The Key To An Effective Routine: Create The Habit

Welcome to the “Maximize Your Mornings” series here at Inspired To Action. This series will run for two weeks (here is the Series Homepage). During that time we’ll cover some of the key elements of starting and continuing a great morning routine.

I’m thrilled that you’re joining us and I hope it inspires you to make some simple changes that will have a huge impact on your days.

Wax On, Wax Off

If you’ve read the ebook Maximize Your Mornings (if not, it’s free. Download it here.), you’ve probably already started a morning routine or you’re really excited about getting started. Maybe you’ve set your alarm for 5:30am, printed out your “Read the Bible in a month” plan and are looking forward to start training for a marathon. Great!

Now go sand the deck.

“Um, Kat? What are you talking about? All I know is that, starting tomorrow, I’m going to get up at 5am EVERY day.”

Wonderful. Now go paint the fence.

“Huh? That doesn’t have anything to do with my “Read the Bible in 30 Days” plan.”

That’s ok. When you’re done with the fence, wax the cars.

“Where’s the unsubscribe button? I think this Kat lady is looney. By the way, starting tomorrow, I am going to do The 30 Day Shred EVERY day on the ADVANCED level.”

Some of you may remember the scene from Karate Kid when Daniel was so eager to learn Karate and how to kick and punch that he grew frustrated with his mentor, Mr. Miyagi because all he made him do were simple chores, like waxing the cars and painting the fence. So Daniel confronted Mr. Miyagi and discovered that through those chores he learned muscle memory habits which, apparently, translate easily into high level martial arts.

(Good to know. Next time someone tries to attack me I’ll be sure to “swiffer the kitchen” or “change the diaper” and take them down.)

(RSS readers, click here to watch the video.)

My Point

I’m sure many of you are just itching to be early risers and have super productive mornings. But when developing a morning routine, we need to FOCUS on the HABIT.

It’s easy to be distracted by cool stuff like kicking and punching or, in our case, getting up at 5:30am, running for miles or praying for hours. Everyone loves radical change. It’s fun. But right now, those measurements are distractions from our true goal – the HABIT of waking up early to get with God.

A habit is something we do automatically and it is acquired slowly through small simple changes. It isn’t cool, flashy or impressive. But once we’ve practiced it enough, it becomes automatic. It becomes easy to get out of bed in the morning and to bounce back into our habit after sickness, vacation or other disruptions.

How To Create A Habit

Habits are created slowly and gradually.

If you’re just starting a morning routine, I encourage you to review your plan. Is it doable? Is it sustainable?

No matter how ambitious you feel, I encourage you for the first week to get up no more than 15 minutes early.

Set your alarm back 15 minutes. Spend 5 minutes reading/praying. Spend another 5 minutes exercising (pushups, squats, situps) and spend your final 5 minutes planning your day. Every week, move the clock back 15 more minutes and extend your time in each area.

It might seem too simple, too easy, but that’s kind of the point. An early morning routine isn’t supposed to be torture. It something you look forward to and enjoy.

Keep it simple to create the habit.

Simple Action Step

Today’s simple action is to introduce yourself here in the comments.

Please share:
1. Your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer)
2. The reason why you want to get up early
3. Any obstacles you think you’ll face while developing the habit.

Let’s use this list to pray for one another. I’ll be praying for each of you and I hope you all will take a few minutes to pray for each other as well.

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  • Avatar Deanne says:

    1) Deanne, an American living in Hong Kong
    2) When I have gotten up before my kids and gotten ready for my day, my whole day has gone smoother. I want that every day. Plus, I feel very convicted to use my time in a much wiser way than I have been, and this is a baby step toward that goal.
    3) I have two obstacles. Number one, I am lazy, so making myself get up is hard. Number two, because we are 12 hours ahead (night and day) from the US, hubby must stay up late on conference calls to the states (midnight/1:00AM our time) and comes to bed late. He’s still sleeping when I get up to tend to the 4 kids, and we live in a 1000 square foot apartment. Logistics of showering/exercising, etc so I won’t disturb him or the rest of my household are challenging. That’s a BIG obstacle. I’d love some suggestions……

  • Avatar Monica says:

    1) Monica
    2) I would love to have a peaceful beginning to my days instead of hitting the ground running when I wake up with my kids.
    3) My biggest challenge is being a night owl. I stay up late and I have always stayed up late. I usually go to bed around midnight which makes it hard to get up at 6 AM (my goal wake up time)

  • Avatar Elena says:

    1. Elena
    2. I study to pass the Competitive Exams and become an economic embassor for my country (Spain), so waking up 2 hours earlier gives me 2 extra hours of study. I love doing sports in the afternoon, but before I couldnt, as I had to study. These 2 extra hours give me the opportunity of leaving the library earlier and trainning for a while in the afternoon, and still studying more than I did before.
    3. My biggest problem right now is that it´s REALLY cold early in the morning, so leaving my cozy and warm bed is pretty hard. The only solution I have found so far is making some hot tea as soon as I jump out of bed to keep warm (turning the heating on is not a possibility as the heating is for the whole building).

    • Avatar Heather says:

      Elena, have you tried to find an automatic teapot, or a timer to plug an electric teapot into? You’d then have hot tea waiting for you when you get up. The wonderful aroma of it brewing might even wake you up before the alarm goes off.

  • Avatar Sara says:

    1. Sara
    2. I Think If i get in the habit of getting up early and using my time more wisely (getting around and doing my devos ) then my day should be smoother.. I there would be ready before my kids and not dragging by the time it got to me getting ready…
    3. I have a few.. 1. I am lazy. 2. I tend to a baby so sometimes (most nights) if he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night i have a hard time getting back to sleep so there for i dont get a nights sleep and i drag.. 3… its hard to get up and be quite and exercise read ect without making noise to wake the kids and hubby..

  • Avatar Stasi says:

    1) Stasi, An american living in Slovakia (i love that the first of us here are international. go time zones!)
    2) I like myself better when I get up early. I procrastinate less and accomplish more, and have more time for me. If I sleep in I never have the time to relax.
    3) My husband likes me to stay up with him so we can go to bed together. Plus, I really enjoy laying in bed half awake just relaxing.

  • Avatar Julie says:

    1. Julie
    2. I want to get up early everyday so I can spend time with God, exercise, and have a smoother start to my days.
    3. My main obstacles are the computer and TV. I spend too much time with both in the evening and not enough time getting things done around the house. And i procrastinate:( But I am making time with God my priority and the only real time i can do that is in the morning so here we go! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Emily says:

    1. Hi, my name is Emily.
    2. I’d like to get up early to have my quiet time. I’ve never done well at getting up early, but on the rare occasions when I have, my relationship with my Savior has always been so much closer.
    3. I’ve never been a morning person, and like so many others here, I love my sleep! We home school also, and usually start getting up around 8:00, so if I could start getting up at 7:00, that would be a great start. I’d eventually like to get up at 6:00, but first I need to master 7:00, or even 7:30… The best way I’ve found in the past to motivate me to get up is program the coffee pot the night before to start brewing coffee when I want to get up… because I hate to waste a good cup of coffee! πŸ™‚ But when I don’t set it up early, I’m not as motivated to get up… Then when my youngest gets up early and she sees me at the table with my coffee and Bible, she knows Mommy is having coffee with Jesus so she will go lay down on the couch until I am finished with my prayer time.
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Granola Revisited =-.

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    1. Kelly
    2. I want to get up early to spend time with God. My days go better when I get up before my children and have time with God and time to plan my day. I can also get my computer time over with before they get up.
    3. Hubby and older kids go to bed late, therefore I go to bed late. Then the 6 year old gets up around 6:30 am. So I get up at 6:00 and have 30 minutes alone. πŸ™ Right now she’s watching TV while I’m on the computer, hubby is at work, and other kids are asleep.

  • Avatar Stephanie says:

    1. Stephanie
    2. I want to get up early because my day is ALWAYS better when I do. I just need to convince myself of that at 4:30am.
    3. My biggest obstacle will be that I am lazy and tired. Funny, because both can be overcome if I would just get up early.

  • Avatar Elaine says:

    1. Elaine
    2. I know that if I don’t get up before my daughter and husband, I am much less likely to spend time with the Lord. Even though I have hours and hours while he’s at work, I just can’t get as much done later in the day as I can bright and early.
    3. My husband is a night owl and I have a hard time going to sleep while he’s up. My daughter (9 months) occasionally wakes up very early in the morning and I end up sleeping in because I know she’ll sleep in.

  • Avatar Brianna says:

    1. Bria
    2. Instead of reacting to my day, I want to be proactive about it. I’ve never been a “morning person” and have always admired those who are. But I’m done with that excuse and have decided to be a grown up and just do it. So I can give my day to God FIRST THING and let Him start my day.
    3. My excuse of never being a “morning person” is one I’ve bought into for a very long time, so I know I need to get over it. I really like my sleep. Also, my husband and oldest daughter get up early and spend time together reading the Bible and eating breakfast (which is awesome) and I don’t want to mess with their routine. It might sound like a non-obstacle, but I really love that they have a routine together and I don’t want to screw it up and/or get in their way.
    .-= Brianna´s last blog ..Triumph and Treasure =-.

  • Avatar alison says:

    1. Alison
    2. It makes the day so much better to get up early and I love greeting my daughter with a joyful spirit in the morning, knowing so much is already done!
    3. Any obstacles…….wanting to sleep?;)

  • Avatar jen says:

    1. Jen
    2. I want to spend more time in prayer and exercise without taking away from family.
    3. I need to close the computer down and only get on it 1 time a day!

  • Avatar Tara says:

    1. Hi my name is Tara
    2. I think that morning is the only time I can have without anyone else getting up. I want to become disciplined in my devotional life (or lack there of). I need to shed some baby pounds.
    3. Finding a consistant time to wake up. Right now I work 3 days a week where I get up between 4:15-5:00 am. I don’t want to be up that early every day. There might be a chance I could start working 3rd shift 4 days a week soon too. So, finding some balance between my job days and home days is going to be the hardest part.
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Thoughts on music =-.

  • Avatar Martine says:

    1. Martine
    2. If I want to get anything done, especially exercise it has to be in the morning before work.
    3. Shifts, I love to sleep in my warm bed with purring cat versus getting up to a freezing cold room dark room. Even though my brain knows I will like the end result of getting up early, my body has to be convinced.

  • Avatar Ashley says:

    I’m Ashley and I hate mornings! I always have. But something has to change. I feel behind all day. So this morning I got up 30 minutes early and feel so good.
    I can’t wait to see how it goes and how I benefit from all the changes!
    Pray that I can fight the warm bed and continue to start my days right!

