Goal Setting Tips for the New Year – From a 7 Year Old

By December 26, 2010General

I hope you had a lovely holiday. We went to visit my parents and the weather was so warm we went to the beach and even went swimming. The kids were in heaven!

As we approach the dawn of 2011 and many of us are turning our thoughts to setting goals for the New Year, I thought I’d share this post from last April to give us all a little perspective and inspiration for doing amazing things in the coming year.

Lessons I Learned from My Daughter

193_0746.JPGAbout a year and a half ago, my then 7 year old, completely on her own, read through the entire Bible (regular, full version, no picture Bible).

That’s a pretty big book. Especially for someone who, when she started, had only been reading for about a year.

(Please don’t think I’m some super spiritual, awesome mom. She’s just an awesome kid. In all my 34 years I’d never read through the Bible. Sad, but true.)

Not only has this challenged me spiritually but it’s also challenged my character.

I love that she just did it. She didn’t talk about doing it. She didn’t list the reasons why she couldn’t. She just did it.

One page at a time.

One page at a time. One step at a time. One dream at a time. That is how goals are accomplished.

How To Accomplish Nothing

There are so many things I’d like to do. But I get distracted.

I accomplish the mundane at the expense of the miraculous. I do the dishes instead of play with my kids. I read about everyone else’s life on Facebook instead of making my own memories. I workout halfheartedly instead of really pushing myself.

That’s how a 34 year old accomplishes nothing.

How To Accomplish The Amazing

Here’s how a 7 year old accomplishes the amazing.

1. Passion

She wasn’t really trying to check something off of her to do list. She just really loved reading the Bible.

Lesson: Don’t try to do something amazing just because it’s amazing or because other people want you to do it. Do something you’re passionate about.

2. Focus

We actually had to tell her many times to put the Bible down – to eat or get ready for school. It’s what she defaulted to doing in her free time. That was the book she was reading and she was going to read it until she was done.

Lesson: Everything you add to your plate dilutes your ability to accomplish the amazing. Simplify.

3. Plan

She didn’t follow any sort of pre-made reading plan, because she’s wonderfully innocent (and wise). She figured “it’s a book” – you start at the beginning and read to the end. She followed God’s reading plan.

Lesson: Don’t worry about how other people say you should do something. Take time to hear how God wants you to do it. Make a plan, write it down.

4. Be Faithful

She kept reading. Somedays she read a lot. Somedays she didn’t read at all. But she kept moving forward.

Lesson: Forward motion will ALWAYS get you to your destination.


Focus on things you are passionate about and be faithful – that is how your goals become your accomplishments.

And that’s true whether you’re 7 or 34 or 96.

Action Step

Now that you have some goal setting basics, I encourage you to download my FREE “Mission Statements for Moms eBook” so that you can make sure your goals are really taking you where you want to go.

Setting goals without a mission statement is like mapping a route without a destination. Kinda pointless.

A Word of Thanks

This blog is now just about a year old and it has blown away every hope and expectation I had of it when I started. I had daydreamed that we’d have a community of maybe 500 by the end of the year. And here we are closer to 5,000 than 500!

And what an amazing group of women you are! The encouragement you share with one another in the comments, on Facebook and on Twitter is incredible. The way you inspire others by sharing about the actions you are taking will impact generations to come. And of course the positive changes you are making in your own lives are going to be reflected in the lives of your children and the state of your home.

So for all you’ve surrendered, for every way you loved well even when it was hard, and for following Jesus relentlessly – well done.

2011 is ripe with hope and possibility.

What is one change you worked on in 2010?

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  • Stacey says:

    I had 3 big changes this past year that before I had been “too busy” to do: (i) I started exercising again on a regular basis; (ii) I started being more intentional with my time (which included spending more time with my kids and getting up early to read/plan for the day); and (iii) I researched about food and what’s best for our family, which led to a change in our food preparation/eating.

    I want to thank you for starting this blog as it was the inspiration I needed to lead me to action!

    I look forward to a great year with the opportunity to make life-long habits out of what I learned last year.

  • Why do we make life so hard?! It’s so simple. Thanks for the great reminders!

  • lori says:

    your daughter truely is inspirational…great tips, they are simple and right on!

  • Kat, I had no idea the blog was only a year old or so and I got in on it near the beginning, happy me! Thank you for your ministry, keep going! God bless you as you bless others. You inspire me.

    You inspired me in 2010:
    prayer calendar (when I haven’t mislaid it)
    wake early with a prayer, lately with a song on my heart (sent from above?)
    mission statement that looks remarkably like the greatest commandments
    bolder to write (comments and sometimes my livejournal!)

  • Courtney says:

    I became much more dedicated about reading my Bible every day. I rarely miss a morning, and when I do, I can tell! Daily repetition has caused me to crave God’s word more, and I am inspired to continue by others like you – and your daughter!

  • melanie says:

    Thanks so much for the simple wisdom. I had no idea this blog started just a year ago!

    That is so exciting about your daughter! I’m praying really hard for my kids to love the Lord in that way. And I’m praying that my heart would be lit on fire for God’s word as well.

    And, by the way, you are an awesome mom because you’ve created an environment where she could do that and I’m sure you had interesting and encouraging conversations along the way. So thank God for his grace and pat yourself on the back a little.

    Happy 2011!

    • Kat says:

      You are sweet! And yes, we had several, um, interesting conversations. When she started, Jimmy and I were a bit concerned because the Bible isn’t exactly rated G. We really prayed that God would guard her heart and reveal to her only the things she is ready for. He certainly did that, but we still had a few “fun” questions fly our way.

  • tacy says:

    Wow that’s amazing, and a beautiful testimony. Humbling, inspiring. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Nicole says:

    I can relate with all of these things you listed but mostly with being passionate about when you serve. I’ve had trouble with this one but I think I found a place that my heart beats for!

    In 2010 I accomplished not just having ideas but actually putting my ideas into action….follow through! I hear the Lord tell me to keep following Him and thats what I keep doing:).

  • Lara says:

    Wow. That is just beautiful! It makes me think of how much that would bless my heart if my own daughter read through the Bible on her own. How precious. Thank you for your inspiration in this space. You keep on blessing me, friend.

  • Melissa says:

    What an incredible testimony! I have dreams like that for our daughter… whom we welcomed in 2010! Talk about change… a much shorter list is what DIDN’T change in 2010.

    As I teacher, we focus on what we call “backward planning” – in otherwords, planning what we want the kids to learn, THEN focusing on HOW we’re going to help them learn it. I think about that a lot as a mom – it’s not about what we do today that determines who she is tomorrow, but who I hope and pray my daughter will be in 5, 10 and 25 years that determines what we do today. This blog is such a great reminder and helper in that process.

    A blessed an fulfilling New Year of adventures to you and your family!

  • Francis M Kimani. says:

    Thank you .

  • Loved the story! How beautiful Kat!

    I met a man, in a recent Bible storytelling seminar we were offering, who was aged 82, and he has read the Bible through EVERY year since he was seven years old!

    Although I have not set goals for the reading sake – more for just getting into ALL of the Word – I have been reading the Bible through in one way or another for a number of years! (I don’t actually know when I started). This year I have a reading plan (actually two) with YouVersion.com and using their iPhone app. I am to read the Bible through once and then, with the second plan, Psalms twice in the year and Proverbs 12 times. Loving it so far!

    Keep up the great work and posts!
    God bless your dear family richly in 2011