Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet: 7 Day Goal Setting Prayer Plan and Pep Talk

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goal setting prayer plan

“Mama…I want to get a ribbon in the Turkey Trot.”

We were on an afternoon walk, just the two of us, and we were talking about our goals for the year.

The Turkey Trot is a yearly 5k race at her school for all the students from 1st grade through 8th grade. Being that she’s only in the 4th grade, it was an ambitious goal, but I was so proud of her for believing in herself and being brave enough to tell me.

After all, if we aren’t brave enough to speak our dreams, how can we ever accomplish them? (Click to tweet!)

This year, the day of the race was COLD and rainy. Texans aren’t familiar with this sort of weather. So, instead of canceling it, the school moved it inside.

Yep. An indoor 5k through the hallways of the school.

It was as crazy as you’d imagine. The hardest part, besides dodging doorknobs, was that since everyone had to make so many laps through the school, you never actually knew who was ahead of you or who was behind you in the race. Everyone was lapping everyone at one point or another.

But my girl ran hard and when they called the names of the winners, my sweet 4th grader got 2nd place!

She could have told herself she was too young to place. She could have given up because she couldn’t see who was ahead or who was behind, but instead, she focused on being her best instead of the best. She left it all out there and ended up reaching the goal she set so many months before.

I was a proud mama, not just because she got a ribbon, but because she set a high goal, worked hard (running as hard as she could in PE each week) and completed it.

Do you Believe 2014 Can Be Your Best Year Yet?

I realize it might seem a bit early to plan for 2014, it’s not even Christmas yet. But now is actually the perfect time to start the process of dreaming, which is the first step in planning.

It is perfectly possible that 2014 will be the absolute best year of your life. You have 365 days to accomplish things you only dream of right now. There is not a single reason why next year at this time you can’t look back and say, “Wow! I can’t believe I actually did all that.”


Seriously. There is no reason, excuse or fear that can keep you from personal revolution in the 52 weeks of 2014.

So here is what I want you to do.

STEP 1: Pray

Ask God what is on His heart for you this year. What does He want you to focus on and accomplish?

God didn’t just make you for fun. He has a specific purpose and plan for your life. There are things He made you to do. People He created you to impact.

Therefore each of us has a great responsibility to steward our days well. (Click to tweet!)

Henry David Thoreau said, “As if killing time doesn’t injure eternity…”

Don’t waste 2014. Ask God to fill you with purpose this year.

Day 1: Pray for direction in your roles. Where does God want you to spend your time this year? What areas of your life need your attention? Journal your thoughts.

Day 2: Give God your fears and excuses and cling to the truth that with Him and through Him all things are possible. Ask Him to help you recognize the lies of the enemy subtly disguised as insecurity and ask God to show you verses to combat those lies. Write those verses out and put them on your mirror or your refrigerator. Journal your thoughts.

Day 3: Thank God for all the gifts, people and opportunities He has given you. Just spend today recognizing His goodness. Journal your thoughts.

Day 4: Ask Him how He wants you to use those gifts, relationship and opportunities for His glory this year. Journal your thoughts.

Day 5,6,7: Review all your journals from this week and find the common threads and themes. Arrange them, refine them, rearrange them, eliminate some of them, and pray through them.

This will be the basis for your goals for 2014. We’ll get to work on creating those and writing them out next week.

Step 2: Believe and Get It Done

With God, all things are possible. God didn’t make you lesser than Mother Teresa or Corrie ten Boom or Elisabeth Elliot. As a believer in Christ, the Holy Spirit resides in you. Not 25% of Him, not 50% of Him. All of Him. You have direct access to the living God who spoke Heaven, Earth and every living thing into being. He walked on sea, turned water into a fine wine and fed thousands with a little boy’s snack.

I double dog dare you to be like that little boy this year. Bring what you have. It doesn’t matter if it seems like enough…He is enough. It’s not about what we can accomplish, it’s about what He can accomplish through those brave enough to bring an inadequate solution to an more than adequate Savior.

Come on now…

Are you in? If you’re up for the challenge, click here to leave a comment saying, “I’m in” and then get started. Let’s make 2014 your best year yet.

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