How To Be An Amazing Mom Today In 3 Simple Steps

By October 12, 2011Get Inspired

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Did you know you’ve completed a marathon?

Yep. It’s true. In some form or fashion you have traveled 26.2 miles in your life.

Did you know you’ve also written a novel?

That’s true too. A novel is usually about 50,000 words. You’ve done that.

The only things separating you from having a medal around your neck or a book in your hand is intentionality.

We *do* a lot in the course of a day, but we don’t feel accomplished because we don’t plan it and we don’t track it. Well, today you are going to be an incredible mom (as usual) and you’re going to feel like it simply because we are doing it on purpose.

Today’s 5 Minute Motherhood Plan

Step 1: (1 minute) Write down 1 characteristic you want to describe you as a mom.

Step 2: (1 minute) Write down 1 characteristic you hope your children have as they go off to college.

Step 3: (3 minutes) Write down 2 simple ways you can invest in those today.

Don’t over think it. Just write it. Then do it.

Your Reward (Giveaway Complete.)

You’re biggest reward will be the joy of living an intentional and purposeful day, but I also have an extra copy of Emily Freeman’s incredible book Grace for the Good Girl.

How to enter the giveaway:
1. Share your answers in the comments for steps 1-3 for a chance to win the book.
2. Leave another comment at the end of the day (any day between now and the 19th) and share how your day went to get another entry.

You already are an amazing mom, you know that, right? Now go have an incredible and purposeful day!

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  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    Step 1: Write down 1 characteristic you want to describe you as a mom.–> Loving

    Step 2: Write down 1 characteristic you hope your children have as they go off to college.–>Loving (it has to be there for the rest…right?)

    Step 3: Write down 2 simple ways you can invest in those today.–> Spend time listening to them talk about absolutely anything. Take time to build our relationship by participating in an activity they enjoy (that is included with reading the Bible and praying with them…)

  • Avatar Kara says:

    Step 1: Write down 1 characteristic you want to describe you as a mom.–> Present – like look them in the eye, stop washing dishes, listen to what they are saying and showing me

    Step 2: Write down 1 characteristic you hope your children have as they go off to college.–> compassion – for themselves and others

    Step 3: Write down 2 simple ways you can invest in those today.–> Set aside my to do lists after the kids get home whether they are finished or not. Listen and play and create with my children.

  • Avatar Stephanie says:

    Step 1: fully present/not distracted
    Step 2: grounded in their faith/fully devoted followers of Jesus
    Step 3: for me – don’t check email or facebook when I am engaging with them, fully engage with them and become immersed in their world and what is important to them
    for them – model the faith, and listen to God’s Word with them

    • Avatar Marynn Udvarhelyi says:

      I like what you said Stephanie – “don’t check email or FB; become immersed in their world and what is important to them.” Very convicting and encouraging. 🙂

  • Avatar Marynn Udvarhelyi says:

    1 Characteristic I want to describe me as a mom – Loving

    1 Characteristic I want my children to have as they go off to college – Wisdom/Self-Control

    2 Ways to invest in those today – Stop worrying about how loud they are and speak sweetly to them instead of always sounding stressed out. Spend time reading and learning the Bible with them so they can hide the Word of God in their hearts.

  • Avatar Denise says:

    I love this. Such a simple, yet powerful exercise. I’m doing this today!

    Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  • Avatar Suzanne says:

    1. Fun
    2. Faith in Christ
    3. Surprise them with a special activity
    Do a Quiet Time with them today

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    Step 1: Prayerful

    Step 2: Discerning

    Step 3: a) Pray for them (and me!) b) Live by example. When my little one begs for something at the grocery store talk about why we purchase certain things and why we don’t.

  • Avatar Jen says:

    1. Committed
    2. Amazing Faith
    3. Spend good quality time with them today playing, cooking, cleaning, praying and reading with them.

