Dinner Parties and Things I Forgot to Tell You The Past Three Weeks

By January 20, 2012General

It’s been kind of insanely crazy around these parts the past couple of weeks. For example, I got excited when I found out my local coffee shop now opens at 5am instead of 5:30am so I could go get 30 more minutes of work done.

Who does that?

Not me, I’m normally sleeping at 5am. Or at least lying there trying to pretend I don’t have to go to the bathroom so that maybe, just maybe, I can get fall asleep again before my alarm goes off.


Here are some great reads, and fun news, from the past few weeks:

100+ Ways for Your Family to Make a Difference – This list is brilliance! From We Are That Family

Greatness vs. Mediocrity—the extra mile – I love the wisdom that flows from Sally Clarkson

Be A Great Mom in 2012: A Step by Step Guide – my guest post at Motherhood Your Way

Meet some really fun people (who also happen to contribute here) – so excited to be a new contributor at Simple Mom. Come meet the gang.

Finally, I love this song from Christa Wells. It’s called Everything Moves But You. Here is her new video for it.

Dinner Parties

One of the questions Tsh (from Simple Mom) asked for the post was:

If you could invite any 6 people to a dinner party (from any time period, real or fictional) who would you invite?

You can read Tsh’s post for my answers, but I’d love to read yours! Who would you invite and (if you don’t mind telling us) why?

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  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    Now that’s a dinner party I could get into!
    Deborah (the judge), Jeremiah, Adoniram and Sarah Boardman Judson, and John & Abigail Adams.

  • Heehee, I’m glad I’m not the only one who tries to trick my bladder so that I can get more sleep!

    I’d invite: Tina Fey, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Winston Churchill, Bill Bryson, and Jon Stewart (or maybe John Adams–but I bet he’d be dull at a dinner party). It’s a mix of historical figures I admire and funny people!

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    Yes, I had read all the answers the other day and was thinking about who I would invite. These questions are always tough. I can’t think of 6, but the one person I know for sure that would be on my list is my paternal grandpa since I never met him. From what my 106-year-old granny tells about him, he has lots of interesting stories.

  • Avatar Nicole says:

    I think about this often as I am driving! Tim Keller, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Rush Limbaugh (hee-hee!), Helen Mirren, Ben Franklin (I adore Ben!) and Tim Tebow. (My latest adoration!)
    And I would have it catered because they’d all leave after tasting my cooking!

  • Avatar Melanie says:

    It’s hard for me to limit it to 6. But instead of thinking about it all day, I’ll just list the first 6 that came to mind.
    1. Jesus. I think this one explains itself.
    2. Abigail (David’s 2nd wife). Because she was ‘courageous’.
    3. Abraham Lincoln. To talk to him about his life.
    4. Sam (from Lord of the Rings). Because he was the real hero of the story.
    5. Mary (mother of Jesus). To talk about what it was like raising the Christ.
    6. My grandmother. Because she was such a godly women and I strive to be the kind of person she was. I miss her so much!

  • Avatar Donna Godfrey says:

    I love this question….
    1. My grandma…she was a mom to me!
    2. CT Studd….my favorite missionary.
    3. Martha Lovvorn..My MIL…she could do a tea party…Southern Belle she was.
    4. Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901)
    5. Helen Keller
    6. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Avatar Liesl says:

    Hm, great question. At the risk of sounding super-spiritual, I’d love to invite all my favourite Bible characters. Jesus, David, Solomon, Paul, the lady that bled and the woman at the well. I think I would spend the night between Jesus and the woman at the well. Wow. I can only imagine…..

  • Avatar Gini says:

    I recently started reading your blog and I LOVE it! I love your honesty and desire to be the best mom you can be. I have three little people and I so desperately want to make the most of my time with them. I love the resources you offer–I have the prayer calendar by my mirror now and am so thankful for it. And I’ve just started reading your e-book. Thank you for sharing your life–it’s definitely inspiring me. 🙂

    (I linked to your blog today from my blog–www.growingamillerfamily.blogspot.com–the grocery store post is just SO FUNNY!)

  • Avatar Alia says:

    This is so hard. So many awesome people God created that would make for a great dinner party but I would love to meet these people.
    1.) Nehemiah from the Bible, because I’ve been thinking a lot about rebuilding things that are broken and he was a pro.
    2.) Corrie Ten Boom because she lived the gospel.
    3.) Tina Fey for comic relief. Because I love to laugh and she makes me.
    4.) C.S. Lewis because the man was brilliant and I’ve read it all.
    5.) Helen Roseveare, missionary Dr. to the Congo and all around rockstar, because my heart is and will always be in missions. And I have a special spot for Africa.
    6.) George Mueller because faith is the hardest and he did it well.

  • Avatar Alison says:

    Here’s the answer I left in my comment on Tsh’s blog:

    If I had to choose only six people for a dinner party, besides Jesus, they would be:
    Todd (I like to share everything with him.)
    Madeleine L’Engle (If I become half the writer she was, I’ll have arrived.)
    C.S. Lewis (Same as with Madeleine.)
    Mac Powell (We need somebody cool there.)
    Tina Fey (We need somebody funny there. I almost chose Jerry Seinfeld, but then the girls would be way outnumbered.)
    My great-great-grandfather (He’s so intriguing, I tried to put him in my novel.)

  • Avatar Kristen says:

    Wow, I love this. So fun. In fact, I think I’m totally going to do a FB poll of my friends with this question. :O)

    This is a super-tough question, though! Assuming that my family (husband, children, parents) were attending, then my answers would be these:

    1. Esther
    2. Aristotle
    3. Benjamin Franklin
    4. Einstein
    5. My grandfather, Robert Watson Turner, who was a war-hero and POW in WWII and died shortly before my mother was born… I am his only grandchild, and I would want to give my Mom the opportunity to meet him, and him the opportunity to meet his precious great-granddaughters.
    6. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    And if I had two more! These:

    7. Shakespeare, but only if he was happy that day; I hate Shakespeare when he’s feeling tragic.
    8. And either Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen or Winston Churchill, depending on who was less dead, less occupied, and more inclined to coming at the moment (since I can’t decide!). :O)

    So there you have it.

  • Avatar Ellen says:

    1. Jesus
    2. My Grandmother
    3.Henry Kissenger
    4.Condoliza Rice
    5.Papa Bush
    5.we are that Family