A Big Break Up Story and A Giveaway for You!

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(Note from Kat: This is a guest post from the always wonderful, amazing and faithful Michelle who blogs at So I Married A Mennonite. When you’re done reading this post, check out this post she wrote. So lovely….)

A year ago, I broke up with sleeping in.

I know it’s no good for me.

But like an old flame, I keep getting burned.

And truly, who would ever know?

Except that I have the Jillian Michaels of the inspirational blogging world in my corner.

And much like Jillian’s clients, I don’t always want to hear the truth.

But I need to.

The truth isรขโ‚ฌยฆ

We have the ability to wake wisely.

We have “Jillian.”

We have each other.

We have a Helper.

We have everything we need.

We’re 7 weeks into our Summer Hello Mornings Session! How are you doing with it?

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How To Enter

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  • Avatar Donna says:

    My mornings have been going much better! I’ve been able to almost regularly be up and out of by by 6am. I can get so much more done early in the mornings. I just need to continue to work on my going to bed earlier! I’m a night owl!

  • Avatar eRin H says:

    I have to admit it has not been a clean break up with sleeping in. Most days I would love to crawl back into bed but I know that when I get up the day is better. I get to see my husband before he goes to work. I have time by myself to settle into the day. I don’t wake up cranky because there is a 5 year old in my face asking for cartoons and breakfast.

    • Avatar Christin says:

      Erin, the hardest part is getting out of bed..and probably the first 3-5 minutes following. If you can break past that barrier, you’ll get there! Also, be sure you’re getting to bed early enough. You can do it!!!!

  • Avatar Lara says:

    I love this post, Michelle! “I broke up with sleeping in.” My personal mornings are going well. Love the early quiet.

    My biggest struggle is now I am trying to incorporate a “quiet time” for my kids to do. Nothing earth-shattering, just a song and a verse and a prayer. I want them to know that his word and truth is life for us and vital for our day. But I’m battling against some whining and complaining and disobeying during that “bible time.” Do any of you precious moms also struggle with this? I’m open to any practical suggestions. (my kids are 6, 4, and 3)

    • Avatar Lara says:

      Considering the series I’m writing on my blog right now, after I wrote the above comment I was challenged by our gracious God to take my thoughts captive to truth. My job is not to change their hearts. My job as their mama is to plant the seeds of truth, diligently and continually as He leads. Then believe that he will bring forth the harvest in due time. That’s truth. He is so merciful.

  • Avatar Christin says:

    My mornings are going well and I’m excited to share how/why in the future, right here on Inspired to Action (so stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Avatar Susan says:

    Right now I’m not waking up early. I have a newborn, so every extra minute of sleep I get makes a difference. This is baby #3 and I am so sleep deprived. I am looking forward to her sleeping through the night so I can get back to having “me” time before everyone wakes. It’s something to look forward to.

    • Avatar Kristin says:

      Susan, I am pregnant with baby #3 and think about the same thing when the next one arrives. How will I enjoy the “me” time when I am sleep deprived and not wanting to set an alarm? I think it’s just like you said, we look forward to the next stage when we get more sleep and enjoy the stage we are at with a sweet baby!! We will have to purposeful to make the most of any moment we do have to ourselves!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Avatar Sarah says:


        I have a newborn (#2) as well, so I am struggling with the same thing. My saving grace is to think its only temporary and soon I will be back to getting up early. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Avatar Christy says:

        I am ALSO pregnant with baby #3, and just a few weeks ago I finally talked myself into getting up early now, while I can, because I know I won’t be able to in about a month when this kiddo arrives. I didn’t want to start and get in the habit because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. What a great attitude, eh? ;P Man, it makes such a difference right now…my attitude is so much better, and our household in general just runs smoother! I am not looking forward to going back to the crazy sleep-deprived state. Gotta remind myself it is only for a season…

  • Avatar Christin says:

    I’ve been a little bit of a nut tweeting in the #hellomornings stream (amen, anyone?) lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    I love getting up early in the morning. It has been rough, but I love it.