  • Avatar Anna says:

    1. Anna
    2. I really want to be able to have some time with God before the day starts. Also, my evenings are really busy so I need the mornings to catch up and have a breath before the day starts.
    3. I can list so my reasons why I don’t do this. I am lazy, like to sleep and stay up way to late. But I really want to change. I need my time with God and need to figure out a way to make it happen.

    BTW all the comments so far are so encouraging that I am not alone in my struggle and that other moms/women are dealing with the same issues. Thank you for your honesty!
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Success! =-.

  • Avatar Lisa H says:

    1. Lisa

    2. I really want to have a more consistent time with the Lord. Also getting back into a daily exercise habit just keeps escaping me…I want the HABIT again! πŸ™‚

    3. Biggest obstacle is probably that my husband and I love to play cards with friends and we stay up way too late.

  • Avatar Bethany says:

    1. Bethany, first time mom to 7 month old πŸ™‚
    2. I really want a reliable, consistent time with the Lord every morning so I can re-charge and get ready to face whatever the day ahead of me has with patience, grace and compassion.
    3. Um, I really like sleep too. Lately, my little guy has been waking up a few times during the night, so it’s super easy to wake up when I want, but then roll over and go back to bed until he wakes up.

  • Avatar Erin R says:

    I’m Erin.

    I’d like to make getting up early a habit to have the time I need to prepare my heart for my busy days of homeschooling my 5 boys and helping my husband. I would also like to exercise more consistently during the early morning hours.

    The biggest set-backs I face are making sure I get to bed early enough (especially since my husband is a night-owl), as well as still waking up with my 10 month old once or twice a night (we’re working on that, but it is slow going). Also, not getting distracted by the computer once I am awake in the morning!

  • Avatar Jeaaica says:

    1. Jessica, living in Verona (Italy)
    2. I have gotten up early all of my life. Through a series of circumstances (many similar to Deanne in Hong Kong) in recent months I had to give that up. Too many guests staying with us requiring me to stay up late to tend to them; husband needing to be up late to Skype and conference call with other countries; husband traveling frequently so I had to be up late to either take care of stuff he normally does or simply to be able to see him… Etc. Etc. This led to a massive sleep deprivation and the morning routine fell by the wayside. Now, my main motivation is to HAVE TIME ALONE! I have 4 children and guests in and out of the house non stop, so unless I recover my early mornings I am never, ever, ever alone and it drives me CRAZY ; )
    3. Biggest obstacles: my husband’s schedule (I need to stay up late if I want to spend time with him); my early rising children (I have two); the very small size of our apartment which means that if I am not quieter than a mouse, the above mentioned early risers will be awaiting me in the kitchen before I make it there myself… and the fact that we have the said frequent guests, some of them early morning risers who usurp my ‘kingdom’ ; ) But I am very hopeful that the obstacles can be conquered.

  • Avatar Faith says:

    1. My name is Faith and our family is serving in Mexico – another time zone, language, other issues, added to the list!
    2. I am a VERY routine oriented person. I LOVE routine. I LOVE checking things off lists. I do normally get up early but I haven’t been super *purposeful* about it – it’s more of a habit. And I feel out of form. I have three children, live in the middle of a desert, work, speak and sometimes think in a different language, and I CRAVE solitude and silence. Never seem to get enough of it. Plus my prayer time is pathetic and has been due to the last crazy, and wild season of our life that mostly involved prayers of “HELP us please” variety – so THAT is the primary motivation for me at this point – QUIET to focus, set the tone for the day, and pray for growth and sustenence.
    3. My biggest challenge? Well – myself. THAT is a biggie. I tend to want to get with the program instead of doing that ‘talk to the coach’ stuff. Action is more my speed. Darn it.
    .-= Faith´s last blog ..Foodie Friday…. =-.

  • Avatar Susana says:

    1. hi my name is Susana and a born again believer

    2. i have 19 mo old twins. i NEED to get up early and have my devos and pray and get things going before the kiddos wake up. send my hubby off to work. once the kiddos wake up there goes my day.

    3. im lazy. i know it. help!

  • Avatar Valerie says:

    My bed is so cozy! And I like to stay up late at night. I’m doomed.

  • Avatar Jessica says:

    Hi my name is Jessica, wife to my awesome husband and mother to four blessings. I love having alone time and couldn’t wait to start my morning routine. I’m one of those that jumps in with full force so I am getting up now at 5 instead of the usual 7. Although I might reconsider taking it easy if I want this new lifestyle to stick!

    • Avatar Jessica says:

      Sorry I did the above wrong.
      1. Jessica
      2. I know what a good morning feels like when everything is done that needs to be done without kids running around. It feels wonderful to have time to yourself.
      3. Comfy bed will be my downfall. And a little guy who needs to nurse a couple times at night. He wakes up close to my wake-up time, it’s hard not to fall back to sleep.

  • Avatar Ashley says:

    I’m Ashley, a wife and mother of two littles (1yo and 3yo). I am blessed to be able to stay home full-time with my children, and my husband has a “short” work week, giving us lots of together time at home.

    My biggest struggle in the mornings is getting out of bed. I have no problem with waking up early. But I lack the ability to drag myself out of bed. My goal is to eventually make it out of bed by 5:30am (when my husband gets up for work), so that I can have some time to myself (plus have devo time, exercise time, etc) before the kids get up. I always manage to get soooo much more accomplished when I actually get up before them, but I struggle to accomplish the getting up first part.

  • Avatar Vanessa says:

    1) Vanessa
    2) I need to get more done. If I have a late start to the day I get very little done. It’d be beneficial to me to exercise regularly and if I do it in the morning I think I’ll be more likely to stick with it. I get too tired in the evenings. Doing devotions has become a chore lately and I dread it. Sad but true. If I skip my devotional time my day ends up very unproductive, I get nothing done. Strange how that happens.
    3) Obstacle: I am a night owl. If I could just get to bed early, I would eventually get up earlier. I’ve tried many times, haven’t succeeded yet.
    Thank you for your prayers, I need them.

  • Avatar JoAn says:

    1 JoAn
    2 I have been doing this for years, but have been losing my motivation. I thought joining in would help me keep on the path.
    3 My family has never really understood why I get up early. Even though I have tried to explain it to them.

  • Avatar Missy says:

    1. Missy
    2. I *know* my day would be more productive and God-centered if I were to spend that extra time in the morning in His word and in planning. Exercise would be great too.
    3. Another night owl here. Most nights it’s midnight, and I consider it early if the lights are out at 10:30-11:00 pm.

  • Avatar Tiffany says:

    1. Tiffany
    2. On days that I do have prayer time in the morning, I’m more productive, more patient with my children & experience a better day all around!
    3. Nighttime awakenings from our youngest…and not having a ‘great’ place to do my quiet time. Knowing that you (Kat) did your time in the garage is encouraging – might have to choose my closet or bathroom for now until we move πŸ™‚
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Inspired to Action =-.

  • Avatar Sally says:

    1. Sally
    2. I am a first time mother to a 7.5 month old and work full time outside the home. My husband also works full time and has a long commute, which makes him have less time at home. I am always exhausted and know that my daily attitude would greatly improve with consistent time spent with the Lord and taking care of the body that he gave me.
    3. Exhaustion and perfection. If I hit a 10 minute snooze button once, I will just sleep as long as I can because I didn’t get up when I was “supposed” to.

  • Avatar Leslie says:

    1) My name is Leslie
    2) This past December I stopped working to stay at home. Originally my plans had been to start staying home January 2010 as I’d felt the Lord calling me to stay at home. (I’ve been working since I was 16–now 32– and didn’t know what I was gonna do with) In December I found that I would be a full-time caregiver for my mom. She had a stroke in September and cannot do anything without help. No children yet but my husband and I are trying and I’d love to be ahead of schedule in figuring life out after a baby comes.
    3) I get woken up most nights by my mom to help her to he restroom so I find myself dragging in the mornings and it’s really hard to get going. I need a routine again–an at home routine and I NEED the morning time for God AND exercise.

    • Avatar Shawn says:

      Hi, my name is Shawn

      I would like to get up early in order to have NO EXCUSES about having the time to exercise. I am also looking forward to starting the day with prayer and reading the bible.

      My obstacles will be that a)my bed is very warm and comfy and b)anywhere outside of my bed is not as warm and comfy. I am not in any way a morning person and I love staying up until 10:30 or so because I feel like that is MY time to relax and wind down.

  • Avatar Summer says:

    Hi, I’m Summer!

    I recognize that I am a better mother, wife, human being, when I get up early and exercise, study, pray, and get ready before my kids wake up. My whole day feels brighter and more productive!

    My biggest obstacle is being lazy. I tend to stay up too late, and then I don’t want to get out of bed on time. I have been doing better though. One week down and loving it! πŸ™‚
    .-= Summer´s last blog ..Wintering =-.

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    2. Why?…because I’m less grumpy, time with God is so much more effective when there aren’t little kiddos asking me questions, my health lately has demanded I exercise, but I just don’t do it when I get up late!
    3. Laziness! I don’t know that I have any other. I love sleep! I do have a hard time falling asleep. I go to bed early anyway, but if I could figure out how to fall asleep more quickly, that would probably help too!
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Scrappy BeeÒ€¦. =-.

  • Avatar Shana says:

    1. Hi I am Shana (Shawna)!
    2. I desire to get up earlier because I want a few moments to read the Word of God and to get in a short walk to energize myself before the crazy day begins. I get up at 6:15 and the goal is 5:45 and better yet 5:30. I have to be out the door with 2 kids by 7:10, so I need some good alone time to function better as a mom in the morning and not rushing!
    3. Things that may hold me back is as many have said, laziness, I like working early in the day (part time) so I have the rest of the day off but it gets consumed by children’s needs and household needs I don’t have time to read or exercise. I also tend to stay up late to have time to myself and the hubby and for years I just plain don’t sleep well so getting motivated to wake up earlier has been a challenge. But with support I know I can do this! Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Avatar Nora says:

    1. Nora
    2. I think that it will benefit my whole family. My oldest will wake to me being available (hopefully). I will start the day with my most important tasks/goals done. I will feel accomplished.
    3. I’m a lifelong night owl. It’s always been hard for me to get up in the a.m.. I also am unsure when the baby will need to be fed, so it’s hard for me to plan the “best” wake up time & I let that stand in the way of trying….

