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By November 30, 2014Podcast

Ever wonder what other mother’s daily lives look like? Today I’m taking you behind the scenes with one of my very favorite musicians, JJ Heller. She shares what it looks like to be a mom and musician. Motherhood on a tour bus, airplane and rental car. I adore JJ’s sweet heart and amazing talent.


I especially love the story of how JJ and I connected and what my sister in law and the TV show So You Think You Can Dance had to do with it all. It truly is amazing how God weaves stories together…

Grab your headphones and join us for a chat!

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Quick Links

  1. JJ’s You Tube Channel
  2. JJ’s “I Dream of You” Album
  3. JJ’s Children’s book
  4. Love the song in the outro? It’s called God Day. It’s by Jen Stanbro and you can get it on iTunes by clicking here and check out Jen’s site by clicking here.


(If you are reading this via email or rss and the videos don’t show up, click here to watch them.)
As I mentioned in the podcast, here are some of the videos from JJ’s concert at our house. This song is called “Your Hands”:

This is one of my favorite songs. It’s called Only Love Remains:

I LOVE this one. It’s called True Things. The lyrics here are SO good! And this video is so cute because JJ forgets the lyrics and Dave calls her out on it. They have such an adorable relationship. Also, in this video JJ gets the crowd involved midway through the song with a prearranged signal. See if you can spot it:

Here is JJ’s new Christmas Video:

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  • Avatar Tammy Churchill says:

    I sure get a kick out of God, in addition to constantly being in awe of His timing. I first heard Your Hands on So You Think You Can Dance and have since bought every CD JJ and Dave have offered. Thanks for the interview, I enjoyed it immensely. My son really connected with that song also when his fiance called off their engagement just a few months after his return from Iraq. Music is such a gift of God!

  • Avatar Karlyn says:

    I’ve been following JJ for a while and was so excited you interviewed her!

  • Avatar Nichole says:

    Love your encouragement and how you summarized what JJ said about what we think my be the end, could be an amazing beginning. That really spoke to me.