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    I wish they were going better. I started off well, then had a week away on a missions trip and was up early but had 14 teens to look after, this week back has been difficult. I’m trying and my encouragement team on facebook is an amazing help. I am motivated by the fact that through your blog I am up earlier and spending time with God much more than I used to be!

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    I have given up sleeping in as well. It would be much easier if I could discipline myself to go to bed earlier. I find myself staying up after the kids go to bed because, in my mind, it’s the only time I get to myself. I watch tv and then read my bible. I really need to cut out the tv watching. Staying up so late leaves me a bit cranky the next morning. It’s just not worth it.

  • Love this! Kat=Jillian Michaels. Perfect. Only I love Kat more.

    I had a #hellomornings post in my head the other day…I’ll just write a mini version here. I’ve been learning a lot about maximizing my mornings from my 2yo. When he wakes up he does NOT loll about in the bed. He’s up the second his eyes are open. He yells for MOOOOMMMMYYYY! He snuggles in my arms, gives me a nice kiss and a “good morning, mommy” and then he’s ready for the day! He doesn’t start slowly or ease into his day. He’s up and at ’em, running around the room, whooping & hollering! Oh, to be like this! Getting up and the first thing I’m yelling for is JEEESSSUUUUS! Then after some quiet time with him, I’m exercising, cleaning, cooking or whatever the whooping/hollering equivalent would be for a 34yo mom!


    • Avatar Erin says:

      Love this – my kids are like this too! Awake, yelling Mommy, and generally, ready to go. I love your picture of you calling out for Jesus first thing….I love that picture.

  • Avatar Revonda says:

    I am finding that even though I am struggling to beat my kids up still (as summer vacation started they are waking w/ the sun) I find that if I take even just 5 minutes to chat with my Lord my day goes much smoother. Much smoother in that I have a focus no much smoother in no bumps cause we certainly have lots of those with 4 kids, 7 and under.. I am thankful for MYM and my accountability group as the encouragements have been awesome!

  • Avatar Megan says:

    My mornings are going decently well. I’m still having a hard time nailing down a good schedule with my 9 mo. Sometimes he wakes up at 6 and sometimes at 7. So we never know for sure!! But this week that has been a little better. I have tried to be more diligent at making the most of our morning naptime! So all the things I would like to do before he wakes up I try to do when he goes back down. It’s working for now!

  • Avatar Megan R says:

    I’m doing well with waking up at 5:30 and getting a couple of hours before my kids wake up. I’ve even started C25k! However, evenings are ROUGH. I am exhausted by 6 pm and with it being summer and the extra noises from neighborhood kids playing and people setting off fireworks, my kids are rarely all in bed and asleep before 9:30 p.m. This means my own bedtime is 10 pm at the earliest. And that is without spending any time with my husband. Just passing out the minute I’m in bed. I love my morning time but I feel like it’s affecting my marriage negatively because I am up before my hubby in the morning (the alarm is across the room so I have to bolt out of bed and shut it off before it wakes him up). No more morning snuggles, or I would just fall back to sleep! And I’m too tired to stay up with him for long after the kids are in bed. We used to watch a movie together, fold laundry together, or have “couple time” at night, but I just can’t do it anymore. ๐Ÿ™

    • Avatar Christa says:

      Megan R – you are NOT alone.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s what I’ve been seeing also..and I’ve debated asking hubs if he wants to wake early with me. Do you think your kids might could have some type of bedtime routine that begins earlier so they can be in bed by 8:30..even if they end up giggling until 9:30…at least they are in bed and you and hubs can have that time you used to have to hang out, watch a movie, etc. Praying for you today.

      • Avatar Megan R says:

        My hubby will often get up at 6 or 6:30. Sometimes 5:30. But him having coffee by himself and me having quiet time by myself aren’t really “together time.”