  • Jacqui, Sydney Australia.
    I would like to rise earlier to give my day to God.
    Waking earlier helps me to serve my family better.
    The obstacle is that I love sleeping! I also don’t want to wake the whole house earlier. Having said this, I remember hearing a groom at a wedding speak of the great encouragement it was in seeing his father wake early and do his Bible study.
    .-= hill upon hill´s last blog ..Third Child at Big School. =-.

  • Avatar Cristina says:

    1. Cristina

  • Avatar Kelli Pax says:

    1. Kelli, Tennessean currently relocated to Waco, TX for grad school
    2. To get in the habit of spending time with God before I enter the “real world” and have a family of my own
    3. I am not a morning person – period. Some days, I get up at 6:30am, but I don’t shake the morning fuzz until 1pm.

  • Avatar Cristina says:

    Oops! I accidentally hit the submit button, before finishing. Anyways, my name is Cristina,
    2. I want to get up early (have been for the past 2 weeks) because it’s the only way I can truly have time to myself and have time to quietly listen to and worship God, which makes my day SO much calmer and happier! Also, it’s the only time I can exercise without interruptions.

    3. The Obstacles I’ve been dealing with are; getting out of bed when my hubby is so cuddly! And, getting to bed earlier then 11pm, so I can stay awake when I get up at 5am. Also, I’ve had to find ways to make myself uncomfortable to be able to stay awake. I’m also dealing with a lack of motivation in the morning, after I exercise and study my scriptures, I just drag… I think I’m just waiting for my internal clock to reset, seeing I’ve been a chronic night owl!

  • Avatar Jasmin says:

    1. Jasmin
    2. I would love to start out my day early because mornings are my favorite. I love the light, quiet, stillness, and the fact I have so much of the day to look forward to. I also tend to start my day right through prayer and feel more productive throughout the day.
    3. I wake up around between 11 AM – 1 PM because my husband and I sleep pretty late (12 – 1 AM) and I have a 10 week old daughter who likes keep me up most of the night.

  • Avatar MaryBeth says:

    1- MaryBeth

    2- I believe that reading my Bible at night before bed pales in comparison with spending time worshiping, praying, and reading first thing in the morning.

    3- Even knowing this, I haven’t been doing it because I stay up too late then don’t want to get up early. My chaos filled days could be so much better if I would just exercise a little self control and go to bed at a decent hour at night… and of course develop a habit of getting up early no matter what!
    .-= MaryBeth´s last blog ..Play Date =-.

  • Avatar Jessi says:

    1. Jessi
    2. I want to start my day on purpose! I need my time alone with the Lord to give me strength and direction for my day. I need time to prepare for the day before the rest of the house starts buzzing!
    3. I have 5 young children ( ages 6 down to 6 months ) a “good night’s sleep ” is something I feel like I haven’t experienced in years! =) I just feel exhausted in the morning and too often convince myself that I “need” my sleep. SO excited to get some encouragment and inspiration from this blog!

  • Avatar Adriana says:

    1. Adriana
    2. I want to accomplish more in my day. I want to get a head start before my kids wake up. I need to use this time for devotions, exercise, and planning. I want to be ready to tackle the day rather than have the day tackle me.
    3. I am so lazy in the morning. The warm bed feels so good that I love to sleep in or just lie and enjoy the warm and sleepy feeling. I am good at giving excuses for just 10 more minutes. I am also a night owl. Although my husband insists that I won’t get in his way when he is getting ready for work, I fear that he might get in my way as I’m finding my routine.

  • Avatar Leslie says:

    1. Leslie
    2. I want to get a head start on my day. Getting up earlier should be easy since my husband already gets up at 5:00am. So I have been setting my own alarm to go off by 5:30, if I don’t already wake up when his alarm goes off.
    3. My main goal is to NOT take my child to school while wearing PJ’s! I need to be in my workout cloths so I can do my workout as soon as I return home. The getting up, having a cup of coffee, worship, bible study and prayer are making it on my morning routine. And the planning the day is pretty predictable. Food, I plan out on Sunday’s for the week. It’s the workout I need to make sure I get. So that’s why I have to make sure I’m changed before making the kid drop-off.

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    1. Hi, I’m Sarah, living in Vientiane, Laos, Southeast Asia

    2. I’d really like to start my day off with devotions, rather than waiting until evening when I see it as a chore instead of a time of fellowship. Also, my days always start out rushed and late–not a good frame of mind to begin a day with! I’ve noticed too that it’s easier for me to keep my thoughts and attitude in line when I start the day with Bible reading and prayer.

    3. I’m a night owl–the biggest challenge for me will be giving up some personal time to get to bed earlier.

  • Avatar Jenn says:

    1. Your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer) – Jenn
    2. The reason why you want to get up early – I feel better when I get some stuff done before the kids (all 5 of them) get up.
    3. Any obstacles you think youÒ€ℒll face while developing the habit. – I’m afraid the kids will hear me or the alarm and get up earlier too!

  • Avatar Jamee says:

    I am jamee.
    Days when I get up ahead of my three children are about 75x better than the other days. Days that I get up early AND spend time wt the feet of my Lord are 150x better. I need to prepare myself for the emotional onslaught of the day so I don’t get overwhelmed. Which seems to always happen otherwise. Just the normal stuff does it to me.
    I sometimes turn my alarm off when I think I’ll find time later in the day to get quiet and alone with God. That has yet to happen……Good morning!

  • Avatar Casie says:

    1. Casie
    2. I want to get up early to get a handle on my day. I am a stay at home mom with 2 boys, 2 1/2 and 1. We live and work in a group home and take care of 6 ladies with developmental disabilities. I often feel so discouraged because I can’t keep it all together. I am constantly forgetting things and running around like a crazy woman. I feel like my kids are suffering becasue they are just along for the ride. I want to be a more intentional mother. I want to spend QUALITY time with my children. I may be with them all day every day, but I want to invest in them instead of dragging them along with me through my life.
    3. Most mornings, I can find so many reasons why I should stay in bed! I am tired! Yet I know that if I got up EARLY ( I already get up at 6:15 just to get my residents off to work), had an organized day where I could actually spend time in prayer and intentionally plan my priorities, I would probably be less tired and ragged. Getting out of bed has been a constant struggle for me. Also, my children are light sleepers, so on mornings where I actually do get up early, my children often wake up too! This seems to defeat the purpose and can discourage me from getting out of bed on other days. I often lay there and think, what’s the point? I have had a few successful mornings though, and they are very encouraging to me. If only to take 2 minutes, get on my knees, and cry out to God for grace to get through the day. Whew!

    • Avatar Crystal says:

      Casie- just wanted to tell you I said a prayer for you- I’m a SAHM of a 3 and 4 year old and 5 month old boys. I remember how hard your boys ages are! And my heart goes out to you in your situation. Neway- I pray that you are able to get the first two minutes of your day on your knees before Him throughout this week. Isaiah 41:10

  • Avatar Jenn says:

    1. Jenn
    2. I believe that starting my day in God’s word will help me face the challenges of the day ahead. Too often, my mornings are rushed as I make lunches, get the kids fed, and out the door to school, and my time with God gets pushed and many times it doesn’t even happen later in the day!
    3. My biggest hurdle will be that I stay up too late (11:30pm-12am) getting things done and having some “down time”. I’m not a morning person!…yet!
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Goodbye house! =-.

  • Avatar Jenn says:

    And HA! I just have to say that while reading through the comments, I thought that Leslie was saying that her main goal was not to send her child to school in pajamas!! I’d better drink my coffee before I get on the computer!!
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Goodbye house! =-.

  • Avatar Carina says:

    Hi! My name is Carina and I found your website via Melanie’s blog. This series is coming at a perfect time for me as I really need to be more consistent in getting up early. (Somedays, I’m up at 5.30 am–somedays not until 7 am!) My reason for getting up before the rest of my house? I want to be able to do my Quiet Time first thing in the day instead of cramming it in whenever I get a chance! My biggest obstacle? Four children ages 12 to almost 2! If I’m not up a considerable amount of time before they are, morning Quiet Time is not going to happen!

  • Avatar Crystal says:

    1. Crystal
    2 I already love getting up early, when I do, I love my time with God and time to plan my day. It seems like I’m more proactive than reactive, my mood is better, and I get so much more done.
    3. Getting good sleep is my main obstacle. I have 3 young children, 5 monthes old, 3 and 4 year old. The two oldest get up about 6 am and the youngest often gets up for a feeding around 4 am or 4:30. If I have the 4 am feeding I’m sooo tired and often end up going back to bed and sleeping through the 5 am alarm.

  • Avatar Lisa M says:

    1. Lisa M, northern twin cities, MN

    2. I want to spend time with God and set my mood and plans for the day. I can also be awake before the kids and have some quiet and be helpful to them instead of cranky. I have am on my second week of this after my friend recommended Kat’s book. It is going great! I am actually waking at 6am before my alarm, for me the key has been getting in bed before 10pm even if I don’t fall right asleep. Excited to keep going, it has improved my life a ton!

    3. Fear I will loose energy and motivation, normally I’m a night owl. I also like to watch TV and if I let myself I will squeeze in one more show, I’ll miss my bedtime. πŸ™‚ Some of my kids wake at 6:30 if they hear noise, which doesn’t give me much time alone. Tips on how to entertain them and finish my planning, ect. and be kind πŸ™‚ would be helpful.

  • Avatar Leah says:

    1) Leah (Lisa – above- is who inspired me to be here)
    2) I want to get a habit of starting my day with God so I don’t get distracted.
    3) I hate starting something only to get distracted and not be able to finish my thought because I have to attend to the kids. If I can start planning and devotions before either of them get up I would accomplish that! Thanks for the hints!

  • Avatar Sarah Klass says:

    1. Sarah
    2. I had already started getting up earlier than usual before starting this series and love the feeling of calm I have when I can spend time with my kids in the mornings before school rather than hurrying them along so we get out the door on time. It also allows me to plan the day rather than flying by the seat of my pants all day and getting to the end wondering if I actually managed to achieve anything
    3. I am naturally a night owl and I also teach classes in the evenings some days which means I go to bed quite late. Plus my husband works night shift, so on his nights off it’s easy to stay up spending time with him rather than heading to bed early on my own

  • Avatar Valerie says:

    1. Valerie
    2. I love feeling like things are under control when we start the day instead of being blind-sided by the kids first thing in the morning. I like actually being happy to see my kids instead of laying in bed fervently praying that they’ll go back to sleep for just a few more minutes. And I LOVE that I’m actually spending time with God at the beginning of each day! What a difference!
    3. We homeschool and I plan at night. Or start planning and then get distracted following rabbit trails and then, Oh my goodness – is it REALLY that late?! How did that happen?

