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By November 10, 2014Podcast

Understanding how you’re wired and how your children are wired can make a massive difference in the effectiveness of our parenting. Today we are talking to Megan Tietz about personality types and parenting.

Personality Types and Parenting with Megan Tietz โ€“ ITA61

You’re going to love listening to Megan. Her warm voice, gracious wisdom and powerful insight on personality types and parenting will leave you wishing this was a 3 hour podcast.

In This Episode You’ll Hear…

  • How knowing our personalities can have a HUGE impact on our parenting.
  • The importance of parenting to our children’s unique personalities.
  • Ways to take personality tests to yield the truest results.

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  • INTP here. I loved this, especially since I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my kids types. I found a couple of MBTI assessments online that are specifically for kids, so I think I’ll do those and see how they compare to my thoughts.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      That’s a great idea. Tonight at dinner we talked about personality tests and my kids are SO excited to take one. I’ve typed them in my head, but like you I think it will be fascinating to see how the test matches up.

  • So, I love all of your podcasts but I REALLY liked this one. I was especially moved to be reminded that as a mama of little ones (two under two) it’s okay if I’m not “fully” living out my God-given personality at every waking moment. I am a (tired) ENFP and sometimes wonder “what happened to me…where did the girl who loved adventure and people and new experiences go?” Not only was it a fun listen but it reminded me that those aspects of my personality haven’t left for good…they are taking a rest while I focus on surviving babies and toddlers with joy AND they can be influential in how I seek to become the best mama I can be. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, there is my long-winded thank you! I will definately listen to this one again!

  • Avatar Sarah M says:

    I am an INTJ through and through. I’ve taken the test 10 years apart and I just moved over a little bit on the “I” since having kids (i.e. becoming MORE introverted!). I haven’t put a ton of thought into finding out my kids’ personality types but definitely would like them to take the test when they’re older. I think it’s really helpful to know where your strengths and weaknesses are for lots of aspects of your life: work, relationships, creativity, etc. Thanks for the great podcast!
    Sarah M

  • Avatar Sara says:

    Ok, so get this, I did the test at 16 personalities and it came back ENFP but in reading the description it didn’t really seem quite right. I felt like I fit all the weaknesses but not really the strengths. So I did it again. This time I got ESFP but that still didn’t really seem quite right. Again, the weaknesses seemed more me than the strengths. So, I hopped over to the Truity site and the result there was, “You may be an an Extravert or an Introvert” and “You May Be an Intuitive or a Sensor” but the FP was set. So I appear to be very borderline :). I had done the actual Myers Briggs in college and I really thought that I was an INTJ then which is kind of weird since I’m obviously FP now. I’m not surprised by the borderline E/I since on the actual test I did score just 1 point over to the I side. As far as N or S. Maybe it depends on the day!
    This was a fun podcast. I really like Megan and it just always makes me happy to hear your voice, like a little coffee date with a friend. Only the coffee was washing dishes. Close enough, sort of, not really. Coffee is better.

    • Avatar Sara says:

      Me again :). Tried another one and this time it came out ISFP which now I’m wondering if in fact my college outcome was ISFP and not INTJ but for some reason I have INTJ in my head.

  • Avatar Suse Fish says:

    I enjoyed this episode and will certainly be checking out those books. My daughter and I are both introverted and I have realised that the secret to happy times for both of us is time spent recuperating from daily life – and each other!

    One thing that did strike me (off topic) is that when you encourage and pray in your podcasts Kat, something happens here in the real world. Today I found myself moved to tears as I considered the truth of how important I am to God and how that fact jars with my feelings of insignificance. I know you’re considering a book route but I wondered if there would be opportunities for you to do a Christian radio show or online church service? That could be very powerful I think. :o)

    Much love x

  • Avatar Jennifer N. says:

    I loved this podcast! I am an INTJ. I’m very excited to see what my daughter might be as she appears to be more extroverted than I am. We have a lot of clashes, and if this could help me understand her better, I would love it!

  • Avatar Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for the incredible podcast Kat! Your encouraging words bless me every single week and this episode is definitely one of my very favorites. I am an ISTJ and I have wasted more time than you can imagine comparing myself to other mothers and how they seem to have it all together. I started thinking about and learning about my personality type fairly recently and I can’t believe how freeing it has been to understand myself better. I love how you remind us in every episode that we are UNIQUELY made to be exactly the mom our kids need! No more comparing myself to other moms! No more feeling inferior because I act or mother or feel different from someone else! Thank you!

  • Avatar BLou says:

    I’m INFJ with possible high-functioning Asperger/autism. I’m basically an introvert x10000000 LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Avatar Claire in the UK says:

    Another great podcast. Thank you Kat for producing such excellent programmes. I did my Myers Briggs test last night and found I am ISFP. I wasn’t sure about this result so I re-did the test this morning and lo and behold it’s the same. The best bit is the description which says I dont like being stuck doing 9-5 admin jobs in a little cubicle. This is Sooooo true. I have spent the last ten years doing exactly that and have gotten increasingly fed up / frustrated, inspite of working with the nicest of people. Now I’m finally leaving and I’m really excited about the future. You could say I’ve finally been inspired to action – no pun intended Kat

  • Avatar Kim K says:

    Thank so much Kat for your mission & encouragement. I’m an INFJ. …Kim =)

  • Avatar Anne Judd says:

    Loved this episode!
    Did I hear something in there about a pilot project or course or something else cool? Am I imagining this? Looking for more info!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Yep. I’m working on a …not sure what to call it yet. Essentially it will be a planning course and a printable planner, but it’s ultimately about eliminating overwhelm, figuring out what makes us thrive and becoming action takers. Stay tuned!

  • Avatar Ruth says:

    Thankful for this podcast. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a 30 minute commute VERY early in the morning, so I listen on my way to work. Just finished this one up today & thought I’d take the personality test now that babes are in bed. I’m an INFJ–which seems to make sense, because I surely do not function like the majority of people around me each day. I enjoyed the description that the test yielded. Now to add an awareness of that to my mothering! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Ikia says:

    My personality type is ISFP, an explorer at heart, thanks Kat.

  • Avatar Angela says:

    Both my husband and I are INTP. We come from families who are J and most women are F. I am a polar opposite of my mother-in-law but it explains why we have difficulty communicating and this has helped me a lot over the years to communicate. And I feel much better that I don’t have to have our entire homeschool year planned the summer before because that is NOT my strength. ;). Or have the perfect Pinterest house. I really appreciated the comment about S having the sense of style and design. I finally understand. Thank you! Going to share this with my homeschool group. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Debbie says:

    Tsh recommended listening to this on the Upstream FB page and I’m so glad I did! I’m testing at ENFP as you ladies (if I heard you right!). Like you were talking about, I was curious if i was an E or an I because I need good connections and time with friends . . . yet I really need alone time after. Love the connections made with parenting and looking forward to checking some books out from the library ๐Ÿ™‚

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