        The kids just aren’t falling asleep very early these days, and even if they’re in bed early, and it’s hard for me to relax and enjoy time with hubby, especially “bedroom activities,” when I can hear the kids up and around, even if they’re just being goofy in their bedroom. I will figure something out… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    I am loving my early mornings…thanks to the inspiration of this blog!! Although today, I seem to be slower getting out of this comfy bed! Going to bed early is so important and having a routine gives me something to look forward to! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar Kristin says:

      So awesome…after getting up and spending some quiet time and doing devotions, this is what I read from Jesus Calling…

      This is Jesus talking to us, “This time alone with Me is essential for unscrambling your thoughts and smoothing out the day before you.”

  • Avatar Christa says:

    My mornings were going splendid before traveling ..now they are right back where they started …and I’m at the struggling phase again. Praying I can get my evening routing accomplished tonight so tomorrow will be fresh. My evening routine sets everything in motion beautifully…

  • Avatar Sandy says:

    As a (kind of) young grandmother of four (and counting), Getting up early isn’t too hard as long as I get a good 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep. I’m more of a night owl, so although I can wake up and get up and DO early in the morning, my brain doesn’t kick in for at least an hour–even after 8 hours of sleep! So I spend my first hour awake moving–getting dressed, making the bed, etc. Then I can focus better on mental tasks like reading the Word or prayer. Here’s what works for me: (1) Turn off the technology early in the evening (computers, TV, iPads, iPods, etc.). Technology is one of the biggest causes of lack of sleep and sleeping in. It’s too easy to get caught up in email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., causing people to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. (2) Go to bed at 9:00, or 10:00 at the latest. Seriously. It works. And this is coming from a night owl. My word of encouragement? Hang in there! It gets easier! Babies and children do eventually sleep through the night. You won’t always be so tired. I’m on the back side of parenting now, and I have so much more time for prayer and God’s Word. Each stage of life is precious. I miss my babies and young children, but I’m also delighting in the adults and parents they have become. And of course, everyone will tell you that grandchildren are absolutely amazing! God is good, and I rejoice in His hand on my life.

  • Avatar Daphne says:

    I have been struggling with the sleeping in thing since it is summer. I am agreeing that sleeping in has not done me much good. I feel much more rested when I take a little nap if necessary when the kids are napping. Thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      You’re the winner of the What’s in the Bible prize and the Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy Organized Home book.

      Please send me your mailing address and I’ll have it sent out to you ASAP.



  • Avatar Julie Kurfis says:

    After several weeks of lazy summer sleep-in mornings, I decided it was time to take my mornings back! I believe the Lord is just waiting for me to come to Him each morning, eager to fill me up and equip me for the day ahead! It has been a much better week! Thank you, Jesus, for your faithfulness!

  • Avatar kort says:

    mornings are better than they have been…today i made it about 20 minutes before the little feet came down the stairs. but even in that short time, i put on coffee, read the Daily Office, and started the breakfast waffles. so while i could have used a bit more quiet time, even these few minutes helped me to feel more ready to meet the day.

  • My mornings are not going so well. All because I’m not getting to bed early enough. Every night I tell myself, “Tonight! Tonight I will get to bed by 9.” And it never happens. Well, it happened once. But other than that, it never happens. Last night I was up til 11. Usually if I can get into my bedroom by 10, that’s a victory.

    • Avatar Katy says:

      11 o clock is my bedtime too. One time I went to bed at 8pm (I pretty much collapsed on the couch and my hubs just let me sleep) and I woke up at 5am. It took sooooo long to get to lunch time, I cleaned the house, had my coffee, all before my son even woke up! It was amazing! but like you said it never happened again.

      Someday we will get to bed on time ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Avatar Heather says:

        My bedtime before I made this transition was 1am. I am truly a night owl. Since I’m just starting out this new morning schedule, I have set my bedtime as 11pm. If I can make it by then, I’ll call it a victory. For now at least.

        I hope your new schedule starts working out better for you!

