UPDATE – How To AFFORD a Yearly Retreat

By April 21, 2010General

Money doesn’t grow on trees. (Or under them.)

After I wrote my post on yearly retreats, a dear friend emailed me and essentially asked, “What about those who haven’t been budgeting for a yearly retreat and don’t have the extra cash to take one now? And what about single parents?”

Such great questions.

6 Tips For Making A Yearly Retreat A Reality

We brainstormed and came up with a few solutions for both the financial and child care issues, so I thought I’d share them with you:

  • Daytime retreat. Leave before the kids awake, spend some time at a coffee shop, the library, the park, a local college campus, go to a movie and then just come home late in the evening. Do the same thing the next day.
  • Family. If you have family nearby, ask them if they’ll help with the kids for the weekend. Or stay at their house for your retreat.
  • Friends. If you have a friend who might want a retreat, offer to watch her children and have her watch yours while you take your retreat.
  • House sit. If you know someone going on vacation this summer, offer to housesit for them for all or part of the time. Hey, you might even get paid for your personal retreat.
  • Adopt-a-mom. If you are in leadership at your church, consider organizing older families with a guest room or two who might like to host a young mom for her weekend away.
  • Share your retreat. Four moms + one hotel room = low cost and lots of fun. Just make sure you are intentional about actually retreating.
  • Gifts. If anyone asks what you’d like for your birthday, Christmas etc. ask for (small) gift certificates to a local hotel or B&B.

I know some of you are frugal geniuses. What other ideas do you have for overcoming the financial obstacles of taking a yearly retreat?

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  • Susan says:

    I love these creative and realistic ideas Kat! As a coach, moms usually come up with so many reasons why a retreat is impossible, but I am always the optimist! I will definitely share this post with my readers too!
    My way to save for a retreat is to take a portion of the money I save using coupons and bargain shopping for my family. I have my own place to keep this money and watch it build. Then using a discount hotel site I book a room, bring food along, so I don’t have to order out and enjoy a peaceful time ALONE!

  • Reba says:

    Your ideas for how to save up for a retreat are great Kat! And I agree that getting away can be invaluable! However, I just wanted to put a word of encouragement to some ladies who actually may not be able to retreat yearly or even weekly. For some of us it really isn’t an option unless there is some divine intervention. (and He is a God of miracles so who knows! Ask Him and see what He does!) But we, like many families, are already economizing on everything just to make ends meet and honestly it is just not an option to take time away from mothering in a big chunk like that.
    And I just wanted to say that God is meeting my needs anyway!!! 😀
    He sustains me in real ways. He encourages me and He provides me little respites along the way.
    I guess that’s all. I hope that made sense and encourages anyone who may feel a little discouraged by their situation. Our God is so faithful.

  • We know families who have regularly scheduled time to trade children for a 24-hour period from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. One family trades off every single week (I think this changed a bit once sports entered their lives), and another family we know does it monthly. So, Mom and Dad have a Friday evening/Saturday morning date or retreat on a regular basis. Of course, on the off-weeks, they have a house full of kids for that 24-hour period, but so often having the friends around does wonders for “taking care” of your own children!