  • 1. Kristen
    2. I feel very called to wake up at 6am to give the least distracted part of my day to God in prayer, worship, and study. I want this to be a habit, so that I always start my day the best I can. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks already, but I’m starting to wake up later and later, and the quality of my time is lacking as my kids start waking up.
    3. My husband just started working from home, and he doesn’t have to start work until 8am – which means he’s in bed all warm and snuggly and wanting to snuggle with me πŸ™‚ There is also the 6 month old baby girl who tends to want to nurse right at 5:30 – 6:30 so my timing can be off greatly. But again, it’s hard to want to get out of bed when you have a warm, snuggly husband and a warm, snuggly nursing baby πŸ™‚
    .-= Unsinkable Kristen´s last blog ..Bubba Speak =-.

  • Avatar Andrea says:

    2.) I already get up early,but…………
    3.)I stay up late. I need to work on going to bed earlier so I can feel better when I get up early.

    I love your book!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Avatar joanna in ca. says:

    It’s Wednesday the 3rd, so I am late getting started. I woke up with a cold, so I am going back to bed. Like the previous commenter, I stay up too late and since I have adrenal fatigue, I have a hard time getting up in the mornings. I can easily sleep until noon when I have to force myself to get up. I think I may have hormonal imbalances also, since I am almost 49 and struggle with depression. Basically I am a mess! The last 8 years I have had one health issue after another and spiritually I am drained and feeling like God doesn’t care about me or my family. I have 5 children who attend a Christian school.
    I have my doubts about being able to get up early but I would like to try-even if I have to go back to bed for a morning nap.
    I could really use your prayers. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Debra says:

    1) Debra

    2) The day goes so much better when it is started early.

    3) Hubby stays up till 3 every night/morning so I have a difficult time getting to bed early. He usually wants something to eat at midnight. πŸ™

  • Avatar Joy says:

    1) Joy
    2) I want to start doing my devotions in the morning. That way I start my day off right and I know they get done.
    3) I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. I am sleep deprived at the moment. So, getting up early doesn’t even seem like a possibility right now. But, I know that my days would go a whole lot better if they did!

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    1) Amanda
    2) Mornings are crazy and filled with spiritual warfare in our house! Most of the time, I say, “Let’s just not try and stay home.” Being disorganized and late in the mornings makes me feel bad about what I’m doing as a mom and doesn’t set the example of a competent, peaceable, and balanced mother I want to be for my children. I find that even if I have lunchboxes and bags packed, it’s still hard for me just to get the kids dressed and fed in an hour and a half. I would love to have family devotional time with my kids. I need to have myself up and taken care of to do that.
    3) My challenge is that my kids just turned 3 and 1. Nights and wakeup times are still unpredictable. I find that if I try to get up early, one of the kids wakes up and then I don’t get that “alone” time. Also stay up to late relishing “me” time after everyone goes to sleep.

  • Avatar Alexis R says:

    1. Alexis
    2. Spend time w/ God before I start my day
    3. Laziness and I like my sleep! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Dorothy says:

    I’m Dorothy
    I want that quiet time in the morning and know I do so much better when I do it, but I feel tired and am to lazy to push myself out. I need to work on my evening routine. I’m floundering around and when I came across your site from somewhere this morning not sure where and decided I neded the challenge. So here I am.

  • Avatar joanna in ca. says:

    I didn’t read thru the comments before posting above and didn’t see this-

    1. joanna
    2. i want to get up early (7 am is early for me at this point) to have my devotions instead of before bed, or not at all. i bought myself a chronological Bible with daily readings so it’s a real pain when i get behind. my main reason for getting up early right now is for devotions-i want to be able to take my time and also do some devotional reading in the morning.
    3. some of my obstacles are physical-i was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) 8 years ago and while i am much better, i have limits that i’m trying to overcome, such as being able to get up early. i also have sleep apnea due to weight gain over the past couple of years so i never sleep really well-i am always, always, tired. the thing i can change, though, is going to bed earlier-like so many of the ladies above, i am a night owl, i love being up at night when the house is quiet-i have 5 children ages 10 to 17.
    my goal is for getting up at 7 am and going to bed at 10. i love having this accountability-thank you Kat for this idea and thank you all for your prayers-i am praying for you as well.

  • Avatar Blessed Mom says:

    1. Blessed Mom
    2. I have two small children and I think my day would go better if I could get up before they do and have a little time for myself. I want to have time with God, but I also desparately need to start exercising.
    3. I stay up way too late every night (around midnight) so getting up early is hard for me.

  • Avatar Courtney says:

    Hey! I’m Courtney! I am still a student in college, and I started student teaching this semester!

    I want to get up earlier so I develop habits now before I get to be a full time teacher! I am still taking classes at night, so by the time I am at school all day then go to class I am TOO exhausted to work out/ spend time in prayer.

    I think obstacles that I will face include being on different time schedules than my friends! They all want to stay up and watch tv and chat, but I know I must get in bed! Also, I am scared I am going to get burnt out fast.

    I will be praying for each of you as we do this together πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Janet says:

    1. Janet
    2. My children leave for school at 7 am and I would like to be up earlier to tend to some things I want to get done before they are up. Also, to collect my thoughts and peacefully begin the day.
    3. I’m tried. I’m lazy and can procrastinate easily. I actually do enjoy the peace of early morning when I get myself up.

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    1. Lisa
    2. I want to get up earlier to spend time in prayer, bible study and exercise and to be able to be a “happy” mom when I see my four girls come down the stairs for school.
    3. Staying up way too late, surfing the web, reading or watching t.v. mindlessly.

  • Avatar Robyn says:

    1. Robyn
    2. I am currently unemployed (with hope on the horizon!) and basically don’t do anything. I want to have more structure to my days and also get a jump on preparing for being a worker vs a student. Basically I have decided its time to grow up and start acting like an adult!
    3. I am a total night owl and used to the student life style. My husband is still a student so he also tends to stay up late. I also enjoy the warmth of my wonderful bed! And I tend to get distracted in the morning with things that de-rail my day such as blog hopping or starting really good books. Hopefully I can start being more purposeful with my time.

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  • Avatar Heather says:

    1. Heather
    2. I’m a mom of 4 under 7 and I right now I just wake up when they do. I would really like to wake up early and be ready for the day, have had some exercise time and also some time for scripture study. I think that would really help my day go much better.
    3. I go to bed way to late because I get distracted by the computer and TV shows so that makes me tired in the morning. I don’t have much of a routine for any of the day so that just makes it harder to be motivated to start now.
    I’m so excited I have found your blog…you make me feel like I can do this!! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Timbrel says:

    1. Timbrel
    2. Mother of twin girls (four months!) and an eight year old. I am completely in love with waking up early and drinking my coffee; having a quiet morning praying and reading the bible… Just so that I can have ANY alone time! until…
    3. … my eight year old walks in to the room. Every time? I don’t understand!
    .-= Timbrel´s last blog ..3 Must-Have Ingredients For Life To Be A Tasty Piece Of Cake =-.

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    My main obstacle to waking up early is that I don’t go to bed early. I like to stay up after everyone else is asleep.

  • Avatar Herbwifemama says:

    1: Herbwifemama
    2: I want to get up early because right now, my days feel very unanchored, chaotic. I want my days to flow smoothly, and I want to feel accomplished at the end of the day. (Meaning, I got a tiny bit of housework done, my relationship with my family members is intact, and we all were fed healthy food today.)
    3. I have adrenal fatigue, which means it’s very easy for me to stay up too late, and sleep too late, and that I’m always groggy and tired when I wake up, no matter how much sleep I get. Waking up is hard to do.

  • Avatar Sara M. says:

    1. Sara M.
    2. Mom of 4 – Oldest is almost 9, a girl, then I have 3 boys ages 7, 5 and 3.
    3. I get up to get my two older kids up for school, make lunch, etc. Never got up before I needed to because, I too, stay up too late watching mindless shows.
    4. I need this to regain some organization to my day – I lack structure, but respond well to it. It’s the maintaining it thing that I have a hard time with.

  • Avatar Tara says:

    Hi I’m Tara in Perth WA Australia

    Getting up early in the morning is great for the rest of my day. I enjoy being able to pace myself before the rest of the day run starts. πŸ™‚

    My children already rise at about five thirty and I’m not sure I can get up any earlier without going to bed earlier, and I’m already aiming to be in bed by nine thirty of an evening…
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Hearty Pox =-.

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    Ok-I’m a bit late in getting started but thought I’d introduce myself anyway.
    1. My name is Jennifer but I go by Jenn. The only people allowed to call me Jenny are my Dad, Grandpa and Brother and that is ONLY because I’m unable to teach them otherwise.
    2. The reason why I want to get up early is for sanity. I’m blessed to me the one who is called mamma to twin girls, now 3. I love them so much but I just need some time every once in a while to complete a thought.
    3. Any obstacles you think youÒ€ℒll face while developing the habit. Beating the kids out of bed. They rise with the sun and once they are up in seems chaos ensues.

  • Avatar holly says:

    I just happed upon this series and downloaded the e-book. Though it’s several months later, I’m still very excited to have found this resource.
    I have actually been getting up about 30 minutes earlier than necessary for a little while now. The catch is that I only do this on the mornings I have to go into the office (usually 3 days a week). On the other days, I work from home, and I will sleep until my baby wakes me. I want to start getting up earlier on those days as well so I have that free time.
    I also like the idea of splitting the time into three chunks. The reason I get up early is usually to do my Bible reading and if i end up doing something else, I feel guilty. Plus I never exercise πŸ™ So I want to try 10 minutes of each thing mentioned.
    .-= holly´s last blog ..tiny tip tuesday =-.

  • Avatar Christy says:

    1. Hi! I’m Christy. I live in Texas.
    2. I have 4 children and feel like I’m running all the time. Unfortunately, the items that have been bumped out of my life are Bible reading, prayer, and exercise. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get these into my daily routine with all the needs of my family. Getting up earlier than everyone else should do it!
    3. Challenges: I am a night owl. Plus, after the children get to bed in the evenings, that is time my husband and I cherish for talking and planning. We could talk for hours (and do) and then go to bed late. I am very tired in the mornings, so this will be a hard thing to overcome. Prayers are certainly welcome and needed.

  • Avatar Sasha says:

    I want to get up every morning because I lean on God more if I start the day focusing on him.I know that my obsticles are my two girls waking up with me even if I wake up early. πŸ™‚ So I need prayer and patients if they do. I also love my sleep…..