  • Avatar Melina Bryan says:

    1. Glue – I so desparately desire to be that glue that holds my entire family together. My parents were both off doing theor own thing so I never experienced it at home amd before havimg lids I was plannimg my own life. I struggle with desoring to be the important Mom who runs the home smoothly, with being lost as how to “get there”
    2. Integrity – I want each of my children to walk with God, to have integrity, which to me is defined as honesty, hard-working, self-sufficient and compassionate. If I can send my kids into the world like this, no matter what temptations they encounter they will prevail.
    3.a) be more involved – I will have my chores finished so when the kids get home I am prepared for them and can be relaxed and attentive.
    b) listen & act – i will have my listenimg ears on instead of letting my mimd wander. If I am listenimg I can act quickly to smooth over the little things before conflicts arise.

  • Avatar Pam says:

    1. Present
    2. Good decision maker (good choices)
    3. Spend some one on one time with each kid today. Talk about their day and the choices they made.

  • Avatar Melina Bryan says:

    Woops. Typos. I forgot to spell check sorry! Its interesting we all seem to have the same goals! Motherhood demands so much busy work it leaves little time for fun.

  • Avatar Becca says:

    Step 1: Write down 1 characteristic you want to describe you as a mom: Patient

    Step 2: Write down 1 characteristic you hope your children have as they go off to college: Kind

    Step 3: Write down 2 simple ways you can invest in those today: Pray and then sit calmly with my 7YO as she does her copywork. Talk about being kind and show them me being kind today.

  • Avatar Tammy says:

    1) Patient (which is really hard for me!)

    2) Integrity (honest, faithful, compassionate, loving, steady)

    3) I will think BEFORE I speak or act today, and I will try my best not to be rushed in everything we do! I will be intentional about training my children for eternity… not just for the moment.

  • Avatar Lara says:

    1. Patient
    2. Love for others
    3. a. To work on my patience today: Separate myself from my kiddo when he is “pushing my buttons”, take a deep breath, and respond calmly.
    b. To work on helping my son love others: Ask him “What nice thing did you do for someone at school today?”

  • Avatar Lisa H says:

    1. Patience
    2. Unshakable Faith in Christ
    3. a. I can appreciate being pulled in many directions instead of resenting it, knowing that this is what God has given me for today.
    b. Pray for my children as we go through the day together


  • Avatar Christine says:

    Step 1: Prayerful
    Step 2: confident of who he is in Christ
    Step 3: Pray about everything today especially how to be the best mom to my son and how I can be the best me for him. Be encouraging and patient when things don’t happen on my schedule but love him right where he is so he believes that he is exactly who God created him to be and God did not make a mistake!

  • Avatar Nohemi says:

    1. Loving
    2. Strong in the Lord
    3. Be patient and be in prayer so that I don’t “lose it”
    Set an example.

  • Avatar Ashley F says:

    1. Loving
    2. Responsibility
    3. Hang out with the kiddos today- do something with each of them that makes them feel special.

  • Avatar Jeniffer says:

    1. Loving
    2. Compassionate
    3.a. Slow down
    b. Speak kindly, remind them how much they are loved

  • Avatar Erin says:

    1. I want to be intentional.

    2. When my kids leave the nest, I hope they are kind to others and good workers.

    3. I’m making a list of what HAS to get done (oil change for the car, buy milk and wipes, etc) today, and I’m thinking about how I can involve my kids more with the work we have at home.

  • Avatar Krissa says:

    1. Loving
    2. Kindness/Compassion (really hard to choose one!)
    3. Model kindness and compassion for them. Show them I love them by spending time with them, listening to them, telling them I love them.

  • Avatar Dasha Estalilla says:

    step 1: the kind of mom I want to be – gracious
    step 2: I want to develop in my children – desire tho glorify God in everything they do
    step 3: for me – stop and think before I open my mouth; for my kids – point to God in everything (matters of the heart especially)

  • Avatar Emily says:

    1. Patient
    2. Gracious
    3. Practice slowing down in the moment…..not be-grudging the “interruptions” to “my” schedule. Spend some extra time on the floor with my little girl while she plays.

