ITA #47 – How To Deal with Unexpected Turns and Help Our Children Follow Their Dreams – with Kate Battistelli

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Most of the people I’ve interviewed for this podcast are in thick of parenting, but Kate Battistelli is on the other side of it. Her grown daughter loves God and has a beautiful family of her own.

Kate is the mother of (my daughter’s favorite singer) Francesca Battistelli. You’ll love her encouragement and insight no matter where you are in your parenting journey.

Grab your headphones, join us for a chat and keep reading to learn more!


Kate was an actress and singer in the New York Broadway musical theatre world. She toured for 2 1/2 years in the Broadway National Tour of The King and I playing Anna opposite Yul Brynner as the King, where she met her amazing husband. Kate is the author of Growing Great Kids: Partner With God to Cultivate His Purpose in Your Child’s Life and she’s writing her second book entitled The God Dare.  A contributing writer for 3 amazing mothering sites,, and, she also contributes to the Titus 2 team at She’s a New Jersey girl currently living in Atlanta writing about God, food, family and hospitality. Her passion is to remind you there’s a big God Dare with your name on it!

Get Inspired

Tip #1: God Is Economical

God never wastes anything – all the things that He asked us to lay down, He picked back up in our daughter’s life and take it to where it was really going to make a difference.

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Tip #2: God is Enough

God had to bring us to the place where He was enough, where nothing else can satisfy. No matter what our circumstances are, God is still God.

When something comes into our lives that’s not what we expect, we can look back and see God’s history of faithfulness. God’s not always going to deliver you from trouble, but He’ll deliver you through it.

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Tip #3: Dig Deep

As we dig deep with God, He’ll show us the gifts and talents He’s given our children so we can be intentional about exposing our children to opportunities to develop those gifts.

Don’t be afraid to dream big for yourself or your kids. God has a plan for you and He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

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1. Growing Great Kids: Partner With God to Cultivate His Purpose in Your Child’s Life 

2. The God Dare  

  1. Love the song in the outro? It’s called God Day. It’s by Jen Stanbro and you can get it on iTunes by clicking here and check out Jen’s site by clicking here.

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  • I LOVED this! I listened to Kate yesterday on the Declare podcast, so I know hearing her wisdom twice this week is no mistake–God is using her in mighty ways! So glad you had her on, Kat!!

    • Kat says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Christie!! i have to say, I enjoyed listening to her several times as I edited this show. So much wisdom.

  • Erika says:

    Thanks for the tissue warning…I was tearing up before the three minute mark…and they continued off and on during the entire episode. So much wisdom and truth, I can’t wait to listen to it again!

  • Brittany says:

    I couldn’t help but wonder something as I was listening to this – Kate talked about how we shouldn’t expect God to give us everything we want and how we should be willing to sacrifice our desires for Him, but I’ve also heard people say that certain desire can be God’s way of telling you what you should do or to prepare you for what He’s going to do. So my question is this: How do you tell the difference between a God desire (something you want because God placed it in your heart to want it, which He will bring to pass) and a self desire (something you want because you want it, but may have to sacrifice or give up to God because He has another plan)? I hope that makes sense…

    • Hi Brittany! It totally makes sense–sorry if I was confusing! Here’s how I see it: If you’re following God with your whole heart, and it sounds like you are, then I think He will be abundantly clear with you. His desires for your life will become your desires. If you get off track or start wanting something that’s good but not necessarily best, His Holy Spirit will check and you’ll know it’s not the right path. There are many things we can do for God, paths we can take but He has your life mapped out, your story written. It’s okay to choose to go a certain way but if it’s not His way for you He will let you know. Lay all your hopes and dreams, desires and aspirations at His feet and He will guide you, I promise! Blessings!!