How To Make Your Kids Forget You’re Mean

Some days I can be grumpy.

Some days I’m impatient.

Some days I tell my kids to “go play” instead of playing with them.

Some days I’m tired.

Yesterday was one of those days. But I didn’t want them going to bed remembering me as a grumpy, impatient, self absorbed mommy.

So I put them to bed, closed the door, waited 5 minutes and then…

I burst in yelling, “IT’S A PAJAMA RUN!!!!!!! GET IN THE CAR!!!!!!”

We went to Sonic, ate sundaes and my favorite 6 and 8 year old girls hugged me and declared, “This is the BEST day ever!!!

And it was.

Technical Aspects of a Pajama Run

1. Please note that I’ve done this before, so my yelling didn’t terrify my kids. If you do a pj run, (I know you know this, but I’ll say it anyway) be sure to consider your child’s temperament on a freak out scale. We don’t want the night to be the focus of a future therapy session.

2. The magic rule is that if any of the kids ASK for a pj run, we automatically CAN’T do one that night. This eliminates unnecessary begging.

3. Have fun!! Yes, they might have extra sugar, stay up late and have a hard time falling back asleep, but it’s worth it!

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Memory Making

What are some of your favorite memory making activities?

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