  • Avatar Shayla says:

    1. Present
    2. Accountable
    3. Actively engage with my children during the time we have together AND help my children to follow through when they are given a task, no matter how small.

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    Step 1: Devoted
    Step 2: Possessing Integrity
    Step 3: Be an example of the person I want them to grow up to be. Spend QUALITY time with her and my husband, exemplify integrity in all areas of my life regardless of whether she is watching or not.

  • Avatar Jen says:

    1. Approachable
    2. Godly
    3. I can not wig out when they do wrong or frustrate me :), and spend time in God’s word with them, talk about God’s word, and pray, pray, pray!!

  • Avatar Lisa Fischer says:

    1. Joyful
    2. Christ-centered
    3. Go on a nature walk and let the children lead me… say yes to them today.

  • Avatar Makeda says:

    Step 1: resilient
    Step 2: godliness
    Step 3: for me…I will take time during the day to breath while being an active mom and wife

    For my kids… Choose a scripture that will help them understand a godly character, read it to them, explain it, and help them implement it…today

  • Avatar Carolyn says:

    Step 1: Involved
    Step 2: Confident
    Step 3: Engage my children on a daily basis. Be sincere in my responses.Don’t ask questions then “tune out” Pray…I want my kids to be so much more confident than I was going off to college…1 down…2 to go!!! All I can do is pray and encourage them in all the endeavor to do!

  • Avatar HeatherB says:

    Step 1: Loving
    Step 2: Confidence
    Step 3: Take time to really be present with each of my boys individually at some point today. Love on them (without letting my mind wander to my to-do list). Praise my 2 1/2 year old for tasks that he completes independently and ask him to help in ways that will give him a sense of accomplishment. This is hard to do sometimes because it takes patience to let my little guy take 5 minutes to do something that could get done much quicker if I do it myself.

  • Avatar melanie says:

    Step 1: Loving
    Step 2: Full of God’s grace
    Step 3: Give them lots of loving words and touch. And get us all in the Word today.

    Thanks again!

  • Avatar Erin says:

    1. Attententive- Sometimes I feel like I zone out and don’t pay enough attention to my kiddo
    2. Attententive- I would like my daughter to know what to focus on in life and do it well, God, family, work, ect.
    3.I can take my daughter to the park and focus on her away from the technology distractions in the house, and we can sing her “jesus songs” that daddy wrote for her.

  • Avatar Abby says:

    1. attentive- enjoying them
    2. courageous- being radical in their love of Jesus
    3. playing with them (I have a craft to do with them today I’ve been putting off), and PRAYER (can we ever do this enough?)

  • Avatar tori says:

    1. Joy-full
    2. Faith-full

    Do everything in love (1 cor 16:14) pray before i open by mouth –
    Pray with and for them, spend time with them be an example of a faith-full mom.

  • My sister in law just told me about this book!
    Step 1: Fun

    Step 2: Responsible.

    Step 3: Play with my kids, teach them to pick up after themselves

  • Avatar Michelle G says:

    1. Gentle
    2. Persistent
    Make an active choice to teach my children not to give up even when something is hard. Work on my own personal response when situations get frustrating.


  • Avatar Daniella says:

    1. Attentive
    2. Knowing their worth in God’s eyes, not anyone else’s…
    3. Be in the moment, don’t push my daughter aside so I can do a few more dishes or check one more website…PUT HER FIRST. And by putting her first and building her up using Bible based knowledge, and verbally TELLING her what God thinks about her, I might make this a habit and she might get used to hearing what GOD thinks of her!

  • Avatar Catherine says:

    1. Joyful
    2. Integrity
    3. Cultivating an attitude of thankfulness and prayerfulness so that my anxiety and busyness doesn’t drown out my joy, and looking for ways to teach God’s truth in situations we come across.

