They Invited Me Over and Then They Changed Their Name and Moved…

By February 7, 2012General

For the past couple of years, I’ve attended an AMAZING conference called Relevant. It’s a blogging conference for Christian women.

 (Funny story: My friend Stephanie (above left), who was about 6 months pregnant at the time, sat next to a woman on a plane who thought Stephanie said LOGGING conference and proceeded to go on for several minutes about the merits of the logging industry. I learned to enunciate the B really well after that story.)

Moving on.

Relevant has been a highlight of every October for me since 2010. It’s SO much fun to meet “friends” for the first time, hear their voices and see them in 3D!

 The 2012 Speakers

Well, this year I have the honor of speaking at Relevant. Except…it’s not Relevant anymore. Today, Sarah Mae and Jessica are announcing that Relevant is getting a name makeover. It’s now called… wait for it…

Allume Social

Allume is French for “light”. “Allume is a community of women whose lives have been changed by the light of Jesus Christ. Because His truth and goodness have invaded our souls, it is our desire to see His light reflected into our spheres of influence.” Here are the details:

  • is the new community that offers “Allume Social” (formerly Relevant) all year-round via the sharing of unique stories, blogging, podcasts, videos, and more.
  • Allume Social is the new Relevant – same core values, same conference, just a new name (found at
  • Allume will be on Facebook here
  • Allume Twitter is here:
  • The new hashtag is #allume

Join ALLUME for a Twitter party Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 9pm EST #allume – There will be prizes, fun and answers to all your questions. I hope you’ll join us!

So bookmark the Allume site and mark October 25-27, 2012 down on your calendars. The Allume Social Conference is in gorgeous Pennsylvania and is just an incredible time. Like summer camp for grown ups. Except the food is better. So are the beds. We learn a lot and laugh even more. Who’s planning on coming?

And You?

Are you planning on attending Relevant er… Allume Social, or have you ever been? If not, is there a yearly gathering you look forward to? Join the discussion here!


P.S. If you want a little learning and community, don’t forget about our free parenting webinar tomorrow with Amy McCready! Register here It’s a fun time to learn and chat.

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