Motherhood Bootcamp – Be a New and Improved Mom in 10 Days

By October 28, 2013General


How’s that for a sensationalistic title?

But who wouldn’t want to be a new and improved mom in 10 days? I know I would. And honestly? I think it’s entirely possible. So, we’re gonna try it.

Are you ready?

Motherhood Bootcamp Details

Inspired moms who are willing to take a little action. (See what I did there?)
Read, discuss and implement Sally Clarkson’s book 10 Gifts of Wisdom
November 4th – November 15th
The Inspired to Action Facebook Page
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Where I Got This Crazy Idea

As I started reading Sally Clarkson’s new book, The 10 Gifts of Wisdom, I realized I wanted a group of women to read and discuss it with. I wanted to ask what other moms do and what resources they use. I wanted to figure out how to apply her nuggets of wisdom to my day to day life.

Hmmm….a group of amazing moms who want to learn, discuss and grow? I think I might know where to find a few thousand moms like that.

So starting next Monday, I hope you’ll join me on Facebook each weekday for 10 days of discussing, learning and sharing.

Being intentional changes everything.

It’s nothing terribly formal or fancy. Wear your pjs. Make up optional. We can’t encounter wisdom and not be changed by it. Either we embrace it and grow wiser or we ignore it and grow more callous.

Who Do You Want to Be 10 Days from Now?

If you join me on this adventure I know we’ll be new moms in 10 days. Perfect moms? Nope. But the more we embrace wisdom, the more we’ll resemble it. Who’s in?

Enter your email below and I’ll send you the (super simple) reading schedule. It’s a short book, so this is one book club every mom can manage. It’s only 97 pages long. I’m pretty sure most of us read at least 97 pages of Facebook updates in 10 days. So it’s just a matter of whether you want to be full of motherly wisdom in 10 days or full of wisdom about your best friend from second grade ate for lunch.

Your choice.

10 days. 97 pages. You can do this.

If I’ve done my job, you’re inspired….now it’s time to take action.


RSS and email subscribers, if you don’t see the signup box above, click through to the blog to sign up!

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