5 Posts To Help You Be a Rockstar Mom This Week

By February 3, 2013General


Here are 5 posts I’ve read (or reread) this week that have inspired or challenged me. May their wisdom make us better moms…

Jen Hatmaker – Brave Moms Raise Brave Kids – A thought provoking post on safety, courage and wisdom.

Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources – I’m not a homeschooler, but I found this packed with fun ideas for my kids.

#036: How to Develop More Discipline [Podcast] – a great podcast from Michael Hyatt

How to Miss a Childhood | Hands Free Mama – A reminder we all need.

25 reasons we’re taking our kids around the world – My friends Stephanie and Ryan (they went to the Philippines with me) are on an INCREDIBLE adventure. They are traveling around the world with their kids. How cool?! I definitely plan on following their adventure, join me?

How was your week? Good or no-so-good, you did SOMETHING great as a mom. Remember those moments. Write them down. Focusing on our failure is discouraging. Remember what you did right and try to multiply those moments this week. Care to share a highlight from your week?

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  • April says:

    My highlight from the week comes courtesy of my 9 year daughter. She used a vocab word properly in a sentence then looked at me and said “did you hear that Mom? I just used one of my vocab words, you should give me a quarter.”. Both kids now have a little vocab jar on the kitchen counter for their vocabulary quarters. 🙂

  • kristiana says:

    “How to Miss a Childhood”. ouch. Have read it before, and need to read it another 100 times while I still have the PRIVILEGE of having children at home. Thanks for the gentle reminder. xo