  • Avatar Avery Cassagnol says:

    1. gracefull/ gracefilled
    2. kindness / controlled
    3. Slow down, really listen, unplug from the world and plug into them to and to be a living illustration of what grace and love truely are by not using harsh words (even in discilpline) – to just be present and calm (ing).

  • Avatar JenT says:

    1, Patient/compassionate (patience, especially, is hard for me!)
    2. Compassion/integrity
    3. I need to slow down and not sweat the small stuff. Keep my voice low and pleasant.

  • Avatar Jaime B says:

    I want to be a kind mom to my children. I want them to be kind to others. I can do that by watching my words and tone when speaking to them, especially when disciplining. I can also model that by showing kindness to my husband as he prepares to leave town today. I plan to include asking God to help us to be kind when we pray today.

  • *After reading, Stephanie hit it on the nose. My mom guilt goes to being present with them. I am a stay at home mom with 2 girls (4 and 2) and it gets over whelming. I also am a photographer, on the media team for my women’s group at church, Secretary for our division of the American Cancer Society, Chair of Cancer Control Committee, in charge of fundraising for our MOMS Club & now Media Chair for Relay for Life…most of things just involve emails every once in a while (sounds more than it is), but when I have email repsonses or its getting close to an event is hard to focus on my girls like they deserve……

    Step 1: fully present/not distracted
    Step 2: grounded in their faith/fully devoted followers of Jesus
    Step 3: for me – don’t check email or facebook when I am engaging with them, fully engage with them and become immersed in their world and what is important to them
    for them – model the faith, and listen to God’s Word with them

  • Avatar Brittany says:

    1 characteristic you want to describe you as a mom: Humble

    1 characteristic you hope your children have as they go off to college: Patient

    2 simple ways you can invest in those today: (1) Release my need to have the last word, always be right, or have credit for an accomplishment.(2) Model Patience for my daughter, then it will become easier to influence. (ouch)

  • Avatar Britney Camp says:

    1- Patient
    2. Faithful Servants in Christ
    3. Lots of Prayer and deep breaths for Patience and Lots of Prayer and modeling Christ-like behavior to my boys

  • 1. Patient.
    2. Loving
    3. Lots of prayer, and sitting down with them to read to them (and not sitting down with them to read my own books!)

  • Avatar Kim says:

    1.) patient (and a gasp fell over the room! I can’t believe she asked for patience!!)
    2.) faithful (to God)
    3.) First- Practice patience by inviting my Rabbi (Jesus) to teach me (hands on training) how to deal with the children effectively as each moment arises.
    Second- Work on my bible study homework today.

  • 1. Gentle
    2. Confident
    3. Today, I want to take the small moments when my boys are being disobedient or whiney and be gentle. Touch them, hold them, take a moment with just them. I also want to speak over them who they are and who God created them to be. Simple….yet sometimes to hard to do. Grace.

  • Avatar jessie says:

    1. patient (as in really patient, not just gritting my teeth)
    2. courageous
    3. reflect on who my children are in the eyes of their Creator and how He has entrusted their car to me (for now). with this perspective, pray for patience. encourage adventures in the everyday life of my two-year-old son.

  • Avatar Amanda in PA says:

    1. Grace-Filled
    2. Devoted Christ Followers
    3. Today, I will slow down and listen to my children, being involved in their afternoon instead of jumping in to referee arguments without knowing the context. I will set the tone of our evening by keeping things calm, gentle and simple. I will keep our daily Bible time and prayers as a priority at bedtime instead of something to rush or put to the side on days when I’m tired, stressed or overwhelmed by mommyhood.

  • Avatar April says:

    Take time to really listen. Give lots of hugs, both deserved and undeserved.

    p.s. I hardly ever win anything, but I have REALLY been wanting to read this book!!

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    1. I want to be a loving, nurturing mom

    2. I want my boys to have life skills (be able to cook, clean, do their laundry, sew on a button) when they go to college (and later, if they have wives and families of their own!)

