Good Reads and Good Deeds

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Before we get into the Good Reads and Good Deeds for the week, I want to show you my view as I type this. With Christmas coming up, I would feel like a bad friend if I didn’t share you you my kids all time favorite toy. It’s called Straws and Connectors (Affiliate link.) and if you don’t mind occasionally trading in your living room for works of art, I highly recommend it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen lots and lots of pictures of these…we’ve had them for a few years now.

I love toys that inspire creativity and teamwork. My kids worked on this “motorboat” creation all morning yesterday. Then they played with it all afternoon. So fun.

Friendly note: the link above is to the 230 piece set, but if you have more than two kids you might want the 705 piece set. That’s what we have and it’s plenty for all of them to play with.

Good Reads

Why the Battle for Joy Is Worth It – This post from Ann Voskamp is encouraging, inspiring and comforting.

Speak Louder Than the Nutella – I just love Annie Downs.

when you have a thousand brilliant excuses for doing nothing – Emily Freeman

Good Deeds

Last week’s challenge was to use people’s names. How did it go? Do you have any stories to share?

I love how people’s faces light up when we say their name. Love it!

This week’s challenge:
Hold the door. Be intentional about holding the door for others. Do it with a smile. This is a great way to get your kids involved and bring cheer to others. It’s always fun to watch kinds learning kindness.

Do you have a story from last week’s challenge? Or an update from this week’s? Click here to join the discussion.

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