Hate Meal Planning? Here’s a GREAT Deal!


Better Than Sliced Bread…

If you’ve been reading Inspired To Action for long, you know how much I love PlanToEat.com. I recently held a Meal Planning Bootcamp to show you how I meal plan in just about 5 minutes each week.

Well, PlanToEat.com is having a great Mother’s Day sale – Through May 12th you can get 30% off of a yearly subscription for yourself using the coupon code BeautifulSimplicity. Once you are a member, you can get a gift subscription for Mom (or a friend) at 50% off the regular price using the coupon code ThanksMom. That is a fantastic deal!

Now, you could give this as a gift to someone or yourself, but I honestly encourage you to gift it to you AND someone else. Why? Because, if you’re struggling with meal planning, there is nothing like accountability and community to really turn things around.

Sign up and then go through the Bootcamp together, share recipes and rejoice in the awesomeness of stress free meal planning. Booyah.

Why I Turned Down A FREE Offer

plan-to-eat-300 That the link above is an affiliate link, which means that at no cost to you, PTE gives me a portion of the proceeds of each sale. If you subscribe and use that link, thank you so much.

The owners of Plan To Eat offered to give me a FREE lifetime subscription to their service because of all the traffic I’ve sent their way over the years. But I turned them down because if I’m encouraging you to put down your hard earned money for something, I should do the same.

So when I recommend something to you, it’s because it has seriously impacted me. And, yes, it’s weird to say that a website has “impacted” me, but I used to hate meal planning. Now I don’t. That’s kind of miraculous, my friends. Now if only I can find a website that will clean my house…

All that to say, I highly encourage you to check out Plan To Eat. With my Meal Planning Boot Camp to walk you through setting it up, I’m sure you’ll be a meal planning ninja in no time.

The sale ends on May 12th, so don’t miss that deadline. To get the deal, use the coupon codes: BeautifulSimplicity and ThanksMom

Click here to check out Plan to Eat and say adios to your meal planning woes.

If you have any questions about Plan To Eat, feel free to ask them here and I’ll do my best to answer!

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