Do I Parent Out of Fear or Faith?

By January 24, 2013General


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I wish it weren’t true, but I can be a lecturer. I can nitpick. I can see all the things that need to be “fixed” in my kids. I can worry about the bad decisions they “could” make. I can take the smallest misdeed and magnify it.

But who wants a mom like that? Does anyone do anything but wither under a watchful eye?

In every situation we have the choice to beat down the weaknesses we see in our kids or we can faithfully call out their God given strengths…

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  • Something great to think about. I have caught myself praying out of fear vs. faith. Had to correct that right quick too!

  • Julie B. says:

    What an important message to appear in my email this morning! My family is struggling with separation anxiety right now and when we fall down in this struggle it is so easy to focus on what didn’t go well. I am going to start thinking about the things that are going smoothly and try to keep the focus there instead.