  • Avatar Kelli says:

    Need some help!!! Have 2 little ones 3 months and 18 months. Trying to get them fed, myself fed, and everyone dressed along with chores and of course some fun time for them!!! Starting making a list for the week or wee and a half which has been helpful. The articles have been very inspiring! Thank You!!!!!!

    • Avatar dorothy says:

      Remember that there are seasons in life when certain things are more do-able. When you have such little ones, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the sleep you need if you’re getting up during the night with a baby. It’s much easier for me to get up earlier now that my youngest sleeps well. Like so many other areas, balance is a key. Enjoy your little ones:)

  • Avatar Katy says:

    My mornings right now are CRAZY! I have a 2yr old, 7 puppies (who are leaving in the next few weeks), 1 adult Great Dane, and a husband. Did I mention one of the puppies is injured and has to stay separate from the others, poor baby ๐Ÿ™

    I want to be organized, I want to get up early, I want to have time to have time to do things.
    I fully believe life would be alot easier if I woke up earlier, but that means I have to go to sleep before 11pm!
    I need to break up with sleeping in!

  • Avatar Mayra says:

    Hi, mornings are great. We love Veggietales. Lara just hang in there prayerfully as any new habit for our kids or us takes time. All 4 of my children have a specified amount of time they read their bible every morning before other activities. They start with a prayer then the bible then a devotional. I believe what appealed to them most is I let each child pick their own age appropriate bible or bible storybook. Once they formed that habit thoroughly about 4 months later we picked a fun looking age appropriate devotional for each. I pray often that the Lord will bless their individual time with Him.

  • Avatar Rachael says:

    Getting up is still a struggle for me… the days are full with few opportunities to get my feet under me. I recognize the need for the mornings with my Savior… my relationship with Him is all that encourages me through the rough days. My summer study in the Psalms is really helping to open my eyes to the blessings found even in the frustrating and painful times. The book called One Thousand Gifts has been challenging me in that area too. God is wrestling the idol called control from my grip reminding me that it is just an illusion anyway. I am learning to trust that the disruptions and frustrations are God’s tools in forming me more and more to His image. One day I will respond to them as He would have me to do…

  • Avatar Nohemi says:

    Morning are going great! It so much easier to get up early in the Summer VS Winter!!

  • Avatar Joanne Johnson says:

    You have truly inspired me to make the most of my mornings. I never thought I could be an early riser but have been getting up at 5:20 am for weeks now and loving the time I have made for myself and our Lord. He truly deserves to be the first thought of our day, everyday! Blessings!

  • Avatar Kari says:

    I love this post. THANK YOU! I’ve found that I’m definitely BY FAR a morning person, even an EARLY morning person, once my feet hit the floor. (and the sun out helps, not sure how easy it’ll be to get up early when it’s still dark till 8am.) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But I love this and it gives me encouragement to keep trying! Thanks!

  • Avatar Jera says:

    I am having trouble. I am not a good sleeper at night. I wake up and have trouble going back to sleep. So when I do go back to sleep I don’t want to get up early. It is a real problem. However, I have been getting up early instead of late, so even a few minutes of “free” time in the morning has been a blessing. Not having to rush and starting my day feeling “behind” has been a gift.

  • Avatar Heather says:

    Today was my first morning of getting up early – before my kids. It was rough! But I really feel good about making the decision to change my lifestyle. I think it will be good for everyone. I look forward to the day when I can get up and not be dragging through my morning.

    • Avatar Angelina says:

      Woohoo way to go Heather =)!! I think it gets a little easier and less rough every day as waking up early becomes our habit and we get to see the reward of how the day and morning seems to go so much more smoothly. I have a little son (he’s only 7 months) so when I wake up early now, it helps me to get things done before he wakes up and things need to be done (like changing and feeding him) but if I’m really tired, it encourages me to know that maybe later in the day I can get a nap in!

