ITA #19 – Motherhood in Manhattan – An Interview with Kristen Kill

By November 6, 2013General, Podcast

kristen-killToday is a really fun and fascinating episode. I’m chatting with my friend Kristen Kill about what it’s like to raise 4 young kids in the middle of Manhattan. There are some crazy twists to seemingly simple things like grocery shopping, getting to church and when to let your kids be independent (in a city of 9 million).

We talk about this and more, including raising kids in a counter culture way and when and how to teach independence – no matter where you live.

And I have a fun family night activity that you don’t want to miss. Grab some headphones and join us!

I also want to note that I mention an e-conference with Sally Clarkson in the podcast. That has been postponed for a couple weeks. I’ll keep you updated, though, and let you know the new date as soon as possible.

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  • Kristen says:

    Oh my goodness! I had so much fun talking with you 🙂 You are so gifted at this podcasting. Thanks for having me!

  • Enjoyed this! I’ve always been intrigued with Kristen, her life is so very different than mine here in small town East Texas. I would love someone to deliver my groceries!! We have wild hogs and cow patties about an hour from Dallas so anytime, feel free to come on out! We can go fishing, camping and potty behind trees. I have been known to let my 9 year old go off with his 22, scares me to death…increases my reliance on Jesus. We pray when we hear a siren around here, Kat! My kids usually remember more often than I do. To practice being independent around these parts, I send my children into the post office without me to mail packages and into where we pay the water bill. They are little things but we are doing our best to be creative and give them bigger responsibilities that apply to functioning in society. I send my older two into the grocery store alone for small things that I know they will find. I park right in front so I can see both doors!!! Thanks again for all that both of you do.

    • Kristen says:

      You know I love you, Jennifer! I am always so intrigued and so thankful for what you share about your country life with me- and those bright faces of your kiddos in your IG feed kill me. Thanks for listening!!

  • Sarah M says:

    Such a fun podcast to listen to. I love hearing about people intentionally going to big cities that aren’t Christian, here in the states. My family has the same desire, only we’ve just recently relocated (almost a year ago now) on the other side of the states, to minister to Vancouver, BC. I miss being with my life long family and friends back in Lincoln, NE (where, like Texas, about 98% would claim that!), but I just love things like exploring the natural beauty of the location, hearing 10 different languages when I take my kids to the park, and showing up to what God would have us(me) do next.
    Have you guys ever heard of Lenore Skenazy? She wrote the book “Free Range Kids” and got a whole bunch of flack a number of years back for letting her 12yo ride the subway alone in NYC. She decided to write a book about empowering kids with freedom (like we had!) and statistically, we’re safer now than we ever were back in the 80-90s. The crime we’re all afraid of (kidnappings, etc.) have been steadily (and dramatically, at times) decreasing since the 70s! Anyway, it’s a fascinating book on that topic.
    Sarah M

    • Kristen says:

      Oh Sarah, I am IN LOVE with Van. I almost went to college in the lower mainland at Trinity. Your location is so dear to my heart and our family visits there whenever we can. Blessings to you as you pour out and serve!

  • Dale Moog says:

    This is so fun I grew up with Kristen in a small town in the Northwest. I loved hearing her voice on here.

  • Taylor Irby says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Kat! I truly look forward to EVERY podcast you put out because it makes the drive here in Sarajevo bearable…I actually look forward to driving now and am so encouraged to be a better mom. I really liked your quote about looking to who you are going to be by sacrificing who you are/what you want to do now. It really encouraged me to take more time for my kids and less time scrolling Facebook (ha!) I look forward to listening to the rest of the podcast because I’m in a similar situation to Kristen. Although I do drive here, it is VERY challenging because we live right up from the city and parking is very difficult and we don’t have the yard I dream of for our kids. So, thanks and I look forward to hearing more!

  • Hi Kat,
    I look forward to your podcast every week. And last weeks really hit me, to appreciate my husband more. So everytime he throws his shoes, puts his jacket on the dining table… I put it back without a word of loud grumbling…. saying to myself… Thank God he came home today… Thank God he is here for us…
    While I was listening to that podcast I was on my way to a Book festival… first time by myself(without kids) and didnt have my car as it was with a friend… So took the bus. Enjoyed the whole time I was there listening to the podcast and soaking in every word sighing loudly…. getting stares from others……. and filling my crate with kids books.
    Funny enough.. Taylor Irby and I are part of the same Hello Morning Group(HMC Europe)…
    We love you all the way from Europe….
    I understand when people ask you where you are from… I am Indian brought up in Kuwait living in the Netherlands…..

  • Hi Kat!
    So, I always listen to your podcast while I do the hoovering (that’s what we Brits call vacuuming!) and try to get the house straight.
    This was my favourite podcast so far (I’ve caught up on most of them now) for loads of reasons. Firstly Taylor and Manju are both in my Hello Mornings group so it was really funny hearing their shout out! I didn’t know they listened. I live in Cambridge, England so we have a very spread out group right across Europe but they are an awesome bunch of ladies!
    Secondly, I always think of Cambridge as being a really small town so it was really funny hearing how on-line grocery shopping and take-out companies are a Manhattan thing – I kind of assumed you’d have these things everywhere in the States just like we do here in the UK.
    But best of all is your interview style – you really bring out each guest’s uniqueness and individual life story in a great way; relaxed but really delving into what we can learn from them. I almost feel like I’m overhearing a really interesting chat at a coffee shop. So thanks for encouraging so many women.
    Now, having got me addicted to podcasts, you don’t know of any British Christian women doing anything similar, do you? Because housework sans podcast now seems kind of dreary….

  • Erin says:

    So interesting! I love hearing about moms in other parts of the country and how different their lives are from mine in southwest Missouri. When I read about their lives and how different just the day to day logistics of family life are from mine, it strikes me how similar all moms are and how much we all just want to do a good job at taking care of our kids. Love the podcasts! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I have been completely fascinated by Kristen Kill’s life as a homeschooling mom of four in NYC for a while :). Super fun to see her here!

    PS, I laughed out loud about the Dutch thing 🙂

  • I really enjoyed this podcast and hearing about Motherhood in Manhattan! Even as a suburbanite I learned a thing or two about helping to raise a more independent kid for sure. Thanks ladies!

  • This podcast was particularly interesting for me because I grew up in the city doing all the things Kristen lets her children do. Now that I live in the ‘burbs I wouldn’t dream of letting my son do the the things I did. Why? Because the world is a different place than it was when I was growing up. I don’t want my son to be sheltered or not have ANY streets smarts, Everything in moderation. Great podcast!

  • Candice says:

    Yay, thanks for this one! We are moving into the city next month with two boys so it was really fun to hear about how you do things and make it happen!

  • Joyce says:

    Loved this podcast! I used to live in SF, but not in the “city” part of the city, but there was something exciting about living there. There was always something going on. Love the diversity of the people who were there. Kristen, thanks for sharing about your life there…what a great opportunity to live in a mission field right here in the US. Love hearing about how your kiddos navigate the city, and learning about the ecological system of Central Park. 🙂 And yay for Classical Conversations! If we still lived in SF, I can see how it would be harder to find a community of homeschoolers there, but there are CC groups starting up over there too. And Kat, I always love hearing about the great things that go on in your church. Must visit one day. 🙂