How To Be A Rockstar with 30 minutes and a Pink Tablecloth

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Have you ever wanted to be a rockstar?

To walk into a room and have all eyes on you?

To have people eagerly await your arrival?

To have your mere presence be the highlight of someone’s day?

I’m A Rockstar on Tuesdays

I’m a rockstar every Tuesday at 11:30am. And again at 12:00pm.

That’s when I have lunch at school with each of my daughters. When I walk in, their eyes light up, they jump out of their seat and greet me with a hug that seems to require every last ounce of their strength. They pull their chair as close as possible and we proceed to hugeat for the next 30 minutes.

Hugeating is the process of putting food in your mouth while snuggling as close to your mama as you possibly can. My kids are professionals.

The funny thing is, it’s not just MY kids that get excited. Their friends do too. They rush to sit at our table. We play thumb wars, foot wars and we talk with funny accents.

This week as I was grabbing food for their lunches, I saw a leftover plastic pink table cloth in the pantry. I brought it to school and put it on the table before they arrived.

My oldest daughter walked in, put her hands over her mouth like people do when they’re presented with a BRAND NEW CAR!!! She squealed and smiled a Texas sized smile.

It was a pink plastic table cloth. It cost .99.

But my daughter and her friends acted like I’d given them the moon.

How To Make Kids Happy

It doesn’t take much to make kids happy.

We don’t need to take them to DisneyLand. We don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on toys. We don’t need to throw a huge, elaborate party.

All it takes is 30 minutes and a pink plastic table cloth.

Take Action

What is one simple thing you can do today to make your child feel special?

I’ll share a few ideas, and I hope you’ll share some ideas in the comments as well, so we all can benefit. I’ll complile all the ideas into a big list we can all use on our less creative days. And I’ll add it to the resources page.

  • Take one of your children on a walk.
  • Spend 30 minutes reading a book to one child.
  • Read a book outside or under a blanket with a flashlight.
  • Have a foam sword fight with your son (or daughter!)
  • Write a note listing 5 things you’re proud of about your child.

What are some of your simple ideas we can do today to make our kids feel special?

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  • Avatar Mayhem Mama says:

    Start a journal with your child where you write back and forth to each other (I have found out some awesome things about my child, as well as some heartbreaking things, but I am glad that I know them because now I can help her cope)

    Make a special dessert with one child so that one child gets to do all the measuring and stirring, etc, without a sibling interrupting

    Let your daughter do your make-up one evening (depending on the age, maybe right before your wash your face!) – let her take pictures of you all made up

    Let your daughter choose the color and then let her polish your toe nails while you polish hers

    Give your child $5 (or less) and turn them loose in Dollar Tree (or similar $1 store) and have them pick out a gift(s) for someone – we do this for Christmas. It is amazing what they find to give people and to hear why they made that choice

    Play tic-tac-toe

    Let your child pick out his/her favorite songs and burn a CD to play in the car while you are driving. Be sure to label it with his or her name.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      I love the CD idea! You’d think a music nerd like me would have done that already. I’ll be adding that to my to do list tomorrow. Thanks!!

  • Avatar Angie says:

    This morning, we cuddled in bed reading for a good half hour before approaching the day…. books they picked.

    I sew and crochet/knit … my kids LOVE when I let them pick out material etc to make them something … like their pj’s.

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    Cuddle in bed or on the couch with all your kids and take turns telling a story about each child when they were a baby/toddler. Tell the stories with as much detail and drama as you possibly can.

    Put a blank menu in front of your kids and let them choose breakfast for the next week. Give them nutrition guidlines if you like (such as–there must be 1 serving of fruit each day, etc.) or put choices in a few groups and let them choose one from each group for each breakfast.


    • Avatar Kat says:

      Fun! My kids love when I tell stories about them. I don’t do it often enough. And that’s a great way to make each child feel special even when one on one time isn’t possible.

  • My young girls often ask for snacks or drinks after they’re in bed, and we usually say no. But a while back, while they were getting ready for bed (perhaps they were already in bed) I brought in some treats. Some TINY bowls with yogurt and sprinkles and some TINY cups with water. (Actually the bowls and cups were little sauce dishes.) My old aerobic “step” was in their room, so I put it in the middle of the floor, put a dainty lacy handkerchief on top, and then then tiny bowls and baby spoons. I might have called it a fairy feast — I forget. But OH how excited they were!!!

  • Kristin’s comment reminded me: we do that same thing, telling stories of when they were babies. And when I couldn’t think of a new story about them one time, I told stories of my brothers (their uncles) and me. They LOVE them. And now they tell them to each other too.

  • Avatar tacy says:

    I love this post!
    When my mother-in-law was here she bought my daughter Molly some things at the dollar store- a pad of drawing paper, construction paper, crayons, and playdoh. She gave us this idea “Once I was an A, now I’m a swingset”— aka, turning a letter on a piece of paper into some kind of creative drawing. FUN!

  • I remember that feeling of excitement when parents would come to school for lunch when I was a girl. SO true!

    I recently shared a list of 101 ideas to do one on one with kiddo’s….check it out if you like, you’re more than welcome to share the link as well:

    the list you have so far is great – my boys LOVE sword fights! 🙂

  • Avatar Heather says:

    My kids love it when they find ‘love notes’ that I’ve put into their lunch box, or even when I draw a happy face on an orange or banana.

