ITA #22 – Teaching Our Children to Speak Love – An Interview with Annie Downs

By December 4, 2013Podcast

Today we are chatting with author Annie Downs. I’ve known Annie for a loooong time. She even reminded me during this interview that we worked together on a music blog. I can’t believe I forgot that! (Listen to the podcast to find out what Grammy winning artist she interviewed for our blog.)

annie-downsI wanted to interview Annie today because she wrote a book that my daughters and I have really been enjoying. It’s called Speak Love. Today we are going to talk about how we can speak love to our children and how we can teach them to make their words matter.

The ever cool Annie will also give you some great music suggestions, because we loooove to talk music.

This is a can’t miss episode. Annie is full of wisdom and has some incredible insights that had me taking pages of notes during our chat.

Cool Stuff Mentioned This Episode

Annie’s Books
Speak Love: Making Your Words Matter

Speak Love Revolution: 30 Devotions that Will Change Your World

Perfectly Unique: Praising God from Head to Foot

Annie’s Speaking Events
Girls of Grace Tour

Blog Post and Music Mentions
Lisa Jo’s Post
Carlos Whittaker
For King and Country
Meredith Andrews
Jamie Grace
Capitol Kings
Royal Tailor
Britt Nicole
Dara MacLean
1 Girl Nation

Here is the Andy Andrew’s quote I completely messed up during the interview…

Here is the quote I botch in today’s interview –

““The good news,” he continues, “is that even during the worst time in your life, you can be assured that all is not lost. Remember this:
You are still breathing. If you are still breathing, that means you are still here. If you are still here, then you are here for a reason. If you are here for a reason…that means your purpose on earth has not been fulfilled. If your purpose on earth has not been fulfilled, the most important
part of your life—the best part of your life—is still ahead of you!”
– Andy Andrews

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  • Rachelle says:

    Really enjoy listening to all your podcasts. I have even listened to several of the podcast more than once. I was really inspired.
    At the end of the interview with Annie a song was playing. What is the title and artist please? I just heard a little bit about waking up and spending time with the Lord and the the song grabbed me. If you could share I would appreciate it. Thank you. Please continue I look forward to each new interview.

  • Joyce says:

    Typing my comment as I listen because I will forget what I want to say by the end. :p

    Love this! The book sounds amazing and something that we need…

    So true about the black-out period…my cousin was invited to my church youth group by some friends in high school, and she told my friend (who is the youth pastor at the time) that he said everything that her parents are always saying, but she finally got it when he said it. It’s like that ‘wahwah’ adult voice in Charlie Brown cartoons.

    Good tip on pausing before we speak!!…and training kids how to speak.

    Goodness…so good! Annie speaking truth!

    The girl group is 1 Girl Nation. I got a CD to review and it is great! They have a great message to young girls. My girls love a great dance party…singing about living for Jesus while they’re young. 🙂

    Thanks Annie and Kat!

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