  • Avatar Mindy says:

    I have the same issue as Megan. I’m a morning person by nature, so I actually love getting up at 5am, but feel good for nothing much past 7 or 8 at night. Plus, with it being summer my kids go to bed later and my husband has always been a night owl. Most people I know want more hours in a day, but I need to figure out a way to get more hours in the night!

  • Avatar Angelina says:

    It has been so wonderful waking up early! Although, it is such a struggle to go to bed early, but when I do its so nice and rewarding to wake up and be completely refreshed and awake to spend quiet time(and not extra sleeping time) with God. Watching the sunrise is such a sweet part of the day too, what a blessing!

  • Avatar Pam says:

    Doing so much better – and I so love it when I’m successful – the whole day just goes smoother!

  • Avatar jennifer w says:

    Well, today I fell off the wagon but we needed rest after a crazy week. I’ve been doing very well getting up early all summer so I’ll take the grace this morning! Tomorrow I will be out in the garden at daybreak!

  • Avatar Heidi says:

    This week has been a little harder for me cause we have been going to bed so late. I love love mornings and the quiet before my world wakes up.

    • Avatar Bekah says:

      I know, I love it too! If I don’t make it up before the kids, I feel like they have a head start on me! My goal is an earlier bedtime, where I turn off all technology and stop doing all work at 9:30. Ambitious, I know!!

  • Avatar amanda says:

    I have a 3 week old son, so my mornings are a bit spotty. He wakes up around 5.30 every morning, but so many of those mornings, I’m barely able to get up, let alone not fall asleep while I read and he nurses. I’m trying, but I don’t get much in. My most precious times in prayer and meditation are during my daily walks in the park.

    • Avatar Stephanie Hsiao says:


      I have three week old too. I never know if it will really help if I go back to sleep after a 5 or 5:30 feeding or if it will just make me behind for the day. These first few months are hard, aren’t they? But it won’t last long!

      Kat – So true about getting burned by an old flame. I know it’s better just to get up, no matter how tired. The day won’t get any better by sleeping in. I’ll still be tired, but I’ll be behind.

  • Avatar Colleen S says:

    My husband is getting up early with me. And it’s been fun as long as we get to bed early too. We’re both competitive so I’ve enjoyed the challenge. I’m growing to dislike sleeping in for the first time in my life. Afternoon naps however are a necessity with 2 under 2.

    • Avatar Joyce says:

      That’s a great idea. My hubby is a night owl, so that makes it tough for us to spend time together otherwise, but we could wake up early together, that would be nice too….now to convince him.

  • Avatar Lisa H says:

    Mornings? Good. Have a new baby in the house who likes to sleep in late, which gives me some quality time with the older kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Jennie says:

    Sleeping in what is that? I haven’t slept in for about 3 years, since having kids! Would love to sleep in, so really how bad can it be? Funny post and relating it to Jillian, it has been too hot to be outside so for exercise I do the Jillian Shred DVD, Jillian and I have a love hate relationship!!

  • Avatar Heather says:

    I would say my biggest struggle with MYM would be not going to bed early enough. My husband stays up late working (like 2 to 4 am!) and so it’s tempting for me to stay up as well (more like 11/12). I do best when I set a time for myself to go to sleep (like 10) but i need to stick with that! love the accountability of the MYM. it’s been interesting to see the pros/cons of being an AC on facebook when last “semester” i did mymc on twitter. i think there’s a whole MYM post on that topic! #hellomorning smackdown….Twitter vs. facebook. =)

  • Avatar Casie says:

    Sleeping in is very hard to break up with, especially when sleeping in means 6:30. I am seeing both success and failure every week. Though when I am successful, it is worth it and it gives me hope.

  • Avatar Bekah says:

    My mornings have been sporadic–I did get up 3 days this week at 6 am and have breakfast and time with God though. Exercise is next! Actually, bedtime is the big thing that needs to be worked on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Bekah says:

    Posted on FB too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    We are in the midst of transitions with our younger one, so I have had many sleepless nights this past week. I am hoping next week will be much better.