    3. i) I can bake muffins WITH Ez today, let him measure (instead of doing it myself because it’s faster)
    ii) I can let the boys load the dishwasher after supper, and put in the soap and press the buttons. (again, instead of doing it myself because it’s faster and I know how to put the dishes in to maximize the load!)

  • Avatar Kara says:

    Moi, from my girls’ perspectives instead of my own: Best-ever!
    My darlings: Confidence…from deep knowledge of Whose they are.
    Step 1: Give my darlings one-on-one, eyes-to-eyes time so they can feel how important they are to me, heart and soul.
    Step 2: Share with my girls the verse He gave me to begin undestanding the depth of His love.

  • Avatar Amy Hunt says:

    1. Gentle
    2. Accepting
    3. I can ask my son *why* he’s doing what he’s doing, instead of being quick to tell him not to do something (thus presuming I know why he’s doing it), and I can hopefully be more gentle in this approach…and meanwhile, hopefully show that I accept his own way of thinking.

    {Gosh, I’d love to *win* Emily’s book…but…most of all you’ve helped me to take a few minutes and really reflect on an approach that works for me and isn’t just a *should*–I so much appreciate you today!}

    • Avatar Kat says:

      I’m so glad the idea inspired you…to action!!! I hope you’re day went well and you’re tomorrow goes even better!

  • Avatar Laura says:

    1. A Servant
    2. A Servant
    3. Serve my children and my husband today and not grumble in my heart. Meditate on how Christ served me and is the ultimate picture of a true servant.

  • Avatar Sharon says:

    Step 1) Patient

    Step 2) Moral

    Step 3) Take a few deep breaths when I’m tempted to overreact at something my toddler has just done. Pull out my daughter’s Bible and start going through it again.

  • Fun
    I need to make sure *I* spend time in God’s Word in front of and WITH my boys… so that they will see that God is good and a very important part of our daily life

  • Avatar Joy says:

    Thanks for the challenge and encouragement!

    1-me: be connected (“be kind-tenderhearted-forgiving”)
    2-them: wisdom (the “principle thing!”)
    3-today: speak each child’s main love language (“do not exasperate”) and share with them from the Word today (“in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”)

  • Step 1: (1 minute) Write down 1 characteristic you want to describe you as a mom. PATIENT

    Step 2: (1 minute) Write down 1 characteristic you hope your children have as they go off to college. FAITH

    Step 3: (3 minutes) Write down 2 simple ways you can invest in those today: PRAYER, CONFESSIONS

  • Avatar Gwen says:

    1. Beacon/Guide & confidant
    2. Secure in Christ
    3. Stop & Listen, pray together, study & devo together at home

  • Avatar Carrie K says:

    1. Loving & focused on THEM
    2. Wise, God-honoring decisions
    3. Spend time listening to them and really hearing them. Pray with them and affirm a good decision or quality I’ve seen in them today.

  • Avatar Hope Coulter says:

    May all the heart crys for our children to be stong in the Lord be heard by the author and perfector of our faith. That was really moving to me after reading the comments listed above mine. God hears and I believe will honor our deep desire for our children to know Him.

    1. Agape Love. I Cor 13.
    2. Worshipers of the One True God
    3. It really comes down to maximizing my morning, the intention before they even arise from their beds, because when I do, agape flows and I worship and they follow my lead.

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    Wow! This is great!

    Step 1: Loving
    Step 2: Christ-follower
    Step 3: Speaking kind and encouraging words. Reading about how Jesus lived His life, and to imitate it (well, I guess it takes more than one day, but it’s a start…)

  • Avatar Debbie says:

    Step 1: patient
    Step 2: perseverance
    Step 3: give my kids my undivided attention when they are speaking to me and interacting with me, praise them for accomplishments and making good choices. redirect with other behaviors when they are whiny.

  • Avatar Monica says:

    1. Full of joy
    2. Choosing to have a positive attitude
    3. I can choose joy, and I can model a great attitude, regardless of circumstances.
    Thanks-I lOve this!

