What A Grammy Winning Millionaire Can Teach You About Motherhood

I can be a “wee” bit obsessive about music.

I love music. You may have noticed that from the music giveaways and my occasional lyric references.

Ok…Maybe a Lot Obsessive
Every now and then, I get in a serious rut with an artist or song. Let’s see, I owned every single tape Amy Grant recorded and didn’t listen to much else until I was in jr. high. (T-A-P-E…it’s like a plastic rectangle box with brown string in it that plays music us old people used to listen to while the earth was being formed).

Good Thing I Have a Gracious and Long Suffering Family
Then, more recently, my family took a 26 hour road trip JUST after I’d discovered Brooke Fraser’s music. We listened to her 3 cd’s the whole time. Yes, 26 hours…

My New Find
Every now and then I find music that I completely moves me and that’s happened again this week. I was aimlessly surfing the web researching a post and I came across this song by Taylor Swift.

I’ve listened to it constantly ever since. (For some people, that would be a metaphor. Me? Nope. Day 4 of the repeat button.)

I’ve heard a lot of songs by parents about their children, but I don’t often hear songs by the children about their parents.

It is one of my most fervent prayers that my daughters and I have a relationship like this when they’re grown up.

This song has deeply inspired me and I hope it inspires you too.

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So, anyone get a little misty eyed? What songs inspire you?

(FYI – Check back tomorrow for my post about why and how to take a Yearly Retreat.)

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  • Avatar may g says:

    what a sweet song. i don’t have any sisters and was always more comfortable around boys, more predictable and less drama. i wasn’t sure how good a mom i would be to two girls but God chose to bless me with two very different lovable girls (and two boys). i pray that we would have that type of relationship, esp. when they hit the teenage years.

    thank you for your sweet and encouraging note from the previous post!!! now, off to bed i go!

  • what impeccable timing. i did not have “the best day” today with my littles, but this video 1) reminded me of all the best days we have had and 2) encourages me to strive for one tomorrow. thanks for sharing!

    i have really enjoyed your blog the last few weeks. i have been inspired to act. thank you!
    .-= annalea @ our hartbeat´s last blog ..the maddest and the saddest =-.

  • Avatar Brookiej says:

    a little misty eyed??? whew. i just had myself a good cry! 🙂

    thank you for your blog. it is really helping me…i am not a morning person, yet i have been getting up early. it is making a world of difference & i really hope it is making a big difference in my patience with my girlies {it feels like it is!}.

    i love music & have so enjoyed exploring all your recommendations!

  • Avatar sarah says:

    i agree with the last commenter — misty-eyed does not describe it!

    great inspiration. thank you.
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..today… =-.

  • Avatar Hollie says:

    This is my favorite song of hers. My seven year old loves it too, we listen to it on repeat for hours on end (and we did for weeks on end when I first got her CD lol).
    .-= Hollie´s last blog .. =-.

  • Avatar Leslie says:

    Very touching! Makes me want to make this the best day for my little guys…..it hasn’t been lately but it could be today. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Avatar Jeanine says:

    Oh, wow, I just discovered this song a few months ago and had tears streaming down my face while listening to it on my ipod. My friend I was with got so concerned about me! 🙂 I can’t even bring myself to click on the video for fear that I won’t be able to stop this time – lol. That’s my prayer – that I have so many good days with my kids to remember and look back on with love…

  • I saw this video shortly after I became a mom…it made me bawl like a baby!

    Other songs that inspire me are Bethany Dillon’s Revolutionaries, Chris Rice’s It Is Well With My Soul, and Big Daddy Weave’s Audience of One. <3
    .-= Lisa Middleton´s last blog ..gDiapers are the winners. I think. =-.

  • Avatar Jenn says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing that. What a beautiful song to her Mom. I’m going to go blow my nose now…
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Olympic Trip =-.

  • Avatar kelli says:

    So touching! It makes me remember that while things like a trip to the park or out for ice cream may seem insignificant to me, but they mean the world to my little guy!

    I’m inspired by the song “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton- some of the lyrics are: “I’m not going back, moving ahead–here to declare to you the past is over–in you all things are made new–surrendered my life to Christ, I’m moving forward…

    Love it!

  • Avatar Trina says:

    This is such a wonderful song. The first time I heard it, I cried. Another song that has really touched me recently is Miranda Lambert’s The House That Built Me. Also a tear-jerker for me.
    .-= Trina´s last blog ..Mastering Leftovers: Black Bean Soup =-.

  • Avatar Kim says:

    Wow. That was so good. I so want to have an amazing relationship with my children now and forever. From conception to heaven I want to treasure them and I desire that they will treasure me as well.
    I need to love my own mother more. No she was not and is not perfect. She blew it in some big ways but what does Christ call me to do? FORGIVE and LOVE! Thanks for sharing this video. It has reminded me to love my mother better.

  • Avatar Erin says:

    Wow, forget misty-eyed, I cried – watched it again, cried some more, sent it to my mom and all my mommy friends, and cried some more! Thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar Laura Gillespie says:

    First one that comes to mind is “Noah’s Song” by Watermark. Do yourselves a favor and go listen and be moved by it ;D

  • Avatar Diana says:

    I’m in tears! I want my daughter to feel this way about me and my dh! I pray God helps me to be the best mom she needs in order for her to blossom and fly!

  • Avatar Rhonda says:

    I am going through a really hard time right now with my 12 year old daughter, and this song and it’s meaning have me crying like a baby. I so want her to feel this way about me one day, but as of now, I know I have made huge mistakes with her! I almost got sucked in by bad thoughts and guilt, but then I remembered that God’s grace is sufficient, even in our situation, and it’s never too late to start to rebuild relationships. I am so thankful that God has opened my eyes to the heart issues that we need to deal with and He has given me peace to begin again. Thanks for give me something to think about.

  • Avatar holly says:

    i have loved this song for a while. i first heard it before i was a mother and LIKED it. but then i had a baby. WOW…what a difference. i absolutely adore it now. when i was reading your post, i knew exactly what song you were talking about even before i saw/her it!
    .-= holly´s last blog ..totally inspired =-.

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  • Avatar Beverly says:

    Tried to listen but it says the video has been removed from the user…

  • […] encouraged me greatly. It’s a Taylor Swift song titled, The Best Day. I first came across this song and video on Inspired to Action (Kat has directed me to lots of great […]