We Want YOU To Be In A Music Video! That’s Right…Don’t Miss This!

By October 9, 2012General

Last week I shared a beautiful song with you from Christa Wells. Since then…Christa and I have been cooking up something really fun for you…we want to invite YOU to be a part of a new music video for the song!

Here are a few words from Christa about the project:

Dear friends of Kat – and by extension, me!

(Any friends of Kat are friends of mine.)

I wrote this song just before Mother’s Day, because I realized that the one human person who deserves the most credit for anything I’ve ever done right, and for surviving the things I did wrong, was Mom. She was overdue for a song of her own. Because of her, I know what a mother’s love can look like, how deep and wide and self-sacrificing.

I would love to make something with all of you to honor the relationship between mother and child. I’d love to take this quiet little song and give it a visual dimension with images of real people like you and your kids and your mothers and grandmothers. Will you be a part of making and sharing this?? I’m so grateful to have sisters like you in the trenches with me!


Join Us?

I think this is such a fun and beautiful idea. Not only for a precious family memory, (I mean how often do we get the chance to be in a music video?!), but also as a way to spread the beauty and honor of motherhood.

Stay Tuned For Your Free Copy…

When the video is ready in a couple weeks (early November), you’ll each have the opportunity to get your own copy of the studio recording of the song by simply sharing the video on your blog, Facebook or Pinterest page.

I’ve always said you all are Rockstar Moms…now you’ll have the music video to prove it.

How To Submit Your Photo

I hope you’ll join me! Just send your photo to kanon@christawellsmusic.com. Easy Peasy.

Now go be a rockstar to those precious kids of yours…

p.s. If you missed the post of the original song, I’m including the home video her son took of her singing it here. (rss and email subscribers, click here to watch it. Keep a tissue handy.)

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