How to Experience God Through His Word

Note: Today’s post is from our monthly contributor, Katie Orr who blogs at Living Devotionally.

Motherhood is hard.

There is no other journey that has been near as difficult as this road I am on.

Choosing well is a daily struggle. Guarding my mouth to protect the tender hearts of my children and husband is a moment-by-moment battle; one I often lose.

Yet, by His great grace, my God carries me through the difficult years. My Guide, Strength, and Protector is here in the mess. He uses every toilsome moment for my good; He redeems every failure of mine for His glory.

A deep relationship with God is the plan.

We are created to be in deep, sustaining fellowship with the creator of the universe. The Lord of everything has made a way for us to be in daily communion with Him and has left us guidance on how to walk this arduous road of motherhood.

Through His Word.


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He speaks strength, courage, promise, and hope—through His Word.

He rebukes, redirects, and comforts—through His Word.

He equips, nourishes, and refreshes—through His Word.

It is often a struggle to experience God.

When I first started pursuing a deeper relationship with God, I longed to experience Him through the Bible the way so many spoke of. I wanted to study God’s Word and see the truths they were seeing.

So, I opened my Bible to spend time with Him.

I felt lost. 

I didn’t know where to start, so I randomly chose a place and read the words.

Nothing happened.

Again and again, I sat down to meet with God through reading His Word; most times I came away empty handed and confused.

Honestly, it felt like a waste of time. 

There is hope for our time in the Word.

Over time God was faithful to bring tools into my life to enable me uncover the life-giving truths in scripture.

I now LOVE spending time in the Bible. I could spend hours digging into a passage and come away wanting more. His Word is incredible. Through the Bible, God speaks to our every moment and brings hope to our weary mommy-days.


Now, you may think that a deep study of scripture is only for the pastor, the seminary student, or the uber-spiritual. You may feel as if you don’t have time to really dig into the Bible and find truths for yourself.

You’re wrong.

The “ordinary” Christian momma can learn to to study the Bible on her own.

The every-day believer can train her eye to discover the life-changing truths held in scripture.

Fifteen focused minutes.

You can dig into the Bible and find truths for yourself—all it takes is fifteen focused minutes.

I’ve created a Bible study series, called Focused15, with the busy mom in mind.

Inductive Bible StudyIn Focused15, I’ll show you how to look at Scripture through a different lens each day. We’ll use tools already at our fingertips, with methods proven through history, using a structure that is easy to follow…

…all in fifteen minutes day.

Tomorrow is the “official” launch of the first study in the series, a four-week study on 1 Corinthians 13.  However, I am opening it up to the Inspired to Action community TODAY!

The cool thing? Through your purchase from the link below, you can help support this site. 75% of all Focused15 purchased from the link below will stay right here at Inspired to Action, to help Kat bring in more resources to this amazing community.


Available for immediate PDF download to your computer for $3.99.

Focused 15

Focused15 is also available for Kindle and Nook.

We can experience God through His Word.

Motherhood is hard, but we don’t have to go this journey alone. The Bible is God’s word to us; meant for us to study, know and experience daily. Weary mommas can experience refreshment, hope and strength through times with Him in His Word.

I hope you will join me on this journey to know God better, by learning how to study the Bible better.

What is your biggest hindrance to studying and understanding the Bible? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

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