ITA Podcast #12 – Tips For A Peaceful Morning

By September 12, 2013Podcast

A New Podcast Episode!
Today we are talking about how to have a peaceful morning. Mornings for moms can be pretty crazy, especially now that school has started. In this episode we’ll talk about some of my favorite ways to lay a foundation for a calm and peaceful morning.

Join Us for Some Q&A!
Inspired To Action - Inspiration For Motherhood - Podcast ArtworkI’m introducing a new Q&A section of the show! Today, I’m featuring a listener from Ireland and, frankly, you need to listen to the podcast just to hear her accent. So cool.

I’d love to feature you on the next episode. Check out the podcast page for the next topic and the link where you can record your question.

Things Mentioned in This Episode:

Morning music recommendations:
All Sons and Daughters
Christy Nockels
Christa Wells

I forgot to mention this one in the podcast, but I’ve been loving this album from Yancy. I love music that is just as enjoyable and worshipful for grown ups as it is for kids.

Mom Prayer Calendar
I’m working on a version of the prayer calendar so kids can pray for their moms. It’s not done yet, but I wanted to get this podcast up anyway. I hope to have that calendar posted here in the next day or so. Stay tuned.

Grab your headphones, click play and let’s chat!

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  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for freely sharing your tips on peaceful mornings with other moms like myself,… a lot of it sounds transferable to teenage niece and nephews, mates(modified). His Sweet Blessings to you! XO Elizabeth

  • Avatar Leah says:

    This was an awesome podcast, Kat! At first I read the title too quickly and thought it was 12 tips for the morning until I listened.

    I am not really an audio type of learner, unless it is music, but your voice is so clear and sweet; confident yet gentle that it made it worth the listen.

    And what a nice treat to hear that lovely lady’s voice straight from Ireland. I absolutely love Ireland and am such a Celtic gal at heart!

    But I do have a question for you. You have been writing on this blog for a while and put so much time into it. How do you do it for free, on top of a free podcast?

    That is an incredible amount of work, and the Bible says that a worker is worthy of his wages.

    I am so appreciative that you haven’t abdicated ministry for money, but it seems as if it would amount to at least a part time job, no?

    • Avatar Kat says:

      You are so sweet and encouraging.
      Yes, it definitely amounts to at least a part time job. I have started another blog ( and generate a bit of income there from the Blog Planning Kit and I have a few other things in the works that will help justify the time I spent on here, but ultimately God has provided the time and the means for me to minister here, so I choose to give as much away for free for as long as I can.

      That may change in the future, but at least for now, if I can encourage and help moms, then I want to do so as freely as possible to benefit as many as possible.

      • Avatar Leah says:

        I think that’s wonderful, Kat! No doubt it is a calling like any other kind of ministry, and one you seem called to. Just this morning I thought about your “wall of jello” as I was dealing with some teen boy angst that is the most intense in the morning.

        Combine that with a mom who deals with fibro fog and whose other health issues are the worst in the morning (think perpetual morning sickness without the end result of a blessed child) and you have a situation that only God’ grace, strength and wisdom can help with.

        That wall of jello personifies His wisdom in being slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to become angry and it also served as a great visual for me, since I have an artsy, literal-minded brain:)
        Thanks again, and I just want to assure you that not all my comments are going to be this long!

    • Avatar Joyce says:

      I’ll have to agree with Leah about this being a great podcast to listen to. I am not an audio person at all, but listening to you is like having coffee with a friend.

      And Leah, definitely no need to apologize for long comments…I sometimes leave blog post-sized comments on here. :p It is great to read everyone’s thoughts about the posts and podcasts. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Katie says:

    I loved these tips and I hope to use some now, even though my girls are little still…we can’t eat breakfast with clothes on yet because of the mess that’s made so we eat in jammies πŸ™‚ But I’m so excited for the moms’ prayer calendar! I use the husband and kids’ ones daily and have long wished for one to help focus and prepare my own heart for the day – I never thought to just ask for one, haha. I’m so grateful for all you do to support us mamas!

    • Avatar Renee says:

      Same thing in our house, Katie – can’t get dressed until after breakfast! So our routine is breakfast first (decide the night before so that there are no squabbles about what to eat), then get dressed and get things ready to go out the door. If there are still a few minutes left, the boys can play before we leave (they’re 3.5 and 5). It’s working okay so far, but I don’t have to pack lunches yet. That will add an interesting aspect to the morning!

  • Avatar Pamela says:

    You’re right, it’s the night before that determines the success of the following morning for us. Although we home educate, we do take some classes outside the home and prepping the night before makes all the difference.
    I don’t know if you are ever looking for new content ideas, but I would love to hear your input about how to train your children (who aren’t interested in said training) to start doing chores. Our seven-year-old, back when she was five, asked to have a list of chores so she could earn money to buy an American Girl doll. She was very self-motivated and easy to teach. Our about-to-be five-year-old, on the other hand, has no interest in earning money. Her only incentive to work is candy, but after a poor dental exam that’s not an option anymore. How do you motivate and teach your children, especially to do new things?

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Great question. One thing that we do is we have an after school list. So when they get home from school they want to relax and play, but in order to do anything special like play on the iPad or watch shows, they have to do their “list” – this consists of their homework, unpacking their lunch boxes, prepping their clothes for the next day, doing their chores and hugging mommy πŸ™‚

      By having a “when/then” format, as Amy McCready calls it, it self motivates the kids to do their chores. Of course, they’re not always excited about it or singing joyous hymns as they do their chores, but it does prevent me from nagging them to do them because they know they need to “do the work to get the reward.”

      Does that help?

  • Avatar Renee says:

    I’m definitely trying some of these things with my kids! My oldest just started kindergarten, so we have a long haul of school mornings ahead of us, good time to start it RIGHT! Thanks for the tips and encouragement; it’s always a pleasure to listen to you, Kat.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Yes, it’s definitely the perfect time to start things off on the right foot. I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast Renee!

  • Avatar Joey says:

    First a BIG thank you!! I truly enjoy every podcast 3or 4 times to get the most out of them!! Thank you so much for giving us practical ideas not just ideals!!!

    With the music question I am also a bit addicted to all sons and daughters but besides them Rend Collective Experiment is beautiful worship!!!

    Thanx again for all you do we so appreciate it!!!

  • Avatar jasmine says:

    Thank you so much for this podcast and all the others! They’re all so encouraging to me, not just in my mothering but in my relationship with God too. I love that I’m left feeling inspired AND with practical ideas. I hadn’t heard of your prayer calendars until this episode. I’m so happy to have them now! I’m sharing them with my friends and the women in my mom group at church. I’m really looking forward to the prayer calendar for moms! Do you plan on making one for husbands to pray for their wives too? I know my husband would love that! Again, thank you, Kat! God is blessing so many through you. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar amie says:

    another fabulous pod cast! i’m a little (ok, a lot) behind in listening and i have been missing them! i listen when i run .. so yes that means i haven’t been running in a while since i’m so behind… but i need to figure something else out b/c i always want to take notes in my journal to return to later, pray about things and not forget some of the awesome ideas you have! i love little nuggets that just are great in every day life! they don’t have to be reinventing the wheel! … so i’m looking for the notes you mention in your podcasts.. can’t find them. thanks for all you do to inspire moms!