For When We’re Desperate For His Grace…Again

Some days — lots of days — my head hits the pillow and I confess that same sin. It’s that thing I despise in myself — that response to my sweet yet trying kids, or that look I give, or that impatience I harbor. Pick one. Over and over in moments of this daily living choosing not to reflect His love.

That’s when I’m desperate for His grace. That’s when I realize — again — how needy I am for His mercy upon mercy upon mercy. Because left to me I chase after my feelings and rebel from the One who loves me most.



We’re a needy people. And I think that’s the point. That’s the realization that frees us. Once we truly grasp our depravity in light of His unmatched holiness, we’re ready to receive His grace.

I think that’s what Jesus was revealing to Peter through his three denials. Peter — this proud fisherman who swore he’d never leave his Lord — boldly denied three times, “I don’t know that Jesus.” He was needy for grace. But really, aren’t we all?

Every moment of every day He pours out His grace on His children. He nailed the punishment we deserve to a splintery cross. Now He says, “Whatever you do again today and again today and again today, my child, by faith in Christ Jesus, I call you righteous.”




That doesn’t mean we keep rebelling and denying. Rather we bow, humbled before a merciful God.

The depths of Christ’s grace transformed Peter’s life. The truth of God’s mercy overwhelmed him to the point where he confessed, “I cannot help but speak of my Lord. I can’t help it.”

Whatever mommy-sin we commit again today, Jesus already took that punishment. Whatever wife-sin we commit again today, He already took it. Whatever daughter-sister-friend-sin we commit again today, He already took it.

Girlfriend, that’s dance worthy.
How have you experienced His grace after grace in your own life?

For those doing the “Kept” study, what did you glean from this week’s look at Peter?

Let’s chat about it in the comments.



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Speaker and writer, Lara Williams lives in central North Carolina with her husband and three young children. Click here to check out her blog.

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  • Jamie says:

    Love your words Lara. You have such a lovely way with them.

  • Trisha says:

    Things that I gleaned from this week’s Bible study on Peter:
    – Be honest and speak the truth, even when at times it will be “tough love” and I may “face the heat” of being in the wrong.
    – He will never fail me and is always there to walk with me hand-in-hand.
    – Be humble in everything that I do!
    – Keep my promises!
    – Prepare my children to face any circumstance along the way.
    – Obey God and His Word– not man.
    – Be a risk-taker for the sake of the Gospel!
    – Know what you believe – and stand Strong!
    – In everything I do, bring honor and glory to God!
    – Each morning, may I go to the cross and see my“not-enoughness” and His amazing love and glory! For without Him, I would be headed to the Lake of Fire, a place of eternal death, but because of His great love, God gave His Son, so that I might live and be called His daughter, and gave me the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me here on earth. Now, that is AMAZING LOVE!

  • Anne Marie says:

    I know the link for downloading that Bible Study was just for a couple of days. I was out of town when it was available – probably no way I can get in on it now, correct? Thanks for sharing your heart – This is so great and so needed for us moms who want to live intentionally and yet fall short daily. It is all grace. Blessings –

  • On Tuesday I think it was, between Peter’s denial and the Sanhedrin’s ineffectual warnings, I thought of Jesus reinstating Peter. It struck me new that he tied a confession of love with a command to feed others.
    My confession? I’ve been feeding myself and complaining about feeding others.
    My confession needs to be of love for Jesus first, and then my obedience to feed others should be right.
    Then too I was impressed by the boldness of Peter and the others, and how the Sanhedrin took note that these men had been with Jesus.
    I want to be with Jesus! It’s the cry of my heart.

  • Karole Hernandez says:

    I was struck by the fact that Peters boldness in saying that he would not deny Christ was not something that needed to be changed by God’s power and gift of the Holy Spirit, but it was actually put to use and he did not run away the second time he was confronted in a tough situation by the Sanhedrin but stood up to them and their reprimand. We need to let Christ take what we may see as a weakness and turn it into something for His glory.

  • Hope Reed says:

    Pondering the affect that ‘being with Jesus’ had on Peter and wondering how much I pay attention to the truth that I do the same when I am in His word in the morning. I have started to begin my quiet time with a simple prayer to help me remember that I am ‘with Jesus’ as I open up my Bible.

  • Hollie Garcia says:

    Just getting into the Bible consistently and with a focus was refreshing for me. I felt through this week that I need to sharpen my Scripture memory skills! Also, the part about us being new creatures was really encouraging. This week’s study as well encouraged me to dig a little deeper concerning our family’s purpose.

  • I think what really struck me the most in this week’s study was Peter’s denial of Jesus, three times. Peter had insisted that he would not deny Jesus, yet he did, and he didn’t even realize it until he heard the rooster crow and remembered Jesus’ words.
    I know that we all think “I would never,” but that’s the sneaky thing about temptation – you don’t expect to fall to it, and sometimes you don’t even realize that you have until you’ve already done it.
    Peter’s realization of his denial and remembrance of Jesus’ words moved him to tears. We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt that, and I think that makes Peter such a great study for us as the flawed people that we are.

  • Amanda Cross says:

    Even though Peter was proud and adamant that he would not deny Jesus, he still offered to die for Jesus. I think it shows that Peter really did love Jesus. He really was passionate about being a follower of Jesus. Yes, he still denied Jesus anyway. I love the fact that Jesus knew what Peter would do and yet, he was not condemning with Peter when he told him what he would do. If I knew that someone was going to get me arrested on purpose or if I knew that my parents, husband, child, or friends would say, I don’t know her—I never even saw her before…that would hurt and I probably wouldn’t be so kind to them even before the deed was done. You know wives, we do that to our husbands don’t we? We get suspicious or our dreams tell us something will happen and then we get mad at our husbands and they haven’t even done anything! Thankful for our compassionate, merciful, and loving God.