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We’ll talk more about uprisings, revolts, revolutions, coups and normal mom stuff like that in a few days. But I wanted to jump in and ask you for a favor.

My new favorite day of the week is Monday because I am so incredibly encouraged and inspired by all the amazing action you are taking. I love reading about the way you’re developing new habits, running in races, getting organized and spending more time with the REAL Revolutionary and His Word on a consistent basis.

Submit Your Story….Please?

What I’d love to do is have you all share your stories. If you’ve made a change in your life, big or small, would you consider sharing your exciting story? Ideally, if you have a blog, I’d love for you to write a blog post about it (no need to link here – I just want you to inspire others) and then send me the link and a 140 character synopsis.

I’ve added a plugin that will rotate text in my sidebar. You can see the example over there in the sidebar to your right ->. I’m going to move it to the top of the sidebar, though and add your 140 character stories. If you have a link to your (extended) story on your blog, I’ll include that as well.

Everytime someone visits any page of this site, the text in that section will post a different story. I hope it inspires others and sends you some new blog readers.

I want people to see your stories when they visit this blog, because nothing inspires more than the stories of others.

The Boring Old Stuffy Rules

1. Make sure your story is no more than 140 characters.
2. If you write a blog post about the changes you’ve made recently, please include a DIRECT link to that post. Do not send a link to your blog home page.
3. Nothing is too big or small. If it is something you’re proud of, it’s perfect.
4. Please really think about what you write. We certainly want it to make sense and inspire those who read it. Fitting it in to 140 characters may be a challenge, but I know you can do it!
5. Either share your story and and (if applicable) you link in the comments here or via my contact form.

I can’t wait to read and share your stories. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

I Stink at Scrapbooking AKA My Guest Post

I have scraps and memories. I’ve just never put them in a book.

I do love to record memories though and that’s why I adopting this ingenious system for impatient, non crafty people like me. I wrote all about it on my guest post at Steady Mom todayl


I also wanted to mention I’ll be speaking next Thursday night (9/2) at Denver First Church’s Mom’s Night Out. The event is from 6-8 and includes a potluck dinner. If you live in the Denver area, I’d LOVE to see you there! RSVP to Shantel Johnson: ezekielgirl03 (at) sbcglobal.net

I’ll also be speaking in the next month or so in Austin, Texas (9/24) and Waco, Texas (10/20). I’ll give more details as soon as I get them.

Now go have an incredible day!!!

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  • You’re awesome Kat!! Thanks for inspiring us to make some of these changes;)

  • What a great idea. I will certainly write a blog post about this in the coming days and send it to you.

  • Amber Cullum says:

    I will write a post, as well. Hopefully I will get it done and posted by Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I am in the process of trying to be consistent with reading and working out thanks to your blog and a post i read on Passionate Homemaking.

  • Crystak says:

    I think this is a great idea. I will be participating for sure! This month I’m going to challenge myself not to eat out for the entire month. Which is HUGE for me. I generally eat out 6 times a week between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hopefully I can inspire others to do the same.

  • Kitty Hurdle says:

    My current role as a missionary is to mentor and challenge a ton of girls who are seniors in college.
    A light bulb went on after I completed the Ebook, &I realized that my senior girls each needed to create a Mission Statement to help them “bounce” decisions, job options, role & responsibilities! I’ve been challenging these women to free themselves from the good so they can pursue the greatness of God and His Kingdom!

  • jane says:

    beautiful song, Kat. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Something I did this weekend was to allow myself to fall asleep while I put the toddler to bed. My husband came in an hour later, both of us sprawled on the bed fast asleep. He moved her to her crib and asked me if I’d like to keep sleeping. All the “but I need to…” guilt flushed up but was overridden by my powerful need for rest. So I slept, and didn’t get up for the day until over 12 hours later. I haven’t felt so rested in a long time, and it showed throughout the day!

  • Sangita says:

    Hi ! Great step by you indeed, to inspire others! I do feel good to get inspired and inspire others too. Wow, how nice if I can my action inspires other. All I am thinking now, is to definitely write a blogpost which will be full of inspiration to read and get know.

  • Amber Cullum says:

    I posted today. http://ambocullum.blogspot.com/2010/08/how-ive-been-inspired-to-action.html

    I sent you a synopsis via the contact form. I hope you received it.