How To Get Back on Track…Again

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Stepping Off The Bullet Train

Get back into a morning routine. Train tracks.I mentioned last week what an incredibly busy 8 weeks I’ve had. I’m thrilled life is slowing down, but now I face the task of getting back on track.

I’m behind on most everything in my life.
I could be overwhelmed, looking like a deer in headlights not sure where to start. Thankfully I wrote a post back in February about getting back on track.

I thought I’d revisit it today, in the hope that it might help some of you as well.

1. Just Start

Today is the best day to get back on track. Don’t wait until tomorrow or next Monday. Start right now. Yes, now. Go ahead. Start.

2. Ignore the Past

Don’t worry about what you didn’t do yesterday or last week. Just focus on what you CAN do now.

3. Start Small

Give yourself grace and just start simply. Don’t expect to jump right back in to a super early wake up time and a daily gazillion mile run. Start small again and work your way back up. It might take a couple days, or it might take a couple weeks, but something is better than nothing and momentum will get you to your goal.

4. Join Forces with a Friend

Find a friend to help motivate you and keep you accountable.

5. Rely on Your Routines

If you don’t have a routine in place, it’s really hard to get back on track. So make sure you have a routine in place that you can rely on when you get off track.

6. Plan It

In addition to a basic system (morning routine, cleaning routine etc) you need to plan how you’ll tackle the backlog of laundry, errands and responsibilities that have accumulated.

Take 15 minutes to list all the things you need to do. (You can use this handy FREE “to-do” form.) Write them down and then number them and put them in order of importance. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we have our to do list floating around in our head. Things seem so much more manageable when we aren’t constantly trying to remember what it is we need to do.

So, get that list out of your head and onto some paper. When you have a list, you only need to remember the next item on that list. It will significantly reduce feelings of being overwhelmed.

7. One Task At A Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day and Mt. Laundry won’t be conquered in 24 hours either. Things didn’t pile up overnight. So don’t feel like you need to catch up overnight. Take your plan and do one thing at a time.

8. You Can Do It!!!!

Getting back on track can feel overwhelming, but it’s simple if we just start, plan it and take it one task at a time. Narrow your focus so that you just see the next step. Climbing a mountain is hard, but taking one step is easy.

Climb on.

Are you on track or off track? What tips can you share for staying/getting back on track?


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  • Avatar Deedee says:

    I need to print this and put it on my wall! I was so exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you. 🙂

  • Avatar Amy Sullivan says:

    Bounced over from (in)courage and love what you are doing here!

    I’m happy to report I am on track. At least I’ve been on track the last three hours!

    My idea about getting back on track? #8 Just do it! So many times I want to hash out in my head all of the reasons I’ve found myself at a dead end. I just need to skip that whole step and get on with it.

  • Avatar Nicole Renee says:

    Great post! One of the things I have learned is sometimes we take steps backward to make leaps forward. So back on track is important, what we learn while we are off track can be valuable in helping us to stay there! Thanks Kat, your posts are just what I need to hear!

  • Avatar Susan says:

    I love the master list! Thank you for the free one – I will be passing it on to my moms – so often this bogs down moms who are feeling so overwhelmed, but when you can get all those “things” out of your head on down on paper it makes space for all the other good stuff! Thanks Kat!

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  • Kat, you always know EXACTLY what I need to hear! How do you DO THAT?! 🙂 I was so overwhelmed this morning, thinking about how much I haven’t gotten done this week and just being so disappointed in myself and overwhelmed in general. But I started doing one thing at a time, and I managed to get back on track by dinnertime. (Okay, so my checkbook is still not balanced, I can’t see the top of my desk and my bathroom is VERY not clean. But other than that…!)

  • I have GOT to get back into a routine; it’s killing me! I’m trying to take baby steps. While I haven’t gotten my meal planning routine down, I did start a routine with laundry this week to keep it under control. Thanks for the encouragement!

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  • Great advise. Here it is 1 month into the New Year and I’ve slipped right back into all my old habits. You’ve inspired me to review my resolutions now, instead of waiting another year. Just one baby step at a time.

  • Avatar Jorunn W. Tornli says:

    Thank you for giving me the honor of reading these wonderful lines 🙂 I feel the inspiration coming, and I need it badly 🙂 Hugs Jorunn in Norway <3