beginners
    2. What to Include in Your Natural First Aid Kit This Summer
    3. My Travel Medicine Kit
    4. Categorized Home Remedy Posts
    5. Recent Home Remedy Posts

Stephanie’s Product Recommendations:

    1. Traditional Medicinals teas
    2. Herbal Salves – OR
    3. Clay – you can also buy this places like Amazon, Vitacost, etc.

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  • Avatar Sarah W. says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I have been using essential oils, but like Stephanie, I don’t think they “do it all” and really have been wanting to have more balance in using other things like herbs and minerals. The info here is a good place to start! So thanks, ladies!

    Shalom and blessings,