  • Avatar Kristen Rekker says:

    My name is Kristen and I am beginning to homeschool. I would love to begin my day with a covering of prayer for my husband, my kids and myself. Fatigue is the hardest challenge to overcome in developing the habit of getting up earlier. Thanks for the prayer!

  • Avatar Shawnda says:

    I want to get up early to read my Bible, exercise, and maybe (eventually) even do some other reading or studying (spirit, body, and soul) and still be ready to start our homeschool Bible time at 8:00. The biggest obstacles are staying up too late sometimes and, especially, being weak in self-discipline in this area.

  • Avatar Camille says:

    I joined a 6 a.m. bootcamp on Mon, Wed, & Fri and I’ve been getting up faithfully on those days at 5! It’s been great – both the exercise and the people. Now to work on Tues & Thurs morning plans πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Amy says:

    My name is Amy.
    I want to get up early because i accomplish so much more when I do.
    My biggest obstacle is that I LOVE to sleep in!

  • Avatar Kristyn says:

    Hi, I’m Kristyn.
    I want to start waking up early because I don’t have a routine right now, and I think having a time I get up every morning will set me on that path.
    My biggest obstacle is sleeping in. My hubby likes to stay up late and I tend to not be able to fall asleep unless he’s right next to me, so I’m often up until 1 or 2 in the morning just because.

  • Avatar Abbie says:

    1. Abbie πŸ™‚
    2. I want to get up early because I am struggling with patience with my children and with satisfaction in my spiritual walk. Those things are no one’s fault but my own and I want to change them. This sounds like it will be a good step in that direction.
    3. Biggest obstacle is going to bed early enough so that I can drag myself out of bed before the kids are awake.
    Thank you for putting so much time into making this practical. Wish there was a way that you could see the far-reaching impact. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Christi says:

    1. Christi
    2. I need to consistently spend time with my God and let Him equip me for the day. I also hope that exercising will boost my energy level. I need to great my kids cheerful each morning instead of groggy and grumpy.
    3. The previous comments encouraged me that I’m not alone in my struggle of wanting more sleep and struggling with getting my brain functioning early. Right now my biggest struggles is depending on caffeine to make it through the day and then not being able to relax and sleep at night. I’m also pregnant so I’m up at night visiting the potty or my two year old wakes me so she can visit the potty and/or my five year old climbs in our bed and kicks me. I wake feeling exhausted and don’t feel like my energy and zeal kicks in until after dinner, when I should be winding down instead of getting going.

  • Avatar Heather says:

    I have 11 beautiful arrows that I am trying to raise for God’s kingdom. I just wake up not ready to see them as much if they are getting ME out of bed! I am so much better if I meet them as they are getting out of bed and I have had my time to jumpstart my day without being overwhelmed from the the time my eyes open. I have had morning time with God for years but time has gotten away from me after last baby and my habit was broke! So now, I have been nudged by the Holy Spirit to get up and meet with Jesus so I can be ready for what the day holds! This is the second part to the nudge I needed! πŸ™‚

  • My name is Audra and I am happily married to my husband who is a pastor. I have a 3 year old son and 1 year old boy/girl twins. My family and faith are the joys of my life. I also love to run, I teach psychology once a week at a local university, and would love to be a better gardner. I want to grow as a Christian woman and I feel like establishing a great mormong and evening routine will help me. We are just getting a handle back on our lives after the overwheimg joy of adding two more to our little unit. I am a night owl and know my tendency to veg out at night is going to be a challenge, also I think consistency to my routine and commitment will be challenging. I want to cringe when I think of all the lame excuses I have use in the past and feel like now is the tome to be the woman I want to be!

  • Avatar Ellen says:

    Hi! My name is Ellen and I am not an early riser. The reasons I want to do this are:
    1. Spend more time with God.
    2. Always have time for exercise.
    3. Spend a more of my day with my husband.
    4. I want to be the Proverbs31 wife.
    5. Become less frazzled and more organized.

    I am sure that there are more, but I can’t think of any right now.
    Please pray for me to open my heart to letting God create these habits in me.


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  • Avatar Kristy says:

    1) Kristy
    2) I’d like time to get a jumpstart on my day, pray, work out etc.
    3) I love to stay up late and I have such a hard time getting into bed.

    ~I just discovered this website and love it~

  • Avatar Angela says:

    1. Angela
    2. With a couple of ‘young’ businesses, and two young daughters (1 and 2) and a 10 year old stepdaughter, I feel like I have lost myself…I have a ‘to-do’ list a mile long, and I feel like I am running in circles all day long just trying to put out fires…I don’t have the time to do anything for *me* or to even catch up with the necessary…I long to get back to exercising, and I have recently realized my personal need to strengthen my relationship with God (I have always been a faithful person, but I have lacked a daily devotional time..I have found a doable bible reading program that I have been doing off and on, but I don’t think I am getting everything out of it that I could…)…And I know a little planning would go a long way….
    3. My husband is currently working 3rd shift, so I cannot even get to bed before 11pm…I am normally a morning person (not that it is easy to get up, but my brain/body just functions better in the morning). While I have a few hours after the girls go to bed to get things accomplished, I am so spent, I am just not efficient….*Hopefully* my husband will be returning to the 1st shift soon, so we can attain some ‘normalcy’ in our home! In the meantime, I NEED to ‘maximize my mornings’!

  • Avatar Kim says:

    1) Kim
    2) I want to spend purposeful, alone time with God with no distractions. I tend to try and squeeze in a little of God time and often let everything else push that time out. I want the Word to live in my heart and it wont get there if I dont read it!
    3) I am lazy and love to sleep in. My two kids seem to hear my thoughts if i try and get up early and they get right up with me. But really its about my misguided priorities!

  • Avatar Kristen says:

    I have had an amazing experience lately of God gently awakening me at 6am before the kids get up in order to spend some time together. It has not been me setting my alarm at all (!!) and before this time, I would find it really hard to get out of bed before 7. So I wanted to share that with y’all, but also in regards to what Kim just wrote, I have to say that someone encouraged me to explain to them that when I am in the living room in the morning with my Bible, that they are not to come in and disturb me b/c I am spending time with God and I need that time in order to be a better mommy to them. We are still working on this, since they tend to come in and want to be with me anyway (or want to tell me whatever is on their mind, of course!) but I am trying to reinforce with them that I really want it to be just time for me and God. Hopefully in the next few weeks they will ‘get it’.

  • Avatar Shannon says:

    1.) Shannon in Virginia
    2.) I am 40, but I am new. I am newly remarried, I have 2 new step teenagers and my own teenage daughter at home, and I am new to my relationship with God. I want to shed my old ways and learn what the Lord has in store for me, so I need to spend some time with him, exercising my mind and body and spirit.
    3.) Obstacles – um, nice warm bed, snuggling up with hubby, and its still dark out when my alarm wakes me. All of these contribute to no ‘get up and go’ motivation.

  • Avatar Mommie Kate says:

    1. Mommie Kate
    2. To get more done
    3. Lack of sleep

  • Avatar Jocelyn says:

    Hi! My name is Jocelyn, and I’m in NB, Canada! I want to get up earlier and spend time with God FIRST, then exercise to honour Him with this temple of mine, and then plan to steward my time wisely throughout the day to bless my family and friends. The biggest barrier for me is that I sleep like a log….a warm comfy log who has a hard time getting out of bed. πŸ™‚ But surely even I can do 15 minutes earlier!

    Thanks so much for this resource! Can’t wait to change one small thing….make it a habit, and then build on it! Blessings to each of you on your journey! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Jeanine says:

    (1) I’m Jeanine

    (2) I’m a night owl, always have been, but I’m not getting enough sleep and I am losing time with my family, so I want to try getting up earlier.

    (3) The biggest obstacle is being a night owl, functioning better at night (my body’s time clock seems to be off, especially in winter).

  • Avatar Beverley says:

    1) my name is Beverley or Bev as I like to be called
    2) my target time is 8 or 9 am or what would be even better is waking up with my husband and spending sometime before he goes off for his day, then doing a bible study and exercise and prayer.
    3) like a lot of you I am a night owl and can’t seem to get enough sleep even after 7 hours of it. and I tend to hibernate in the winter. I also don’t have any responsibilities no kids, I am in limbo as to whether I want to go back to school so the only thing I have to really do is clean the house, so I always thing whats there to get up too there is really nothing to do.

  • Avatar Lollie says:

    1.) Lauralee
    2.) I don’t want to get up early!
    3.) My biggest obstacle is ME!
    Really I like sleep. I’ve never been good at getting up. But I know I need to. To be honest when I read the part about getting up at 5:30am I laughed, screamed (a little), and ran away. I was totally relieved to see that I could ease my way in 15mins at a time. Thank you, this just might be doable. No promises that I’m going to make it to 5:30 though;)
    Truly though my Lord deserves my time. Isn’t it really all His time anyway? My time with Him is so short, do to children and house duties. I really Love Him and I do desire to give Him more, more than just what’s left over.
    So nope, I don’t want to get up, but I will if it means I’m giving Him more:)

  • Avatar Sam says:

    1) Sam
    2) I’ve always liked the idea of getting up early before everyone else, but I’ve always been to lazy to actually do it.
    3) My biggest obstacle is having a toddler still waking up every night. I often don’t feel like a get a really good night’s sleep so my excuse is I need to sleep in as long as possible

  • Avatar Liz Stetler says:

    1. Liz in Oklahom
    2. I do love to get up to a peaceful house, but I just don’t since I don’t HAVE to.
    3. My excuses: children sleep well so its easy to just stay snuggled in bed – oh yes, and I’m nursing a snuggly baby too, I’m just coming thru a challenging season – adding baby #4 – and I NEED more sleep, right?? I get distracted at night by the computer (like right now :>)

    BUT I’m really looking to start a new habit! I know it will help me — maybe even change my life!

  • Avatar Lecia says:

    1. Lecia
    2. I want to get up early, exercise, shower, and have quiet time with God. Then I can start on my morning chores and be ready to devote my day to my family. This will give me more time for doing those activiities I want to do with my five year old daughter. Because I don’t get up early to get those things done I am mid-morning or later before I can turn my focus 100% to my family. Many days I have resorted to turning on the tv for my daughter so I can get those things done. This is not the way I want my little girl to spend her mornings.
    3.Our little girl is a very light sleeper. If she hears me and gets up she will want me to snuggle with her and that will mean falling back to sleep.