    • Avatar Kim says:

      I really can relate to you on transitional sleeping patterns. All I can say is that when we have dealt with kid sleep issues in the past, I’ve had to give myself a LOT of grace and know that God is for me, not mad at me if I don’t wake up at 6, and will give me what I need for that day. While I fully, 100% agree with the need to start the day purposefully, I also have realized that there are certain seasons of life that are just going to look different. And that’s okay. God loves me. I love Him. He is full of grace and compassion. And He abides with me 24 hours a day. Be blessed! Hope things settle down soon for you!

  • Avatar Eos Mom says:

    I am *trying* to make prayer the first thing I do when I get up in the morning.

  • Avatar K.C. Beecham says:

    My mornings usually start with our youngest foster daughter letting me know in no uncertain way that she’s ready for her bottle! So usually my mornings start early, bleary eyed, and with a baby bottle in one hand and a cup of coffee for me in the other!

  • Avatar Kim says:

    This is a timely post for me. Very timely. Summeritus has hit me hard. On the mornings when I do wake earlier than my kids, I feel so much better, so much more energized, so much more purposeful. Since my husband is a teacher and is home these days, it’s tempting to sleep in with him or sleep in when he gets the kids in the morning. Like I said, a timely post. Thank you!

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I would like to say that mornings are going great, but I feel like I keep going back and forth. I have a few good days and then a few rough days. I am not going to give up though! I can honestly tell a HUGE difference when I take time to put God first and read His word.

  • Avatar Becky says:

    I am new to the site, so I am just reading about waking early…so no, I’m usually not waking early at this point.

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I am also new to the site and just learning about your challenge. I used to get out of bed when my husband left for work. Since I started blogging, I don’t usually get up until about 7 am. I prefer not to be on the computer during my toddler’s waking hours, so I have been doing my work late at night.

    I look forward to reading more.

  • Avatar Erin says:

    Getting up is getting harder, but I want to persevere. I like the analogy of breaking up with sleeping in…. I probably need to break up with staying up late….. (writing this at 11 pm right now……)
    Thanks for the encouragement Kat and Michelle!

  • Avatar Rochelle van der Veer says:

    I’ve been doing well – getting up around 6 for exercise followed by quiet time almost every morning in the week. But Summer vacation has started, and with 4 kids under 11 who don’t have to be up and out the door to school it’s a bit harder. My summer resolution is to keep it up – one day at a time – and form a new habit ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Kris M. says:

    I’ve become addicted to waking up and having 20 minutes of quiet time with the Bible. And I have now discovered that “sleeping in” is no longer a treat because I spend the entire morning thinking of the lost opportunity for “Me” time. I’m also praying with a little more purpose and I truly believe that the 20 minutes I’ve been taking for me and God each morning is the key! My goal for the rest of the MYM challenge is fit a little bit of exercise in morning too.

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    Thank you. I just found your blog last week. Your blog and So I Married a Mennonite are my Jilllian Micheals sites right now. I had already started getting up in the mornings because I had things to do. But it makes it easier reading about all the ladies being purposeful about it.

  • Avatar carlamin88 says:

    Yeah.. Sometimes we realize how life seems so quite peaceful after breaking up. But the wound in the heart will be mend sooner or later. Thanks for your great post.

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    My mornings have been going well… I’m so thankful to have a new attitude about mornings!!

  • Avatar michelle says:

    I love reading your comments and seeing you all encouraging each other! Thanks for being part of hello mornings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar Christina says:

    Hello, ladies ! We do have what we need . I agree . My only problem is I believe it’s crucial (at least for me) that I get to bed on time !
    I’m still working on that . Aaaah it’s so hard to quit … However , nothing can replace that feeling of peace after you have had time with our Lord Jesus . I’m going to start putting my alarm across the ROOM ! How about you?

