3 Incredibly Simple Ways To Maximize Your Mornings (Link Up and Giveaway!)

Being a Morning Ninja is Easier Than You Think…

The idea of waking up early enough to have a Bible study time, plan the day AND exercise can be overwhelming. You might think that you need to suddenly start setting your alarm for an hour earlier to get all done. Here’s some good news: You don’t.

The goal is simply to wake up early enough to have a “warm up” for the day. Just as all the Olympic athletes arrive at their event early so that they can talk with their coach, stretch, and get in the zone, we need to do the same for our families.

Maximizing your mornings with Bible study time, daily planning and exercise, is not as hard as you might think. It can actually be done in about 5-10 minutes a day and with minimal effort.

(Not that speed or minimal effort are a goal, of course. But if perfection is keeping you from getting started, know that starting simply is better than not starting at all.)

The key is to use simple starts in each area to get your momentum going. Once you have developed the habits of daily Bible study, planning and exercise, you’ll find it easy to go deeper in each area.

3 Incredibly Simple Ways To Get Started

1. Listen to an audio Bible.
YouVersion is a great mobile phone app that has audio recording of several different versions of the Bible. This is often how I “read” my Bible in the morning. Later in the morning or day I’ll do my actual Bible Study, but I use the audio Bible to fill my heart and mind with truth, first thing.

2. Pick 3 Daily Tasks
You don’t need an elaborate to-do system. Often, your brain will remember the most important things you need to get done. The simple act of writing down what you intend to do each day is a great way to stay on track.

Another option is to just write down each night what you did that day. Once you see where your time went, you’ll want to determine where it goes.

3. Wear a pedometer.
Awareness is powerful. We can change our lives so much by the simple act of tracking what we are already doing. If you want to live healthier, wearing a pedometer is a great way to start. You’ll begin to be competitive with yourself and find ways to log more and more steps each day.

Another simple way to get healthier is to track what you eat, but if you’ve ever tried counting calories, you know it’s a huge hassle. Instead, just use your phone camera to take pictures of each meal and snack. If you review the photos each day, you’ll soon begin to think twice about that 2nd bowl of ice cream.

Get Simple and Get Started

Each morning, if you faithfully use an audio Bible to listen to the passage of scriptrue you’re currently studying, write down 3 daily goals and put on a pedometer, you’ll soon develop life changing habits.

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