What All My Newfound Free Time Means for You!

By August 23, 2013General


Letting Go…

So my kids all started school on Wednesday. Full day. All of them. Each one. Everyone.

Just to clarify, all three of my kids are gone all day…

It’s bittersweet. I’m excited about the people they are growing up to be, but the letting go is hard.

On the other hand…I’m now swimming in free time. I could alphabetize our cereal boxes and color code our spice rack, but that’s not how I roll.

Like, at all.

My Plans for You…

So, with all this newfound free time, I am ridiculously excited about my plans for InspiredToAction.com and HowTheyBlog.com. And, mostly? I’m excited about my plans for you.

I take my blog name pretty seriously. It’s not called “Inspired To Pin” or Inspired To ReTweet” or “Inspired To Think About It.” It’s called Inspired To Action and I am hard at work creating resources that will inspire you and help you take action.

I’m ramping up the ITA podcast and working on a Mom Planning Kit and more. (If you’re a blogger, join me for a free Blog Planning Bootcamp next week!)

Last week I wrote a post on SimpleMom.net that really hit a nerve. It is the essence of why I blog and I hope it inspires you to action…

This Post Is For The Brave Ones…


He wants to be a superhero.

I wait for 10 people to go through the door at the store before he’ll stop holding it.

When his sisters get hurt, I don’t have time figure out what happened before he’s returned with an icepack and bandaids.

He relishes every moment of saving us from the terror of a spider.

But just like any kid, he has his “less heroic moments.” So, I ask him “the superhero question”:

Me: Right now, are you acting like a hero or a villain to your sister?

Him: (sigh) villain.

Me: What do you want to be?

Him: Hero!

Me: Being a hero starts now, ok?

Him: Yes, ma’am.

Being a hero starts now. Being brave starts now. Being kind starts now. Being what you dream, starts now.

The road to someday starts today.

Read the rest: Click here to read the rest of the post at SimpleMom.net.

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