  • Avatar Blessed Mom says:

    I’m really struggling with getting up early for quiet time and exercise. I have an eight month old baby, but he still wakes 2 or 3 times a night so my sleep is very disrupted. I also have two other children, so while I know I need to get up to get my day going early it’s so difficult.

    • I understand. If you are someone who needs a good amount of sleep (I am) then waking early when you have a little one who isn’t sleeping through the night is incredibly hard. I didn’t even attempt beginning MYM until my youngest (almost 10 months old) was STTN. Don’t be too hard on yourself! I tried to find other times during the day when I could read a snippet and pray. You might even be able to read during night feedings! If you have a phone w/ a Bible app, you don’t even need a reading light : )

  • I’m with you on the break up. Sleeping In and I were on again/off again (mostly on again) for years. And I am soooo glad to say that this time, the break up has been different! The encouragement and accountability of MYM has been a huge help, but so has been the change God has brought to my perspective through it. I now see that I GET to rise early and read and pray, I don’t HAVE to. It’s not a line item to check off and feel better about myself (or worse if I sleep in), it’s a privilege that the Maker of All Things is there to speak and listen with the coming of each new day. That is awesome.

  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    Hello Mornings has helped me really get out of bed and read the word. If I had not found it…I don’t know if I would have made it through B90Days during the winter…now, I just wake up, automatically!!! I encourage anyone struggling to get up and read, worship, exercise to join in….or just stick with it!!!

  • Avatar Winona says:

    I have a little bit of guilt about not getting started early in the morning now that it is summer. I definitely need to read some of this encouragement and get us moving!

  • Avatar dorothy says:

    Like so many others, I am finding summer to be a more challenging time of year to get to bed on time and force myself up earlier. That being said, it’s 10:00 and I need to go to bed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Avatar Jane says:

    Getting up before the kids has made a huge difference. I’m looking forward to getting back into the habit after a 2 week vacation!

  • Avatar Cheryl P says:

    Mornings are going well, quiet time in the morning with the Lord is wonderful!

  • Avatar Chelsea says:

    My mornings have been better- about half the time getting up early and exercising. I still have a ways to go, but it’s better than it was!

  • Avatar Kari says:

    This post got me out of bed this a.m. “Breaking up with sleeping in”: that’s catchy, memorable, and I think will play through my head more than one more to come.

    Got anything catchy for helping me to finish the day sooner and get to BED at night? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Avatar Heather says:

    I’m already a morning person but my mornings have been altered since my husband started a new work schedule. I can no longer run in the morning (unless I want to get up at 3:00 AM, but I have SOME standards). So I’ve been using a lot of the time for quiet time with God. It’s literally the only time I have to myself, as most of you can relate.

  • Avatar Erin says:

    My mornings have been improving….I’m trying to get up earlier than the kids to read my devotional, drink some coffee :-), and get ready for the day!

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I continue to work on getting up early. It really does make the rest of the day “smoother” when I get up and get going before the kids wake up. I remind myself that at night and it helps me get to bed early as well. That and the thought of a cup of hot coffee, uninterrupted!

  • Avatar Jacy Taylor says:

    This is something that I have been needing to work on for a while now. I used to have to get up early, and now that I don’t have to … I don’t do it very much. I’m a night owl, and love to stay up late while everyone else is sleeping. So thankful for His Word, “His is mercies never stop. They are new every morning.” Lam. 3:22-23 My kids and I LOVE Veggietales, and this new DVD series looks great!

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    My mornings are going pretty well. I definitely have to hurry my time along some mornings when my little one (6 months) wakes up earlier than expected and is ready to nurse. I love being able to tell my kids “I prayed for you this morning!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Next goal…exercise. Once the baby is no longer nursing and I can comfortably exercise in the morning, I’m ready to go!

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    I have been sleeping in lately with a newborn in the house. He is starting to sleep through the night and I am hoping to get back to waking up early, but I find myself being lazy lately and I am hoping to snap out of it soon. I know my days are better when I have time to myself in the morning….