My New Favorite Song – One That Will Inspire You As A Mother Today

By October 1, 2012General

Many of you know Christa Wells music, though you may not have heard her sing. She wrote the beautiful song Held that Natalie Grant took to the top of the charts. She’s written music for Sara Groves, Point of Grace and was even the Songwriter of the Year in 2006.

But Christa sings as well. Very well. Her album Frame the Clouds is one of my all time favorites.

I had the privilege of getting to know Christa (on the left) at the Relevant (now Allume) conference last year and she became an instant friend. I knew you all would love her too so…

…I asked her to record a song especially for all of you who are HelloMornings Participants. And she said yes. (how completely, ridiculously cool is that?!) If you’re in this session of the Challenge get excited about this weekend’s email – the song will be attached.

The video at the beginning of the post (rss and email readers, click here to watch the video) is the song I asked her to record (no, this isn’t the recording you’ll get. This is just a video her son filmed of her playing the song).

She wrote it for her mother and I cried the first time I heard it.

She sent me the final version this morning and was I ever hugging and loving on my kids today. I had some CHURCH as I prayed for them in the school drop off line. I’m so inspired to be a mother worthy of a song like that. It gives me such vision for the simple things I do every day. Faithful love is the greatest superpower.

Eventually, she’ll make the song available on iTunes and such, so if you’re not part of HelloMornings, we’ll make sure to let you know when it’s available elsewhere.

In the meantime, I pray this song encourages and inspires you. May it make you rise up today – to be the mother you dream of being, by His grace.

As Christa says,”perhaps this song will be a peek into the possible. A hallway of hope for the children who come into your life, to be mothered by you…”

Oh, Your Love (Christa Wells)

I know that you knew
You raised us to leave you
Raised us to run with a torch in our hands

I know that you knew
What your love would do
Sent us out sailors with the wind at our backs

I know that you gave
Without keeping record
Except to be certain you had nothing left

I know that you gave
Til it hurt though you never
Admitted anything but the joy and gladness

Ooh, your love always carried us

I know that you followed us
Late in the darkness
Pulled up the blankets, covered us in prayer

I know that you followed
Our paths to independence
With a great deal of patience and a little bit of fear

But ooh, your love always carried us

I know that you see us
The way we were back then
You can’t let go, you can’t really let us go

But I hope that you see how
You took those little children
To the light that leads us all to our true home

And ooh, your love always carries us
Oooh, your love will always carry us

I know that you knew what your love would do

Aren’t you so inspired?! Now go be an awesome mom today…

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