  • Avatar Mere says:

    1. Meredith
    2. To have a little time everyday to spend with God, reading His word, and praying, and also to start exercising.
    3. Our youngest child is still not sleeping through the night and often ends up in bed with us…he’s 19 months old and still nursing and still very attached to me (and very snuggly too). We’re actively trying to wean him from me and the bed, but getting up early means he is more likely to wake up early with me. My usual rising time is 6:45 but I’d like to start getting up at 6:00.

  • Avatar Jamie says:

    1. Jamie
    2. I would like to have a couple min. in the morning to spend alone/with God, trying to get my focus right for the day so I can be happy for my girls.
    3. both of my girls wake up early to start, so waking up even earlier will be a challenge for me. my baby still sleeps with us so it is going to be tricky to get up with out her waking up with me. it is looking like 5:45 (ugh) is going to be the magic time for me.

  • Avatar Marcia says:

    1. Marcia
    2. I would like to get the priority order back to spending time with the Lord before anything else.
    3. My biggest obstacle at this time is blogging. It is actually a ministry but even so, it is slowly beginning to weigh on me because the order has shifted. Not sure if 5:00 am will ever be it for me but my goal is to get back to time with God first and foremost.

  • Avatar Carly says:

    1. Carly
    2. I would like to get up early in the mornings so that I am prepared for my kids. I want to spend time in the Word and in prayer and planning for my day, but this is not possible during the day when the kids are awake. And naptime turns into a web surfing session for me or a nap and i end up not getting anything done.
    3. The biggest obstacle is going to be having an 8 week old baby! I need to go to bed earlier in the evenings to get enough sleep to wake up at 5:30. He is sleeping longer stretches (!) so I just need to get myself in bed earlier.

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    Getting up early would provide the opportunity to prepare for the day spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally ( to get my head (and heart) in the game).

    The biggest obstacle that I would face is getting to bed in time to get enough sleep.

  • Avatar Tammy Reidy says:

    I dont have little kids at home so I have become very usee to sleeping in, but then things start piling up and I get frustrated. When I do get up I do my bible in 90 days reading, so that is a plus ,but still I need a habit of getting up earlier and not wasting the day.

  • Avatar Becky says:

    1. Becky

  • Avatar Becky says:

    1. Becky
    2. I do not like how I am so tired, cranky & irritable to my kids in the morning. I also would like to see my husband off in the mornings but I NEVER do b/c he gets up at 5:30am. I really need to be more organized and plan the day better, especially now since I am homeschooling my daughter. I have not had a decent quiet time with God in a very long time, and rarely have any time to myself at all. I also do not exercise at all and feel that I really should.
    3. I am lazy and like to sleep in. I go to bed too late because it is the only time I get to myself, and I am awakened anywhere from 1-5 times a night by my 19mos old. We live in an extremely small cottage which means if I make even a little noise it will wake up my 19mos old.

  • Avatar Jessica says:

    1) Jessica
    2) I want to have a good, smooth start to my day.
    3) I’m a night person and since it’s so hard to get up in the morning the night time feels like ‘me time’ after the kids are in bed. I feel like it’s to hard to get up in the morning for ‘me time’ so then I sleep as long as i can until the kids get up and jump out of bed and rush around when they do. I don’t want to be so hurried in the morning!

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    1) Melissa
    2) I want to create a routine so I can have more freedom. I am NOT one to like routine…but I know it will help me accomplish the things I need to and those I want to. I homeschool my 3 kiddos ages 13, 11 and 8.
    3) Right now my husband lives overseas and when I wake up is when we connect on Skype. I also live at my mom’s house with the kids and she is a light sleeper so struggle to feel like I have freedom in her home to live “my” life. Excuses, excuses. πŸ™

  • Avatar Michelle says:

    I really want to start my days with purpose and be ready to live them out with joy. Homeschooling five kids, two of them teens is very demanding.

  • Avatar Tara says:

    1) Tara
    2) I want to have my quiet time with God and in the word in the mornings. I also want to have time to make a list of things to do that day and SHOWER πŸ™‚ Maybe even throw in a load of laundry …. or edit some pictures, return e-mails .. ahhh .. I don’t have time to sleep!!! haha…
    3) My computer is always an issue – I am a stay at home mom to a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 5 month old AND I run a photography business (so I always have pictures to edit, clients to e-mail, etc.) and of course the dreaded black hole of FB πŸ™ … and at night time after the kids are in bed, my husband wants his time with me; so I feel like I have to stay up late at night to get my editing done and not take time away from him. My goal is to start getting on a schedule and make specific days for editing, and specific days for time with him after kids are in bed, etc. I have a lot of organizing to do … it seems throwing a 3rd child in the mix has been a challenge for us – – – but we are loving every second of it!

  • Avatar Nan Garlow says:

    My name is Nan…from Ontario
    I want to get up early because its something my husband and I have been trying to do since we got married. Days when I do it successfully are wonderful…but i get caught up in late night tv, and get so distracted that my vision is all wrecked.
    Things that will distract me are late night facebooking and Jersey Shore. A show im not glad i watch…but will leave behind gladly since now ive got something better to do. Also…not having time with my husband as well…we get busy and caught up that sometimes our only bonding time is late at night watching Jersey Shore being shocked at how we used to be just like them before we got saved…and then laughing at them for being idiots. Its bound to affect my spirit in many ways if I don’t change directions in this.

    I also think that if i quietly begin to walk in another direction it might inspire my husband to go that way too. not pushing him but just quietly going there….becauuse we both want to get up earlier.

  • Avatar Joy Briggs says:

    1. Joy
    2. I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t want to get up earlier ROFL!!! I’m 21 weeks pregnant with #3 and get up no less than 5 times every night to use the bathroom and/or tuck my 2 yr old back in to bed. Getting up early is the LAST thing I want to do. BUT, there is still habit forming that needs to happen that isn’t based on what time I get up in the morning. It’s based on how I use my time once up. I don’t use my time to visit with God and that’s the problem. The morning is the foundation of the day and is the biggest determining factor in how the day goes. My days need to change before our baby gets here, regardless of what time I get out of my bed πŸ™‚
    3. My biggest obstacle is going to be breaking my existing morning habits and forming new ones around my 2 spontaneous children πŸ˜‰ understanding though that they need order and consistency just as much as I do.

  • 1. Jenny
    2. To get some Devo time in, and to exercise since working out at night never happens.
    3. I will be leaving to PA for some military training, which 530 is the norm for wakeup and just enough time to get ready and get out. So I will have to figure out how to fit that in if in fact that is the case.

  • Avatar Tiffany Clarke says:

    1. Tiffany
    2. The times that I do get up early, I have felt that my day was more calm and peaceful. It gave me time to wake up, enjoy the peace and quiet, and regroup before the day starts. When I don’t get up early, it seems like it’s a mad rush from the time I get up until I go to bed. I’m tend to be more stressed, frantic, and irritable with the kids on those days.
    3. Being tired and just plain not wanting to get up and start the day.

  • Avatar Michelle says:

    1. Michelle
    2. I’m in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and am having trouble getting my day off to a good start. I feel distracted by the myriad of things I need to get done before baby arrives, yet nausea and fatigue cause me to spend a lot of the day resting. I want to have God, exercise and planning take place first thing because I know the habits I put in place now will make my days as a new SAHM much more productive.
    3. My obstacles include lack of sleep (getting up every night no less than 5 times to go to the bathroom or because of discomfort) and then when Baby arrives I will be tending a newborn.

  • 1. Amy
    2. I want to be up earlier than my children – to set the tone for the day. I need my quiet-alone-time more and more as my kids get older because I find they engage me mentally from the first minute. When they were babes, the communication was on my terms and most of their care was physical. Oh, how that has changed!
    3. My greatest obstacle will be myself. Literally. I have several chronic illnesses that have messed with my hormones and circadian rhythm over the years. I wake up in a brain fog and suffer from both kinds of insomnia (can’t fall asleep, and then when I finally do I wake up many times through the night). I have seen a natural Dr. for this, and have a pharmacy’s stock of herbs to help. Unfortunately they only help when I take them (sheepish grin). But I know the Lord is putting this before me anyways, and He will give me His strength in exchange for my own. So here we go!

  • Hi! My name is Tricia. I blog at Mom is the Only Girl, so often I refer to myself as that, too!
    I want to get up early to start the day on the right foot, with God, exercise, and a plan for the day.
    I’m pretty sure I’ll face fatigue, as well as frustration with my failures with my kids throughout the day discouraging me from trying this plan again the next morning, even though I know that is exactly what I need to get back in control of my days.

  • Avatar Aaron says:

    I’m Aaron.
    I want to get up early to better prepare for the day, to get rid of my morning grumpies through time with God. lol.
    Challenges? I don’t like mornings. My crew loves to wake up, before 5 and loudly welcome the day. I like to meander and sit quietly to wake up. Getting adequate sleep will be a challenge with my hubby’s late nights since I don’t like to go to bed. It’s time to build this good habit; I’ve been avoiding it for far too long. Maybe mornings can become my friend… If not, mornings will have to be my conquered foe!

  • Avatar Jessica says:

    My name is Jessica.
    I want to get up earlier so that I can have some peace before my very loud children get up and some time to spend with God before the day begins.
    My challenges include the snooze button. In fact, this very morning my 6 year old came in, hit the snooze for me, and went back to her room. I am notorious around here for abusing it. My internal alarm is set for somewhere aroud 6:45 to 7 am, and this is not a reasonable time for me. My husband also works late into the night and I find myself either staying up really late or missing our “alone” time by going to bed early.

  • Avatar Jose says:

    1) Jose
    2) I want to get up earlier so I can have time to spend in prayer/Bible study before I start my day (otherwise it often doesn’t happen). I also would like to get better at planning out my days.
    3) My biggest obstacle will be myself and my terrible tendency to go to bed really late. So I never feel like getting up in the morning.

  • 1. Teresa
    2. My life could be so much better if I was able to pray, exercise and plan early each day. Some extra time for study would be great too. I am in a season of my life in which we have suffered severe financial strain due to an injury I sustained earlier this year and my work situation has fluctuated from nothing to full time to nothing again. The stress on us is very severe and is affecting almost every aspect of my health and relationships.
    3. I am currently between full time jobs (and it is necessary for me to have full time employment) and on the days I am not working outside of the home it is very difficult to get up Because I have never been a very effective home-maker I find it very daunting to get up and deal with everything that needs to be done.

