How To Set Goals With Your Children – The Simple Version

By April 29, 2010Summer Planning

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I had a really nifty post all written. It was about how to set goals with our children. It was 600 words long.

Then Valerie left this comment on our Facebook page:

There was a verse we used to evaluate the balance in our summers. (my 5 boys are now grown men). Luke 2:52 says “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

We tried to look at the things we were doing from these four categories.

  1. One activity to enrich our knowledge, like summer reading programs at the library or an art class.
  2. One physical, such as swimming or baseball. Some were purposefully team building and others to develop singular activity.
  3. To grow in favor with God, we picked verses to memorize or Bible school in addition to church.
  4. To grow in favor with men, we tried service projects, mowing the neighbor’s yard, baking cookies, or visiting the nursing home
  5. .

When they were young I planned with this in mind. As they grew, I let them choose with these four categories in mind, showing the example of Jesus to follow.

Well, after I read that, my post seemed so complicated and convoluted. I love how wisdom and experience simplify everything.

I’ll post a few of my ideas next week, but I just had to share this perfectly simple and thorough method.

(Makes me want to start a series featuring the wisdom of “experienced” moms. Hmm…)

Question: What’s the best piece of wisdom you’ve gotten from an older mom?

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  • Avatar Shawn says:

    What an inspiration message about setting balanced goals.
    The best wisdom I’ve gotten from watching other Moms is that I shouldn’t be such a boo boo drama queen.

  • Avatar Deanne says:

    What a wonderful, yet simple criteria. I’m so glad Valerie shared this information. I so often want to make things complicated, and often it prevents me from following through. This is doable!!

    Thank you Valerie!

  • Avatar Marcia says:

    My mother told me when we had babies, “Everything is a phase. The good, the bad, the ugly. When it’s good, appreciate it because it might not last. When it’s bad, realize that it won’t last long so hang in there. When it’s ugly, figure out how to change it.” That piece of advice has gotten me through many phases in my life and I have tried to look at each one objectively.

  • Avatar Jessica says:

    Great stuff! The best piece of practical advice I’ve gotten was from my aunt… she said to put every piece of crib bedding you own on the mattress in layers. Mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. That way when your sweet baby messes up the sheets at 3 a.m., you can dismantle just a portion of the bed and not have to dig up, reapply and disrupt baby’s (and my!) sleep more than necessary. How utterly genius and simple. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Avatar mindy says:

    Use your minutes……rarely do we have long, uninterrupted stretches of time (especially with infants and toddlers) but through-out the day the 1-2 minutes or 5-10 minutes can accomplish much…..a load of laundry folded/away, d/w emptied, a quick room tidied…..a hug and board book read to a little one, etc

  • Avatar Roslyn says:

    This is a great plan for goal-setting! I have successfully used it in making New Year’s resolutions, too.

    My best piece of advice from an older mom was this: “Every day, make sure you take 15 minutes and do something for yourself.” Unfortunately, I didn’t take her advice until many years–and more kids–later when I felt I was teetering on the brink every day. Now I realize that just as it is vital to spend time in worship and study with God, it is important to spend some precious free minutes restoring myself with a NOURISHING activity.

  • Avatar Annette W says:

    Thank you so much for sharing how practical God’s Word can be…even in planning our summers!

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    Best advice: I was bemoaning the fact that it takes so long to get things done with young children underfoot. She quietly asked “Is effeciency your goal?” Ouch! I remind myself of that often when I find myself frustrated at my lack of productivity.

  • Avatar Amy Jo says:

    Best advice from a “seasoned mom”: “Don’t be afraid that your children will embarrass you in public (i.e. grocery store). They ARE, at some point, going to do something that may be embarrassing, but just respond and move on. If you get embarrassed and over-react, they will feed on that and it will make it worse.”

    • Avatar Kat says:

      That’s a good one. I’ve certainly had my share of embarrassing moments too. At least they make for good stories later…

    • Avatar Monica says:

      Another way to say this is –don’t take your child’s actions personally. It is not personal, it is about growing and learning. If you make it about their learning…embarrassment falls away (although I confess to wishing that these learning moments could be better timed!)

  • Avatar Brianna says:

    Oh, I soooo love this! I am so going to use this.

    When my oldest was about two months old, someone told me that it was okay to put her in her crib or somewhere safe, even if she was crying, so that I could take a shower! It sounds crazy, but it seriously was liberating for me! Knowing that if she was safe, she’d be fine for that short time, EVEN IF SHE WAS CRYING. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Brianna´s last blog ..Rain =-.

    • Avatar Amy says:

      That is good advice! Especially today I think we are pressured to always be entertaining our kids and to never let them cry…this piece of advice is good for our sanity!

  • Avatar Natalie says:

    I just found my way to your blog this week and am enjoying it very much! I thought I was the only one thinking about how I am going to entertain my three kids all summer. Thank you for this series and for posting your reader’s wisdom- this will be our theme verse for sure this summer.

  • Avatar amy says:

    My best piece of advice from a seasoned mom? It came from my own mom when I had my first kid and she said, “don’t ever let your kids do something when they are babies that you don’t want them doing when they’re 2,3…13…” For example, my dad has a beard. Don’t let Jr. pull on the beard when he’s a baby (’cause everything’s cute then) or he’ll still be doing it when he’s 2 (and it’s not so cute THEN)… and also, do not develop a bedtime routine you don’t want to stick with indefinitely. Keep it short.

  • Avatar Susanna says:

    The best thing a wiser lady told me at my first baby’s shower was to discipline your children in love when they are in your charge. If we don’t, the world will discipline them without love later.

  • I have used this same verse to set goals for myself as well. Love the 4 categories.
    .-= Glenda Childers´s last blog ..Home Sweet Electronically-Connected Home =-.

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