A video that gives a whole new meaning to love being a choice…

By June 4, 2012Get Inspired, Videos

Hi friends! I watched a video a few weeks back that has haunted me—in the best way—ever since. I asked Kat if I could share it with you, and I hope you’ll take time today to watch it.

I recommend you have tissues handy.

If you can’t view the video, click here.

You can read more about Ian and Larissa and follow their journey at Pray for Ian.

Just about every post of Larissa’s makes me cry. Praising God for such a beautiful, beautiful couple.

In a world full of convenient, commitment-less, selfish marriages, thank you Larissa, for being a picture of Christ to each of us.


What are your thoughts on this video?

The book mentioned in the video, This Momentary Marriage, is available as a free download at DesiringGod.org.

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  • Avatar Jen says:

    Came over from Family Your Way. Seriously loved this video. It puts so much in perspective in trials I’m going through right now. What a beautiful message. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Avatar Southern Gal says:

    I saw this a few weeks ago and sobbed through the whole thing. I don’t think I can watch it again right now, but thanks for sharing it.

  • Avatar Sharon says:

    I saw this a week or so ago and have not been able to get this couple out of my head. Thanks to the link for the blog, I will definitely be following it.

  • Avatar Kika says:

    Beautiful picture of love and commitment.

  • Avatar Lu says:

    This video puts me to shame as a wife. What a beautiful story of love and commitment.

  • Avatar ...... says:

    I don’t really know how to respond to this.. it is such a hard video to reconcile with… But I think if we don’t acknowledge the tension of our desire to live a life of happiness verses a life of holiness we miss it… makes me re-think wife.. makes me acknowledge my strong desire to be taken care of instead of die to my own needs and care for. For some reason, I can’t even cry… my heart really just want’s to abandon the whole thing… This story is really hard…

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. What a beautiful couple, such a true example of Christ’s love. Reading through her older blog posts helped give a voice to some feelings I’ve had too, as a wife of a chronically ill husband. It felt so good to know someone else knows these feelings.

  • Avatar Leanne Penny says:

    First and foremost my heart is overwhelmed by this story and I want to check out this blog immediately. What a phenomenal couple!

    This is exactly where God took my heart today, and what I spent my morning blogging about, it’s amazing how God works his truth in at all angles.

    Love is a choice and all love really comes from connecting to the Love God puts out there and has for each of us. No one is obligated, it’s all a beautiful series of choice.

  • Avatar Jane says:

    I need to learn to love like that, I always nag. I completely agree with Leanne above. I need to treat my husband better by taking part in his interests.
    “Love is a choice and all love really comes from connecting to the Love God puts out there and has for each of us. No one is obligated, it’s all a beautiful series of choice.”
    Have any of you Read True Love By Mark Driscull