  • Avatar Irene Miller says:

    1. Irene
    2. I homeschool 4 of my 9 kids still, and am artistic director for a drama company. I also am struggling with some health issues. If I would get up a little earlier and exercise and be consistent in my time with the Lord, I would get healthier and maximize my time.
    3. Migraines that hit hard when I wake up – sick to my stomach, dizzy, hard to see, headache. Other than Excederin Migraine medicine and Mountain Dew (both of which have contributed to other health issues) no other medicines work for me. Herbal approaches haven’t done much either. I’ve heard exercise helps migraines.

  • Avatar Heather says:

    1. Heather, living in Anchorage, Alaska.
    2. I’d love to have time to read the Bible and exercise in the mornings.
    3. I already get up at 4:45am, but don’t use the time wisely. I get my 6 yo daughter up at 6am and we leave the house by 7:15am. I spend my mornings getting breakfast and lunch ready. Evenings are homework, dinner, bathtime and bed. I’m a single working mom, so I have to rely on myself to get everything finished. I need a streamlined routine (and, truth be told, self discipline) to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Avatar Lisa G says:

    Primarily, I want to establish good habits to help my children to learn good habits through my actions..AND, to be more productive!!! AND, spend time with God everyday!

    My obstical will be my health. I have a few chronic health problems that have prevented me from sticking to a daily routime. I am hoping that with God’s help, your prayer support and by taking it slowly, I will be able to stick to a routime daily! Thank you for your prayers!

  • Avatar Audra says:

    I’m Audra, writing from McKinney, Texas.

    I’m a teacher at a charter school in Dallas, and I have to leave for work at 6:15 every morning. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve ended up getting out of bed at 6:05, throwing clothes on, and racing out the door. No quiet time with the Lord, no breakfast, no real time to prepare for the day. Those mornings, I am generally impatient, irritable, and–if I may be so honest–not someone I’d want teaching MY children if I had any. I want to be light and salt to my kiddos, because so many of them need desperately to experience it. And it’s hard to be that starting the day the way I generally do.

    My obstacle will be my habit of NOT getting up. I really like my snooze button, and have for years. I enjoy snuggling with my husband and my puppy in the mornings and falling back asleep a lot, so finding reasons I WANT to get up early will be a key.

    Today was a successful step toward changing the habit!! SDG.

  • Avatar Amber says:

    My name is Amber
    I am wanting to get up earlier so I am not rushed in the moring. I have always hated getting up early. I am a last minute person in the morings. I stay in bed until the last possible minute. I want to be able to get up and not rush. I want to sat down and have a cup of coffee and read my Bible. I am really wanting to start some kind of Bible devotation. Then once I have that going, I would really like to start an exercise routine.
    My biggest obstacle will be just getting up. I have said before that I was going to start getting up early and I never do. I am hoping that since I have found your site that I will be inspired.

  • Avatar Rachel says:

    1: Rachel
    2: I want to get up earlier to serve my husband by fixing him breakfast before class or work (he is in college full-time and works part-time) and get my daughter up and dressed ready to eat with us instead of staying in our PJs all morning.
    3: I work three nights a week, the three mornings I get home from work flow smoothly before our sitter arrives. The rest of the week it is hard to switch around to “day shift” and be present for my family in the mornings.

  • Avatar Marion says:

    1. Marion
    2. I want to be able to have some quiet time at the beginning of the day with my husband, since our evenings are so chaotic with our 5 children and trying to get them settled! I’m also looking forward to having some quiet time.. I want desperately to develop a more intimate relationship with the bible, pray.. pray pray…
    3. My biggest obstacle? I am NOT a morning person… I agree with all the ‘I have a warm comfy bed!” people… and I love the snuggles from my little people that I get starting at 6 am!

  • Avatar Tessa says:

    1. Tessa
    2. To be better prepared for each day, so I can enjoy it with my family instead of hiding out at home because I didn’t have time to shower or not opening the door for the neighbor because the house is a mess (and so am I).
    3. No accountability – my husband is usually at work at 5am, so no one knows how late I sleep. And I loooooove my sleep.

  • Avatar Maggie says:

    I am tired of starting my day feeling frustrated. I’d like to have more order to our entire day!
    My biggest problem will be old habits- staying up late and how much I like to sleep!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Staying up late is my biggest challenge too. One thing that has helped me is to remember why I want to get up early so that I can use that as a motivation to go to bed earlier too.

  • Avatar Stacie says:

    I want to be more intentional about loving my family by spending my time more thoughtfully and wisely.
    I have a hard time going to bed and not feeling guilty for not spending time with my husband.

  • Avatar Penny says:

    The Lord blessed me with my husband and 2 children, being a wife and mother were “what I wanted to be when I grew up”. Somewhere along the way everything has became a chore, when they should be out of love. My obstacles are my hobbies of sleeping/napping and that I so dislike to sweat!

  • Avatar Chantelle says:

    1. Chantelle
    2. The best days I have are when I get up early enough to get myself physically ready for the day (wash face, contacts in, get dressed), spend some time with God praying and meditating, and decide on my top 4 things that MUST get done – BEFORE my 2nd grader gets up for school. When I do this, I can actually ENJOY the time with him and not spend it rushing him and grumpy. It’s a great start to everyone’s day.
    3. Biggeest obstacles: I’m NOT a morning person, I’m a night owl, so I stay up too late, not sleeping well (I suffer from mild insomnia), just plain NOT getting up in the morning, and I don’t have an effective, encouraging accountability system.

  • Avatar Lynnette says:

    2)I’d like to get more accomplished before anyone is awake.
    3)I have a 3 month old baby. Little sleep.

  • Avatar Kristi V. says:

    1) My name is Kristi.
    2) I want to get started earlier in the morning to get my priorities straight. If I wait until I get home from work in the evenings, it won’t get done.
    3) I’m not a morning person, so it will be hard to actually get up out of bed!

  • Avatar Christy V. says:

    1) My name is Christy
    2) I want to get up early in the morning because when I have time to get ready before the kids, the mornings go smoother and I don’t get as frustrated with the kids. My son is severely developmentally delayed so it is very easy for me to get frustrated with him in the mornings. When I am up before him and give him enough time to get ready, he is able to do more of it by himself and isn’t rushed to get on the bus.
    3) My biggest obstacle is getting enough sleep. I work a job in the evening and even when I get off early enough to go to bed at a decent time, I end up staying up late so I can spend some time with my husband. I keep trying to remind myself that this is a season in my life and it won’t last forever. I should just push past the exhaustion. Some days that’s harder to do than others.

  • Avatar Jen says:

    Hi, I’m Jen from Perth, Western Australia and have just found this site and so thankful that I have as I’m already so encouraged just to read all the comments. I suddenly don’t feel so alone. My husband has been encouraging me to get up early for the 6 years we have been married. I am 42, with a 4, 3 and 18mth year old, struggling with the chubbies because I love too much chocolate and just feel old. I don’t move enough and feel really sore and stiff in the morning (probably because of too much chocolate the night before). Please pray for me, as I too want to teach my children a life of offering through prayer and serving others but I can’t even get up to show them.

    • Avatar Ros says:

      Hi Jen,
      I am reading your words and i could say the same. i am 40, my two are 3 and 1, i have been married 5 yrs. my husband too is more able to rise and read the word than i currently am. i have been a christian for 5 years so i cant say im a ‘new’ christian but that is how i feel except perhaps not always with the initial enthusiasm. but i can say i am a christian. i love choc (but maybe crisps/toast moreso) i dont move enough either, sore hips and if i stuck with an exercise regime im sure i would be more flexible and i too love the fact i’ve found this site. how is it going since you posted this?
      i will pray for you – i intend to start tomorrow am but will pray anyway. pls pray for me too πŸ™‚
      Ros – somerset, england.

  • Avatar Jenlyn says:

    1) Jenlyn
    2) To be a better helpmate to my husband.
    3) Chronic tiredness. Impatience.

    • Avatar Ros says:

      Jenlyn, i can relate!! hope you have found this site useful in your mission. I am just at the contemplation stage but hope to carry it through
      all the best Ros X

  • Avatar Christine says:

    1) Christine
    2) To have my mornings be more peaceful and to stop feeling like I needed to hurry because I am always getting started later than I should and mostly so that I can stop telling my kids that we need to hurry up or we are going to be late all of the time.
    3) My husband and I both enjoy staying in bed late on the mornings when neither of us has to go to work.

  • Avatar melissa says:

    1. Melissa
    2. To spend time with God and to plan my day
    3. 3 days/week I’m up early for work. The rest of the days…I usually wake up when the toddler wakes up. Then the older kids (four or them ages 7-11) wake up. My husband is a stay at home dad so he goes to bed late and sleeps in later.

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    1. Lisa
    2. I want to get up to spend time with the Lord. I need to learn to trust God to know what is best for me.
    3. I do not get up so well when my husband travels because I stay up late. He travels a lot.

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      I’m the same way! I always stay up terribly late when he’s out of town! Praying for you…and that morning time with God will be a wonderful life long habit for you!

  • Avatar Alex says:

    1. Alex, Iowa (don’t let the name fool you, I am a lady :))

    2. Unlike most here, I am not a wife or a mother. I am a single 24 year old, full time job in an elementary school, and I am daily striving to love the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength. One area He is leading me to change in is how I spend my mornings. I heard of this series on the radio this morning and I thought it was worth a try! I LOVE routine and desire to start my day off right every day, with God and His word and exercising.

    3. Biggest obstable– my flesh. I don’t want to give up the comfort of my bed. And I can be very lazy when it comes to exercising. I need to learn to reprioritize!

  • Avatar Teresa says:

    1. Teresa
    2. I want to become closer to the Lord.
    3. I have a habit of not getting up, or letting time slip by when I do get up early.

  • Avatar Stacy says:

    1)Stacy–a Southern girl, wife, and mom
    2)I’ve always been a morning person, until the last few years:( I love mornings and easing into my day the right way before I have to be “all things to all people”. I need help regaining the habit.
    3)I have 4 teenagers and a twelve year old! I home school and have a son in college (living at home) They stay up later now and my husband and I wait until they’re in their rooms to have our time together to talk, etc. Mornings find me tired.

  • Avatar Shannon says:

    1. Shannon
    2. To make fully relying on God and abiding with Him a daily practice so that I can model and teach this to my children.
    3. Mother of 2 – four yrs and two yrs…I want avoid the feeling of “being shot out of a cannon” each morning and be prepared spiritually and emotionally to serve others around me.

  • Avatar Ros says:

    Hi My name is Ros, from South West England.
    2. I have been a Christian for five years and have been wanting to meet daily with God but have not managed it regularly. I would also benefit enormously from more exercise and planning menus.
    3. I find all three hard to do, i sign up to these things easily but havent stayed motivated/committed. Please pray that i will be able to commit and enjoy the rewards. I have two toddlers under three, one i’m still feeding so when he wakes in the night i find it hard to get up and like most, i just love my warm, cosy bed.

