Refreshed Motherhood: The Importance of Retreating

This series covers why moms need retreats and how to make them happen.

1. Why Mothers Need to Retreat

2. Why and How To Take A Weekly Retreat

3. Why and How To Take A Yearly Retreat

4. How To Afford A Yearly Retreat

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  1. Now that I’ve read motherstyles I’m going to say that I think this is particularly true for I (introverted) moms LOL

  2. Wanted to share a sincere thanks and let you know I’m furthering your cause wherever I can!
    This weekend I’m leading a discussion group for our ladies conference called “Finding Peace Through Parenting.” Needless to say, InspiredtoAction has been a HUGE resource for me in this area and I’m so excited to direct the sisters in this group your way so that they can learn, grow, and be ministered to as I have been. Thank you for all you do in following God’s leading. He is using you in mighty ways!

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