Your Lovely Faces, Her Lovely Music. Are You In This Video?

By December 11, 2012General

Awhile back, my friend Christa Wells invited Inspired To Action readers to submit photos to be included in a slideshow for her song “Oh, Your Love.”

It’s such a moving and gorgeous song about motherhood.

I have to say, I teared up a bit looking at all your beautiful faces and your precious children. What an honor it is to walk this journey of motherhood alongside all of you!

Here is the video slideshow she made. Enjoy!

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Christa has no idea I’m doing this, but I wanted to invite you all to join me in helping make Christa’s next album a reality. She is an independent artist, which means she’s not on a record label, so she handles all aspects of her career herself, including recording and business.

She started a Kickstarter page for her new album and she’s SO CLOSE to hitting the goal, but there are only 70 hours left to make it happen.

If you love great music (did you know Christa wrote Natalie Grant’s hit song “Held”?) and amazing lyrics (did you know the title track of this album is based on words from Ann Voskamp?), then consider joining the team. There are some really fun rewards too – like autographed albums, behind the scenes videos and more! Check it out here.

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  • Avatar Nicci says:

    I’m not gonna lie. That made me bawl my eyes out. This just made me committed to making sure my babies KNOW how much I love them.

  • Avatar Monica says:

    Gorgeous song! And I’m so thrilled that my girls and I made it in! We’ll return to this again and again. Thank you, Christa.

  • Avatar Sabrina says:

    Thank you for this this morning! My mama heart needed to hear this song after a long night with my 9 day old son. Beautiful!

  • Avatar Christa says:

    Well! The cat’s out of the bag now (no pun intended!). 🙂 @Godcenteredmom cued me in on Twitter. LOL Thank you, Kat, for sharing this, and I just had to post this interesting tidbit here:

    By coincidence (hmmm?), the woman and two daughters Youtube chose as the “front” for this video, although they are not the first in the slideshow, happens to be my friend & mentor, Vaneetha, who HAPPENS to be one of the 3 women who inspired “HELD”…”two months is too little” is her story of her little boy.

    This amazing woman also inspired “OUR HOPE ENDURES” (another Natalie Grant song) and has indirectly inspired portions of a number of other songs, including “How Emptiness Sings.” I just love that God worked it out to have her right there on the front.

    Love to all of you fellow Moms, doing your best to follow the Light and lead your little ones there with you…

  • Avatar Tehila says:

    How can emotion not well up anyone with a mother, or with children?

    So beautiful… For some reason my mind goes straight to my mom when I listen to this work-of-art song. My mom is with the Lord now, and I miss her so much, but hearing this song helps me to remember all that she did for my sisters and I. As a single mom, it wasn’t always easy for her, but she sacrificially laid down her life for us!

    Thank you for this beautiful music to brighten my day…

  • Avatar Karen says:

    Amazing song, beautiful voice, very inspiring lyrics and we made it to the video 🙂 thank you its an honour to be part of it, xx

  • Avatar Anna says:

    I am thrilled to support Christa’s album. “Held” has been a powerful song for me.

  • Avatar Emily says:

    That sweet little girl at 27 seconds will be 2 in a few days.Thanks for letting us be a part.

  • Avatar Lori says:

    This is a beautiful song,so inspiring! I will hug my children a little longer today.

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    Beautiful!! I totally forgot to send in my pics, but so glad to see a friend got some photos in there (her mom is one awesome lady!!)…one of them twice. I joked with her that maybe I can replace one of the doubles. :p Such a beautiful song.