  • Avatar Erin says:

    1. Patience
    2. Integrity

    3. Take a breath before speaking or acting (ESP when frustrated), and PRAY FOR THEM!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Avatar Bridget K says:

    1 – Responsibility for my actions
    2 – Responsibility for their actions
    3 – a. Keep believing in me and God; b. Keep loving them.

  • Avatar Melina Bryan says:

    So far today went well after making the effort. Kids seemed happier, my day was smooth. Now to keep this up? Thats the hard part. Lol. It is definitely worth my best try!

  • Avatar Darlene T says:

    I want to be a woman of Joy. Rejoicing at all times. Joyful even when hurting or even in anger. Not happy. I want true deep JOY.

    I want my children to be firm. Firm in their faith. Firm in their work ethics. Firm in being hard working and diligent. Not easily swayed.

    It all starts with me seeking the face of God each morning. Seeking Him when it’s good and seeking Him when it’s tough. Turning my face to the One who sustains me and believe Him. The more I seek Him, the more I find Him. The more I find Him, the more I love Him. Only good things can come from that. Next, I think it would be to set up visual reminders. Make posters of those attributes I desire with quotes and Bible verses.

  • Avatar erin says:

    1. Peaceful
    2. Faithful to the Lord.

    1. Be conscious of my tendency to worry about EVERY. LITTLE. THING. and temper that tendency with the Word of God, which will bring peace.
    2. Model faithfulness for my daughter. She’s only 7 months old so she won’t be able to really see this for a while, but I want her to grow up with a mom who wakes up to spend time with the Lord and who seeks to serve Him with a cheerful heart so that she will want to do the same.

  • Avatar Suzie (from Sydney) says:

    characteristic for me? prayerful
    characteristic for the kids? rock steady in what they believe
    2 ways to increase the traits: me to pray more generally! plus, pray for their hearts to soften and strengthen

  • Avatar Lollie says:

    To just pick one is hard. I have to go with King Solomon on this one, if you can only have one
    Wisdom, for both me and my children.
    The only way I know how to get wisdom is to do exactly what God said James 1:5
    If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.
    So reading His word and asking Him for wisdom:)

  • Avatar Kathryn says:

    Characteristic of me: attentive/involved
    Characteristic of daughter: kind/loving

    How to cultivate?
    1. When my daughter comes home from school, I will sit with her while she has her snack & does homework instead of doing chores; the chores can wait, right?! (But when will the dishes get done? Maybe we do them together?)
    2. I will model kindness and love by looking for ways to bless someone every day. Today we dropped off t-shirts for the poor.

  • Avatar Becca H. says:

    1. Understanding
    2. Responsible
    3. Listen when all three of my children try to talk at once, but be patient and tell two to wait their turn and then listen as attentively to them. To teach them responsibility, help them with their chores and homework today.

  • Avatar Caroline says:

    Step 1: Faithful

    Step 2: Self Control

    Step 3: Continue with my MYM routine; have self control myself!

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    Thanks for the challenge! I think we all have desires to be *exceptional* moms. Then, life takes over. I like that you broke it down. What can I do today, this hour, this minute? WOW!

    1. Intentional
    2. Loving God with all their hearts
    3. What to do today: a. Scripture memory hourly. b. Spend time curled up on sofa reading stories.

  • Avatar Jennie says:

    Love this post, so encouraging for us mothers!!
    Step 1: (1 minute) Write down 1 characteristic you want to describe you as a mom: Peaceful & loving to all

    Step 2: (1 minute) Write down 1 characteristic you hope your children have as they go off to college: Loving obedient Christian’s that lead by Jesus and are lights to others around them.

    Step 3: (3 minutes) Write down 2 simple ways you can invest in those today: Show compassion even when they misbehave, be attentive to their needs and fun playful!

  • Very encouraging.
    1.) Compassionate
    2.) Generous
    3.) Spend quality time with him reading, teaching him to share, encouraging interactive play, pray for him daily, hug him. the list could go on and on.

