GIVEAWAY! Motivation Monday – You Are Awesome, Therefore I Give You Free Stuff

By August 15, 2010General

(I love Mondays! Reading all the inspiring things you do each week, from the magnificant to the minute….well it motivates me. Today it’s motivating me to find free stuff for all of you. Read on…)

Today is Motivation Monday! Tell us in the comments if you’ve taken action and get a chance to win today’s giveaway which is a copy of The Rizer’s super fun kid’s cd!

I haven’t found much kids music that I actually enjoy. But I l.o.v.e. The Rizers. Each song is based on scripture and their musical style reminds me a bit of Dakota Motor Co. (Anyone remember them?) Super fun summer music with a message. As soon as I heard them I had to contact them and ask if I could get some cd’s for y’all. They were kind enough to giveaway 3!

Get all the details at the end of the post and find out who won last week’s prize.

Free Music For Everyone

I hate that on Mondays only a couple people win the prizes, so I’m going to try to find one or two things for everyone to win. I can’t guarantee it will be weekly, but I’ll do my best. More often than not, it will be free music.

Free music. Are there two more perfect words in the English language?

I daresay not.

Daresay – such a fun word. Use it in a sentence today! It’s fun!

Where was I? Oh, yes….free music.

Three of you will win the full debut cd from The Rizers, but if you’ll look under your chair you’ll find that EVERY member of today’s studio audience can download a free EP from The Rizers at (FYI – It will require a social media shout out.)

More FREE Music: True Things by JJ Heller

Note: The shark motion she does halfway through is our signal to join the performance as the rhythm section…

This is one of my very favorite songs, despite the fact that my son insists on singing “un-derwear!” instead of “un-belief” every. time. he. hears. the. song.

If you don’t have JJ Heller’s album, Painted Red. Go. Now.

I thought it might be fun to invite you into my living room to hear JJ sing it. Through a crazy string of events, JJ did a concert at our house in January. It was nothing short of awesome.

My videography skills, however, are very short of awesome. Motion sickness warning…

You can download JJ Heller’s song True Things here. No strings attached. There’s lots of other great music there too. Enjoy!

Motivation Monday Details

For those of you who are new, here’s how Motivation Monday works:
Anyone who takes some sort of action can enter to win. Your action might be:

  • getting up early, reading your Bible
  • going on a date with your kids
  • creating a mission statement
  • exercising
  • creating a meal plan
  • Writing a goal

It can be any action that improves who you are as a believer or a mother.

How To Enter

To enter the giveaway, you would do one (or all) of these:
1. Leave a comment and say, “I took action this week!”
2. Leave another comment telling us what action you took.
3. Follow @Inspired2Action; on Twitter or Facebook and tell us there about the action you took.
4. Blog about your action and share the link below.

Last Week’s Winner
According to, last week’s winners of the Sheila Walsh Beautiful Things Happen When A Woman Trusts Godbooks are Tiffany, Sarah, and AshleyF! Congratulations!

Action Begets Action

Why do I want you to Twitter, Facebook, Blog or Comment about the actions you taken in the past couple of weeks? …because action begets action. The things you’ve done WILL inspire others. And, well, that’s kind of what this blog is all about.

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