  • -Sokunn
    -Once in a blue moon, I get up before my kids and everything seems to go much more smoothly
    -one thing that stops me is that I stay up waaaayyyyy too late

  • Avatar crystal says:

    1) Crystal
    2) Everything is so much better when I get up before my kids! It helps so much to get time with God before I start my day (and it’s the only time where it can happen because my son won’t nap). Also, it helps so much to think through the day before I just start doing things, and exercising gives me some energy.
    3) I live in a tiny apartment in Boston with 3 kids (3, 2, and 6 mos) who are constantly changing on me what time they wake up, and my son eats in the middle of the night 2x lately. My husband works nights and is sleeping in the morning, so he can’t help.
    (but for a few months i have been getting up before everyone a lot of the time!)

  • Avatar Amy says:

    1. Amy, in Massachusetts
    2. I home school my 3 children, and when I manage to get up earlier and have quiet time, my day is so much easier. Spending time with the Lord alone helps me stay calm longer. If I manage to get up before everyone else, it’s also the only time all day I have to myself.
    3. My biggest obstacle to getting up early is staying up late. My husband is a pastor, and his days can be long and wearying. We struggle sometimes getting our kids in bed, and when we do we wind up staying up too late trying to spend time together.

  • Avatar Barbara Mancilla says:

    1.Hello, I want to create the habit of waking up early (before my family wakes up)
    2. so that I may enjoy time with my Lord and Saviour, exercise, and greet my family. I need help!!!
    3. my obstacle will be going to sleep early, is hard for me to drop things and go to bed. Heelppp!!

  • Avatar Reghan says:

    Please share:
    1. Reghan, in Michigan.
    2. I would like to make the most of my day, and not feel rushed or to feel like I have to squeeze things in at the end of my day. With two small children, and working 3 days a week first shift while my husband works second shift, finding time to connect with God, exercise and giving them the attention they need, it feels impossible to juggle and balance. I know that having a routine, and utilizing my day by waking up early would help.
    3. My biggest obstacle will be going to bed at a good time so that I have enough energy to wake up. I love reading, and usually read after the kids go to bed. By that time it’s 8:30pm and then I spend a couple hours (to be honest, sometimes more) reading. The next morning, of course, I feel unrested and unprepared.

  • Avatar Monica Beback says:

    1. Monica
    2. I recently left my job to become a stay at home mom, and will normally sleep in until my one-year old lets me. I will stay I bed until the last possible minute before getting up to start our day. I want to do this challenge to focus on building a stronger relationship with God, giving myself time for myself, and to create a positive, productive daily routine.
    3. My biggest obstacle will be getting myself into a routine of going to bed early; I tend to get most of my daily to-do’s done after baby goes to bed!

  • Avatar LeAnn says:

    Hi! I’m LeAnn from Kansas.
    I want to start getting up earlier to spend time with God. I know how much better my days go when I do have spent time in His Word. I want to be able to plan my day and spend some time with myself getting oriented for the day before the girls wake up and the house becomes chaotic. I would like to feel at the end of the day that my day has been productive, purposeful, and gone smoothly.
    I feel like the main obstacle that I will be facing in this challenge is not wanting to get out bed in the morning.

  • Avatar cathee says:

    cathee, I want to honor God through out my day. ‘In the morning’, God’s Word says. I must start my day with the Lord. It has to be my prioity.

  • Avatar Leah says:

    1. Leah from South Carolina.
    2. I’m a wife and mother of 2 elementary school-age kids. I homeschool both kids, and work from home as an event planner for professional conferences. I need my alone time with God in the mornings to get me through the day!
    3. I am NOT an early morning person, and I tend to stay up a little too late sometimes, especially on the weekends when I feel like I can “get away with it” by sleeping in the next morning.

  • Avatar Vivi says:

    1. Viviana from California
    2. I am longing to spend more time with God and plan my day so homeschooling my kids is a blessing to our family and not the chaotic chore that it has been lately.
    3. I am a night owl, the later to bed the better. But that prevents me from waking up early or if I do wake up early, the entire day I am a fog of indecision. I get distracted easily as well.

  • Avatar Teresa R says:

    1. Teresa from Texas
    2. I want to spend intimate time with God and I want to write a novel.
    3. My morning is everyone else’s evening. I work night shift 11p-7a, go home, fix husband breakfast, walk the dog, get on the computer for awhile, go to bed, then get up around 7-8pm to start my day. I feel rushed when I get up to walk the dog, fix supper, take a shower, and get ready for work.

  • Avatar Carolyn says:

    1) My name is Carolyn and I am from California.
    2) I would love to get up at an earlier time because it helps me to have the time to wake up and prepare for the rest of my day.
    3) I have the hardest time waking up. I am seriously thinking about buying that alarm clock that takes off when it goes off so you have to chase it around to turn it off. I am also a night owl and have a hard time going to sleep at a normal hour. My goal is to get up a 6am. What things can I do to help make this a reality?

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    Hi. My name is Amanda..I live in Tennessee
    I would love to wake up each morning, seeking God, making the day peaceful for me and my daughter.
    I tend to be a bit of a night own, so I am hoping this will help me be accountable to go to bed early and rest when my daughter rests. Also, I want to incorporate God more into my life than I ever have before.

  • Avatar Victoria says:

    1. My name is Victoria and I am from Canada
    2. I want to wake up early so that I can spend peaceful, quiet time with the Lord to deepen my relationship with Him. Also, my husband needs to be at work by 7:00 AM and we share one car. My work is flexible so I can get there early if I need to, but my problem is that I can’t seem to wake up. I want this to change because I have made him late by a few minutes on many occasions or at least rushing to get to work after he drops me off. I don’t want to make him run late anymore, but I haven’t been able to master my mornings yet! I am really hoping this series will help me change. I’m so glad I found it!

    3. My obstacles are that my life is quite busy and I find it hard to wind down and be asleep before 11:30 PM.

  • Avatar Nicky says:

    I am Nicky from the Philippines.

    I want to get up early to have some time to just be quiet and take stock of my day before chaos breaks loose (read: the kids are up and are starting to make demands).

    My biggest obstacle will be the excuse that I’m just too tired. I have a new baby, less than 2 months old, and that means waking up every few hours to nurse. I no longer get that precious 8 hours of sleep that everyone seems to say is necessary to stay sane.

  • Avatar MiLisa says:

    Hi I am MiLisa from North Carolina.

    My goal in getting up earlier is to have some quiet alone time before anyone else gets up to ask anything of me . I also plan to do yoga and plan my day. Today , I set my alarm for 6:30am, then 6:50 am because for some reason I awoke at 5:45am & started feeling anxious about the day. Then, my 2 year old woke -up an hour early. So, I got her comfy with her cartoons and continued w/the plan.

    The obstacle or excuses I expect are …being tired ,(going to bed on time is helping that !) , getting distracted from my simple goals or hyper focussing , my toddler . I don’t anticipate her being a huge problem because she usually watches cartoons for 30 min – an 1 hr in the morning anyway. So, that’s why my goal is to wake- up before her , as much as possible. Then, I won’t feel guilty πŸ˜€

  • Avatar Candy says:

    I want to get up early every morning so my day will begin quietly and unhurried. I feel it will help me to greet my children in a way that will let them in knowing how cherished and valued they are.

  • Avatar Lynn says:

    I want to wake up early… My obstacles are the lack of light and that when I wake up early, most often I get exhausted around late afternoon which is peak time at home… And after 4-5 days of getting up early, even 15 minutes, I get sick physically. But when I do get up early, my day is smoother and I get so much more done.

  • Avatar jolee says:

    1.) Jolee
    2.) I want to wake up early to spend time with God, be intimate, praise and grow closer to Him. Also, I want to spend time exercising, increasing energy
    3.) Biggest obstacle- excuse that I am tired because of work, my work schedule is very busy, but I have to realize the extra minutes of getting up early to spend time with God and exercise will help me beat the tiredness:)

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  • Avatar Jess says:

    1. Jessica
    2. To “get with God,” serve my husband, be more alert for my kids in the morning, and be more productive throughout the day.
    3. I nurse two children and they wake up randomly…that makes it very difficult to stick with my wake-up time. Plus, sometimes the house is too cold and I just want to stay cuddled under the blankets πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Alyssa says:

    1. Alyssa
    2. I want to enjoy mornings. I am not a morning person… however, I’d like to become one. I want to start the day well and earn my sleep at the end of the day. I’d like to start the day with either exercise or a devotion… I’m starting with one or the other so I don’t get bogged down all at once.
    3. I dislike waking up.

  • Avatar Beth says:

    1.) Beth from Chicago
    2.) I need more quiet time with God
    3.) I’m confident I can stay with the routine of getting up early but it’s the distractions that I allow to keep me away from the reason why I’m up early (technology, etc…) I want the morning time to be with God.

  • Avatar Christine says:

    1)Hi, my name is Christine.

    2) I want to get up early so i can be grounded in love instead of racing through my day. This year is the first year all my kids will be in school after me homeschooling them. It will be a tough transition for mama and i will need the grace and love of Him.

    3) The toughest part of my day is just getting up! I try to get in those last 15 minutes of sleep and then seem to wake up more tired than if i had just gotten up early. And then the distractions come. Facebook, checking emails- before i know it the time is gone and no time has been spent with Jesus or his word and i am off and running anyway! Time to turn that around!

  • Avatar Denise says:

    I tend to be an early riser already and truly enjoy the peace and quiet of the house. However, I strive to be more organized and productive with my time. I have found although I am given the time, I become distracted either by thoughts or circumstances which are not always peace building. Through prayer and determination, I know the habits I am developing, will grow and become stronger. Thank you for the prayers and I will join in praying for us all.

  • Avatar Estacia says:

    1) Estacia
    2) I want to start my days off right
    3) just getting up lol

  • Avatar Amy says:

    1. Amy
    2.I have recently moved and started a new job. I miss my old prayer routine and need to create new habits. When I consistently spend time with God, my heart is full of love and I am more relaxed. Life is in better perspective.
    3. My challenge is that I live with my parents – Dad is 83 and Mom is 79. My dad has been diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimers and they both have random sleeping patterns. If I get up and they are awake or if my noises wake them, they want my attention. They are sweet and want to chat or have me do little things for them but I know I need that prayer, exercise and planning time to be available and attentive to them later in the day when they need me more.