Teaching your kids about justice and loving your neighbor just got easier. Meet the Glow Campaign

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Note From Kat: This post is from my very good friend, neighbor and monthly contributor, Liz Griffin.



Mamas, I’d like to tell you a story. And then invite you to join us.

Last spring my daughter Sophie and her friend Ana were celebrating a classmate’s birthday in school. A little boy in the class didn’t like cupcakes and became very vocal about how he would have preferred a different snack. Not sure what was wrong with him – I would have gladly taken that cupcake off his hands.

Mrs. Keltner, the teacher, mentioned to the kids they should be thankful to have a cupcake. She told them that there are kids all around the world who don’t get enough food to eat and would probably love to have a cupcake for a treat.

That struck a cord with Sophie and Ana. At recess they began to think about what life would be like if they lived in poverty, were orphans or didn’t have access to clean water.  It made them sad to recognize that was a reality for so many kids. Despite the fact that they were seven, they decided to do something about it.

Fueled with a passion to make lives better for kids around the world, their charity was born.

The Glow Campaign. Creating brighter futures for kids.

The Glow Crew in South Africa visiting a day care center and learning how we can help children there.

The Glow Crew in South Africa visiting a day care center and learning how we can help children there.

Our first project was this summer and the girls raised enough funds to provide medical testing for children in Burundi so they can begin to get access to proper medical care. These tests also assist in placing children into adoptive families.



The Glow Campaign decided this fall to focus on kids a little closer to home. We did a duffel drive to provide bags for children in foster care. Often times these kids have nothing to pack their belongings in when they move to a new home. Thanks to some generous kids in our area, we are working to change that.


That is Glow’s Story so far, but I’d like to invite you and your kids to become a part of it.

Sophie & Ana’s desire from the beginning was to start a movement of kids helping other kids. We have done some really great projects so far and have more lined up for the future, but in one of our Glow Meetings the girls talked about ways kids from all around the world could be a part of Glow.

lemonade stand fundraiser

lemonade stand fundraiser

Launching this fall is The Glow Crew. And this is where YOU come in!

I talk to moms often who mention how they wish they could get their kids involved in community service or social justice issues. But, let’s be honest. Most of us don’t have much time or knowledge of even where to begin. By joining the glow crew, we hope to give you easy tools to teach your kids how to make a practical impact on the world around them. Our heart for the Glow Crew is to raise up a generation of I Tim. 4:12 kids who understand what it looks like to express the love of Jesus to others.

“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” – I Timothy 4:12


Excited to tell the Glow Crew that the fundraising goal for Burundi had been met.

What happens when your kids join the Glow Crew?

You will be emailed a “Secret Mission” every month to complete in your own community. These are simple, free ways to teach your kids how to impact their own neighborhood. Missions might taking cookies to an elderly neighbor or writing an encouraging note to a kid who gets picked on at school.

In addition to the Secret Missions, your kids can participate in some of our larger projects. What kid wouldn’t want to have a lemonade stand to raise money for a clean water well in Haiti?  It’s a movement of kids to help other kids. We’d love to invite you to be a part.


Also, feel free to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Lastly, I want to encourage you mamas. It doesn’t matter if your kids are two or twenty. We are raising world changers, even on the messy days that feel like failures. Keep at it mamas. You are making a difference.

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