    Simple pleasures are so… simple. 🙂

    • Avatar Kat says:

      I’ve sent notes with my kids to school (although, I’ve forgotten too often lately) but I’ve never drawn on their fruit. I think they’d get a real kick out of that!

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  • Avatar Kirsten says:

    Nature walks with my oldest son always help us bond. Since we adopted his younger brother, he’s felt snubbed by the attention the youngest requires!

  • Avatar Danielle says:

    My daughters love when I come to school to eat lunch with them! One thing I do that they love is stop at McDonald’s for an ice cream cone after school. They usually get a healthy snack, but every now and then we stop at the one by their school and get two cones! They cost $.99 each, so for $2 I become the coolest mom in the world! Total rock star!

  • Avatar Katrina says:

    I know it sounds silly, but I tend to get caught up in my own agenda for each day, and say, “Just a minute! In a moment! In a little while.” an awful lot, without much follow through.

    Today, when one of my sons wants to play a certain game, build a fort, read a book, whatever, and they ask me to help, I will choose to put aside my agenda of folding laundry, vacuuming, reading blogs (grin), and say YES!

  • Avatar Christy says:

    We had a ‘cowboy’ picnic for lunch yesterday. My girls, (3 and 17 months) wore their pink cowboy boots, I put bandanas around their necks instead of bibs, we spread out a picnic blanket on the floor, and ate lunch right there on the floor. I lit a candle to pretend we had a campfire, and the wooden rocking horse stood closeby, because “a cowboy is never far from his horse.” They LOVED it. So simple, but so fun!

  • Avatar Christin says:

    I read this earlier but wanted to come back and comment and share….today I decided to make chocolate chip cookies for my kiddos and as my daughter begins munching on hers (she’s 8) she blurts out, “You’re awesome mommy!” It really blessed me because I’ve felt like I’ve failed my children so much just because of my own frustrations coming out on them. 🙁
    I am learning to say “I’m sorry” more to them and communicate, especially with my 8-year old, that I am working on those faults of mine which effect THEM & she seems to appreciate that. And at the same time understands because she knows what it’s like to battle sin.
    Just today I was telling her how she needs to forget her mistakes once she’s sincerely repented and received forgiveness because she doesn’t want that to put guilt on her.
    So whenever she continuously apologizes for something, I gently remind her she’s already been forgiven,etc. She really likes that.

    Anyways…all that to say that it’s amazing what something so simple will do for a child – just like you said. This sort of stuff REALLY blesses them and I want to do that more often to SHOW that I love them. Ya know?

    Thank you so much for your inspiration, Kat. We should team up some time and do a series! I could do the teaching side (or real life “mess ups”) and you can do the practical “take action” side. 🙂 It’d be fun! ((hugs))

  • Avatar Prerna says:

    I have a toddler and she loves it, really is delighted, when we spend lazy evenings baking -she helps carry the dry stuff to the counter and mixes the batter,before proceeding to lick the bowl clean:-) or when we do arts and crafts together.. Am not especially crafty, but making simple holiday cards is easy and when I see the joy on her face, it makes it all so worth it.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      I’m SOOOO not crafty either. I have to force myself to pull out the craft stuff on occasion because my kids thoroughly adore it! Cooking and crafts are always such a hit.

  • Avatar Trish says:

    What a rockstar you are indeed.
    Inspired to make today different x thanknyou and so will my little heros.

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    Tonight we took the kids to McDonald’s for ice cream cones and brought with Apples to Apples Jr. We spent the time playing and laughing instead of waiting for them to finish and jumping on spills. (‘course some of that is probably helped by the youngest now being 4) Good change in focus, from just the treat to the fun time.

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  • Avatar Mela Kamin says:

    What fun! I love the note idea telling your child a few things you’re proud of. I did that for my 9yo and left it in his dresser drawer. It’s now on his bulletin board, so I know he liked it.

    My daughter’s in 7th grade, so surprising her at school is a little more challenging but notes or treats tucked into her bag still do the trick. When I go pick up the kids from school, I sometimes bring along a snack for the ride home.

    They are used to me saying “No” a lot, so when I say “Yes” to impromptu activities or treats, it amazes them. Last Fri, I rented a movie on AppleTV and had it ready for them when we got home. Sometimes just being a little more flexible during mealtime works – we’ll let the kids take turns telling stories, singing songs or playing the piano while everyone finishes up. Last night my daughter helped me make the little acorns treats I’ve been seeing everywhere – hershey’s kiss, topped with peanut butter, then mini vanilla wafer, then pbutter & choc chip. We served them to my sons while they played cards with their Dad.

    And, we love storytime, complete with character voices – the sillier the better. We’re reading Jack Sparrow right now & the boys love it and beg for more. My husband makes their favorite stuffed animals talk, which is sweet & makes us giggle. Also, we’ve been watching old home movies and that’s been a huge hit – they love to see themselves as babies & toddlers. It’s provided tons of laughs and it’s a great way for us to all be together.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Great ideas! I might need that recipe for the acorn treats. Sounds yummy!

      • Avatar Mela Kamin says:

        had been seeing the recipe in several places – this is the latest that got me to actually get up and put it together – super easy … I just let my kids dig right in, but you could refrigerate or freeze for a bit to set everything

        She used peanut butter chips, but I used what I had on hand – choc chips. Bet it would be delish to use nutella to adhere everything, but we’re tree nut free here.

  • Avatar Lynn says:

    Blanket fortress is a sure fire win for us :).