Please Read This!!! A Chance To Help Michelle

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Did you know…?

UPDATE: In just a matter of hours you all DID IT!! Michelle just bought her ticket. You all rock!! I love this community! And, yes, I am yelling!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you know that the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge (aka #hellomornings) was all Michelle’s idea? She read my ebook and started the challenge on her blog last Fall.

It was such a hit, we moved it over here and Michelle has spent a LOT of time writing posts, encouraging everyone on Twitter, managing the administrative details of the challenge and answering lots and lots of questions.

Michelle is the reason over 200 women gather each morning on Twitter and Facebook to pray for one another, share verses and be encouraged. She is the reason many of you have been inspired by #hellomornings and have taken up the challenge to get up for your children instead of to them.

Here’s The Deal

Last night tickets to a blog conference called Relevant went on sale. And Michelle didn’t buy one because she didn’t have a sponsor.

I Say WE Sponsor Her


Because she has TRULY invested in us and this is a great opportunity for us to invest in her to send her to an event that will equip and inspire her to become an even better steward in this social media space.

Because some of the other AC’s and I already have our tickets and it will be a WONDERFUL opportunity for us to meet together and pray together face to face and make plans to serve you better through this blog and the MYM (#hellomornings) Challenge.

So If You’ve Been Inspired, Here’s Your Chance to Take Action

If any of the ebooks or calendars I’ve given out have been a blessing for you and you’ve been looking for a way to give back…

If you have a heart to see the families changed through women who are challenged, encouraged and equipped to spend time with God in the mornings…

If you happen to have a spare dollar lying (or is it laying?) under a cushion of a couch…

Would you consider being a blessing to Michelle and clicking that donate button below?

She’s been an incredible blessing to my life and I know to many of your lives as well.

Here’s a simple way we can say thank you.

Update: WE DID IT!! Michelle just bought her ticket!!! You all rock!!

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