ITA#10: How To Make Your Kids Forget You’re Mean

By May 22, 2013Podcast

ita-podcastThis episode is all about creating memorable moments. Good ones. We all have rough days, but there are simple things we can do to tip the scales towards great memories with our kids.

I’m really excited about podcasting more. Especially with summer coming, we moms have less time to sit and read. We’ll be spending a lot of time watching kids at the park, the pool and on playdates. Subscribe to the ITA podcast and stay encouraged and challenged all summer long…all while keeping an eye on and playing with your kids!

Cool Stuff Mentioned This Episode

1. Parenting a Boy, Not a Herd – great post from Shaun Groves

2. Kidventures – the idea book I mentioned in this episode. It’s a fantastic resource for summer fun.

3. Read for the Heart – a fabulous “book of books” that lists excellent literature by age. Perfect for family story nights.

4. Sally Clarkson’s Books – my favorite motherhood author and a dear friend, she lives what she writes and is a wonderful inspiration.

5. My “Office” – I mention my closet/office so I thought I’d include a picture.

How to Listen to This Podcast

If you’re new to podcasts, think of them like little radio shows that you can listen to at your convenience. They are perfect to listen to and learn from as you workout, fold laundry, wash dishes or conquer the world.

1. Listen right here on the blog. Click through to the site and click the little play button at the beginning of this post.
2. Listen on your smartphone, iPad or iPod Touch – There are a lot of great podcasting apps. Apple has a free one in the app store, but I like one called Downcast. It allows me to search for shows, subscribe to them and even speed up the audio.
3. Subscribe to the Podcast – just click here to access the podcast in iTunes. You can also search for it on your smartphone app (like the ones listed above) and subscribe.

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  • Avatar Brittany says:

    I took my sister and her friend on a PJ run whenthey were having a sleepover… I’m not sure I “did it right” but they loved it, so I think it was successful… 🙂

  • Avatar Libby says:

    I live in Misawa, Japan and I coordinate the MOPS program here. There are no ice cream joints that stay open later than 6pm, so we are organizing our own pajama run at the chapel. Really looking forward to it. My husband and I did a flash mob pajama run some weeks ago with friends and neighbors at our house as a trial run and it was a huge success. Those who thought they would leave early stayed the longest. Love building community overseas! Thanks for your great ideas!

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