ITA #43 – Simple Ways to Pursue Excellence in Motherhood pt.2 – with Elisa Pulliam

By May 5, 2014Podcast

Today, we are finishing up our chat with Elisa Pulliam on how to be women who pursue excellence in motherhood.

Grab your headphones and join us for a chat!


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  • Fabulous show! Thanks Kat for encouraging us as moms to be all that God has created us to be. Why would we ever think we’re capable of anything less than GREATNESS when our Father is the King above Kings? We’re daughters of the king. Chosen. His treasure. And the apple of His eye.

    And thank you Elisa for helping us to see the blessings in our weakness (our cracks). Our weaknesses can be the platform from which His glorious power is displayed and that’s always good!

    May God continue to bless you both!

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    Kat, I can’t access my iTunes to write a review so this is my review/encouragement to you: Thank you so much for every single podcast you share! It’s real easy to feel discouraged, and overwhelmed as a mom. You’re podcasts always lift my spirits, inspire me and put me on fire for being a mom. I so look forward to every podcast, and find everyone loaded with quality, encouraging information. Don’t stop, we need these in a world where there’s so much discouragement and put down to being a stay at home mom. Bless you twentyfold for all you do!!

  • Avatar Emily says:

    Been meaning to write a THANK YOU for this podcast! (and all the other ones!) I’ve been looking at the various resources on Elisa’s site and feeling excited! Also, after hearing this podcast, it truly inspired me to action (particularly the part about keeping ourselves moving forward) and the result was I took a trip for a few days to attend a conference that I probably wouldn’t have attended. You see, when I was listening to this podcast I was torn between staying home with the kids or taking my kids with me to join my husband to attend the Justice Conference being held in Hong Kong (I live in Asia). Long story short, I got a few more confirmations from God about attending, despite my many excuses, and am so glad I did! Thank you!!
    On another note – not sure if this is the right place to write this – but a random thought I had was, for a future podcast, I would love to hear an interview with Meg Meeker, she wrote several books and has been a pediatrician for 25+ years – I just started one of her books, called 10 Habits of Happy Mothers, and just the first chapter itself had me in tears. I think having her give a “pep talk” to moms on your podcast would be SUPER AWESOME!! Also she has a unique perspective as a pediatrician as well. THat’s why I’m enjoying her book so much. Am also planning on reading her other very popular book called Strong Fathers Strong Daughters 🙂 which I first heard about from one of your earlier podcasts last year, with Lisa Jo Baker!!