  • Avatar Lauren says:

    1. Present
    2. Self confidence
    3. Get down to her level and look at her when she’s talking to me. Praise her when she does things on her own.

  • Avatar Erin says:

    Yesterday went ok, it was raining so we went outside today instead, we did sing, and I let my water loving girl have an unexpected middle of the day bath, I still was a little unfocused, but it was better than it had been in a long time. 😀

  • Avatar Erin says:

    Yesterday and today have been challenging, but this “assignment” has served as a wonderful mothering tool. Thank you!

  • Avatar Julie says:

    1. Patient!!

    2. Full of conviction, but gentle in their approach loving and serving Jesus.

    3. Slow down and stop saying ‘hurry up’ at bedtime.
    Ask Jesus to help us to have courage to speak the truth in love, but most importantly to demonstrate love and follow Jesus’ example with our actions.

    • Avatar Julie says:

      Reply at the end of the day:

      Today went much better! Had an example to speak the truth in love. Tried to live in the moment, and not rush the bedtime routine..Praying that these changes are consistent!

  • Avatar katherine says:

    1. love 2. confidence 3. be present!!

  • Avatar katherine says:

    we had a wonderful day with some much needed sunshine!

  • Avatar Jennie says:

    This really puts the day into prospective & like goal setting, might have to make this a habit!

  • Avatar Lauren says:

    Wow! After writing down these intentions yesterday, my time with my daughter felt much more focused and intentional. I actually remembered that I wanted to do these things – get down to her level and look at her when she speaks and praise her for doing things for herself – and therefore I actually did them! This was so simple, yet seems so profound. Thanks for the exercise. I think I will add this to my morning routine.

  • Avatar Susan Byrd says:

    1. Love
    2. Compassion and independence
    3. Being more present. Teaching them to be responsible individuals who are capable of caring for them self and not relying completely on others.

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    I loved this exercise, I had great fun with my boys, baking and letting them help out with the things I needed to do around the house. It felt so great to be intentional. Thank you so much, I hope I can incorporate this into life daily.

  • Avatar Bethany says:

    1. gracious
    2. integrity
    3. Today I will respond to her toddler frustrations warmly with calmness, love and patience. And I will reinforce her doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Praising her obediance to mommy and daddy and to God.

  • Avatar Ann says:

    1. I want to be loving
    2. I want my kids to be totally surrendered to Jesus
    3. Today I can ask them what makes them feel loved and then do it…then cuddle more, touch, be gentle, be kind, and listen to them.
    Today I can teach them something about God’s character, and make a poster on the Character of God, adding something to it each day this week.

  • Step 1: Loving
    Step 2: I want them to love the Lord and seek Him everyday
    Step 3: To be loving I could cuddle with each one give them more hugs. Take time to listen to look them in the eye when they are telling me something. Have more patience.
    I think the best way to teach them to walk with Jesus is to be a good example. Also I need to help them develop the good habits I am trying to form now. I will pray with them in the mornings to help them start to develop that habit early in life.

  • Avatar Linda says:

    1. Kind

    2. Diligent

    3. Not yell at my kids ~ help them stay at a task until completed

  • Avatar Julie says:

    I replied my ‘end of the day’ post to my orginal..hope that is OK. Thanks Kat!

  • Avatar Tiffany says:

    Here are my answers. I’m already half way through the day and have failed but once the little ones wake up from their nap I will work on these. 🙂 1. Gracious, 2. Love of God’s Word, 3. Watch my tone and actions to make sure they are gracious. Take time to share my love of the Word on a daily basis.

  • Avatar Linda says:

    May day was productive!

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    Step 1 – present (as in, fully engaged in the moment)
    Step 2 – truthful
    Step 3 – I will re-resolve only to be on the computer when they are asleep. I will spend more time talking with my boys about why it’s important to be truthful the next time they try and evade the truth.

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