The ONE Back to School Prep You Can’t Afford to Forget

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(Note from Kat: Today’s post is from my dear friend Erin. We have known each other since our freshman year at Baylor (Sic ’em Bears!). She’s not a blogger but her kids started school recently and she shared some amazing verses and prayers on Facebook, so I roped her into sharing them with you.

These are SO inspiring and powerful. I pretty much guarantee you’ll be fist bumping your kids on the way out the door this morning.)

Back to School

It’s the most won-der-ful tiiiiiiiime of the year! Or so says one of my favorite commercials from an office-supply store touting all their back-to-school supplies. And it is an amazing time filled with all sorts of possibilities.

As Miss Stacey of Anne Shirley fame so wisely notes, a time with no mistakes in it – yet. But it can also be a time of trepidation, anxiety, and (!) fear.

My kids keep telling me they’re going to be fine, but I still freak out. It can be hard for a mama to let go. But since God tells us to “fear not” I battle it daily by praying His word over my kids.

Here are some of my favorite verses to pray and some simple prayers to go with them. May His peace cover you and yours as we send our kids out to be His ambassadors!


Oh, and by the way, my name’s Erin. I have 3 rowdy and rambunctious kids who are about to leave my days a lot quieter as they’ll all be in school this year.

I’ve been married 15 years to a man who is still the funniest guy I’ve ever met. I love reading, gardening and walking with my friends. And apparently sounding like a contestant on the Dating Game.

5 Prayers for the First 5 Days of School


Isaiah 54:13 “All your children will be taught by the LORD, and great will be their peace.”


“So Lord, I ask that this year my kids would be taught by you, that they would learn the wisdom of God, not just the wisdom of men, that their hearts would be open to you and their minds as well. May everything they learn this year be filtered by you, your word and your wisdom. And may their peace truly be great this year. I ask that fear would not have a place in their hearts, but that they would learn to trust you for themselves. Fill them with faith this year Father. In your holy name, Amen.”


Psalm 71:5 “For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth.”


“Lord, I pray that you would be my kids’ hope and confidence from a young age. I pray they wouldn’t trust in what the world has to offer them or what the world says about them, but they would learn the truth – that what you give is true life and what you say about them is what matters – that they are wonderfully created and truly unique and loved beyond measure. May they never fall for the lies of the enemy that would tell them otherwise. May they find themselves in you and may it make them stand in true confidence. I pray this year would be one where they walk in your hope and confidence. Amen!!”


Proverbs 13:20 “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”


“Lord, I ask that my kids would walk with the wise this year. Not the worldly wise, but the ones who are wise in your ways. I pray you would surround them with friends who would encourage them in their walk with you and ones that they could encourage also. I pray they would not be companions to fools – give them wisdom beyond their years to discern friendships and may this be a year of lifelong, intentional relationships. In the name of Jesus, Amen!”


Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”


“Father, I pray that my kids would be like Jesus this year – in every way, really – but especially that they would grow in your wisdom as they learn about the world you created. I pray that they would learn what they need to learn this year and that you would protect them from any knowledge that would be harmful to them. I pray that they would grow in their stature, healthy and whole and free from illness and disease. I ask that they would find favor with you and their teachers and authorities at their school and also with their friends, that they would be a blessing and show people the grace of God this year. Amen!”


Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


“Father God, I pray that this year my kids would overflow with hope! I pray that as the year progresses and the newness wears off that they would remember you and they would be filled with joy. I pray that as problems sink in and anxiety awaits, that they would seek you out and be filled with peace. I pray they would trust you this year and that I would be able to trust you with them as well. Help me to remember that you love them more than I ever could and when I see them going through issues, you have a better understanding of what they need than I do. Help me to remember hardship breeds character and you always know what you are doing. Thank you that your joy and peace are always there waiting for us in your presence. Help us all to seek that this year. We love you! Amen.”

How awesome was that?!

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  • Avatar Rachel says:

    So good. I’m thankful for this. Wish I had something like this every day.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Hi Rachel! Aren’t they so inspiring? It’s really challenged me to pray more intentionally for my kids. I mean, I pray for them, but my routine has become….routine. I know there are some great books on praying for our children, I think it’s time I dust them off (or Google to find them)…

      • Avatar Pamela says:

        Rachel, Kat has a great prayer calendar for your kids so you can pray scripture over them like this every day! I’ve been using it daily for both my husband and children and appreciate having the track to run on with my prayers. You can find it under her “resource” page.

  • Avatar melanie says:

    I was just typing out my scripture/prayers for the year this morning too!

    I’m praying Luke 2:52 over my sweet son (who is going off to school for the first time and needs to embrace wisdom.) For my little one who has been experimenting with lying recently, I Timothy 4:12 about setting an example of speech, conduct, etc. and that she would have an honest and good heart (Luke 8:15.) And I’m excited to pray Daniel 1:17 over my oldest daughter who is coming home to school this year, that God would give her knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom and that she would, a la Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17, prophecy and have visions and dreams for the Kingdom. We need to pray the gifts of the spirit over our children – their generation needs it!

    Thanks for the encouraging post. I love likeminded mamas! =)

  • Avatar Lisa Smith says:

    Erin, you really should blog. Great prayers 🙂

  • No words for how much I love this- my kiddos have been back for a few weeks already, but I am trying to be prayerful over their days even more than I ever have been, and this is perfect for printing and reminding myself.

    Thank you.

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    This is great! I have been learning a lot about praying God’s Word this year. 🙂

  • Avatar Kari says:

    Thanks. I copied this over to Word and took out the beautiful graphics so I could shorten it to one page and put it in my Bible. Thank you for sharing! God bless your scholars/ambassadors this year.

  • Avatar Emily says:

    What a refreshing and uplifting way to start the school year! I know already that I might not be able to do all 5 days during the first week as we ease back into a good morning routine BUT I endeavor to make this a weekly thing, maybe by the end of this semester we’ll be doing this every day! (and then change the verses next semester for a fresh round, maybe?!) 🙂

    • Avatar Emily says:

      just wondering, is there a way to get a printer-friendly version of this and other blog posts?

      • Avatar Joyce says:

        If you copy and paste the post onto Microsoft Word or something similar starting with Monday. If the margins are set to 1″ you will need to press “Enter” a few times for each day to make it one day per page.

  • Avatar Sandy says:

    I was looking for something like this. Thank you! Now I’m going to share it on FB. 🙂

  • Avatar Donna Brown says:

    Wonderful scriptures nd prayers. My children are out of the nest, but this is always needed.

  • Avatar Tiare says:

    I really love the message of this post: that, as parents, we need to have daily, active, and deliberate prayers for our children. Part of our prayer is that whomever comes into contact with our children will have compassion upon them, and that our children will show them compassion as well.

  • Avatar Pat says:

    I did text messages every day this week to my children with these verses. Thanks so much! Their text messages back have been awesome! They know GOD cares and is looking out for them! But the text messages were just another way to share His love and mom’s love with them! Thanks