The Only Gift That Matters

By December 3, 2010Get Inspired

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There is a lot to do this holiday season: Gifts to buy, cards to mail, homes to decorate, parties to plan…

So, in light of our highly packed schedules, here is a quote I’d like you to consider for the next few weeks:

“If the enemy can’t make you sin, he’ll make you busy.” -Unknown

Ouch. Well, I didn’t say it was a warm, cozy, feel good quote.

But there’s a lot of truth in it. Isn’t there? And it is never more obvious than during this season dedicated to the most important truth of all:

That the God of all Wonder came down to be with us because He so desperately wants us to be with Him.

And Yet…


And yet…We do just about everything BUT be with Him.

So can I be just a little “in your face” this morning? I know, it’s so unlike me, right? Ahem…

If you give everyone the perfect gift
, if you host the perfect party, and if you have a perfectly decorated home…and yet find yourself too busy to spend time with Him each day…it is all utterly, completely and heartbreakingly worthless…

…because we’ve missed the whole point.

But Now For The Very, Very Good News

You see, He wants us. He wants you. He wanted you so much He left all the comfort, glory and perfection of Heaven for filth, humiliation and pain.

Just. Because. He. Wants. To. Be. With. You.

Time To Take Action

So, for the next few weeks, before you wrap a present, before you shop, before you pack your schedule, will you take just 5 minutes to be with Him everyday?

Please don’t spend all of December running in circles around Him and never taking the time to sit in His lap and say thank you.

Tell Him He’s worth your time. Show Him He’s worth your time.

And if you don’t get a chance to buy anyone a gift, if you don’t have time to send anyone a card, even if you miss every single party…

It will still be worth it…utterly, completely and heart-mendingly worth it.

It’s the only Gift that really matters.

A Wonderful Resource

Not sure how to get started? Ann, created an absolutely wonderful devotional for this glorious season – the Jesse Tree Advent Devotional. It’s free, each days’ reading, is short – perfect for 5 minutes with Him.

And if you need some encouragement and accountability, join us each morning on Facebook or on Twitter (on Twitter just search for the hashtag #hellomornings ).

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  • Avatar April Emery says:

    great post! some of your observations and thoughts in this post are some of the reason we have deliberately chosen to omit Santa from our Christmas. what are your thoughts on Santa?

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Well, to open that can of worms:


      I’ve been in various camps over the years, but right now I think that Santa can detract from the true meaning of Christmas whether he’s included or excluded. I’ve seen it be just as much of a distraction to avoid Santa as it is to include him in the holidays.

      So I guess you could say I’m staunchly in the middle. Our kids know that he’s just like Dora, The Tooth Fairy and Chuck E. Cheese – he’s pretend.

      As a family our focus is on Jesus all year long and especially at Christmas. But if they want to talk about Santa, it’s fine with us.

      It’s kind of like letting my son LOVE Lightning McQueen. He talks about him, has loads of Cars stuff, but McQueen obviously doesn’t even hold the smallest flickering candle to his Daddy. It’s not even a comparison.

      I don’t really think either perspective is wrong, I think it depends on each family’s dynamics and history.

      Just my ever-evolving .02 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with Kat. We have taken the same approach on Santa – he’s make believe.

      This year I plan to explain to them who the real St. Nick was just so they understand why all the fuss about Santa. It’s a great story that I don’t mind telling them, but I’m not going to lie and say he is still alive.

      You only receive eternal life through Jesus, and that’s what Christmas is all about. Receiving the gift of eternal life through the gift of God’s only son, Jesus Christ.

    • Avatar April Emery says:

      Thanks for the thoughtful replies! Merry Christmas!

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing that quote. Nope, it’s not warm and fuzzy, but it’s true. And I love the Charlie Brown pic. =p

  • So true, Kat. Thanks for taking the time to say so and what an excellent suggestion you made to keep Jesus first in our hearts during this season as well. I love that quote I’ve also heard another version

    “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy”

    It’s all to easy to get distracted and sidetracked away from our real lifes purpose here on earth – that being to honor and glorify God.

  • Wow! I love how you put it out there!!!! So true!!!! I need to spend more alone time with Him…my heart yearns for more than five minutes…I just need to be more deliberate in planning each day. Get up a little earlier! We are focusing on spending time with Him as a family though. We found a really neat Jesse Tree Devotion and ornaments that is great for families with young children that we are using. My husband reads the entire passage that the day’s symbol comes from and share the devotion with us. Then we discuss the question it offers. We take turns putting the ornament on the tree for that day (we are only using Jesse Tree Ornaments until the Sunday before Christmas so that we stay focused on Jesus better). Then we close with Silent Night around our Nativity set.

    I love how you mention climbing into His lap! What a glorious image!!! Thank you so much for this today, Kat! Thanks for getting “in my face” 😀

    Blessings to you this Advent season!

    Mary Joy

  • Avatar Sami says:

    Soo true!!! We are doing the Jesse Tree as a family (and I just spent way too much time making the symbols!!). I’m staying the course with my read through the Bible. Such a blessing and an absolute necessity!

  • Avatar treen says:

    “You see, He wants us. He wants you. He wanted you so much He left all the comfort, glory and perfection of Heaven for filth, humiliation and pain. Just. Because. He. Wants. To. Be. With. You. So, for the next few weeks, before you wrap a present, before you shop, before you pack your schedule, will you take just 5 minutes to be with Him everyday?”

    That statement right there is a swift kick in the head and actually made me tear up. I’m going to go read some scripture now before I continue my day.

    (I just recently found your blog – fantastic – thank you! And what’s a Jesse Tree?)

  • Avatar Cindy says:

    Thanks for speaking (well, writing) the truth, Kat! I needed to hear this post this month. Merry Christmas!

  • Avatar Nicole Renee says:

    What a beautiful reminder and I really needed to read that! Lately I’m learning what it means to have my heart bent towards Jesus- just being with him, not asking for anything but just being in His presence and appreciating all that He is.

  • Avatar Leigh says:

    beautiful! Thank you, Kat!

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    Thank you for the reminder, Kat! Merry X-mas & may Emmanuel, our precious Gift, remain our reason for this and all seasons!!

  • Avatar Rachel says:

    Hi Kat,

    I really needed this post! As usual it really speaks to my situation right now. I have linked to your post on my blog today.


  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    That blog was simply profound! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! It makes me want to run to Him! Merry Christmas!

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  • Avatar Jess says:

    So much truth here. Thanks for the much-needed reminder!

  • Avatar Paulie says:

    I just went to a women’s Christmas Tea where a lady talked about different teas, etc. She encouraged us to take 15 min. every afternoon (she does at 3 PM) to sit with Jesus, and have tea. I think that’s a great idea. Perfect time to stop all the busy-ness, and pause to rest in Him!

  • […] Last week I shared a challenge for us all to try to spend at least 5 minutes with God everyday for the month of December. On a scale of 1-10 how is it going so far? […]

  • Avatar Ten Boom says:

    Wow great blog! Definitely made me think that before I go buy some presents, I should give a 5 minute talk with him everyday because He gave up everything just to be with me. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to your next post! Ten Boom