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Jamie Matin ITA Image

Developing a Love of Reading in Your Kids :: Jamie Martin :: ITA106

| Podcast | 2 Comments

Do you dream of your kids loving to read, but just don’t know how to force that to become a reality?  Jamie Martin is with us today with insight, ideas, and resources on how to raise children that love to read and are more globally-minded because of books.


Stop Fixing Behavior and Start Building Belief :: Jim and Lynne Jackson :: ITA105

| Podcast | 5 Comments

Do you ever feel like all those consequences you’re doling out for bad behavior are only causing a rift in your relationship with your child?  Jim and Lynne Jackson are Parenting Coaches (can a get a “Hallelujah?!”) who are sharing about turning your focus from “fixing” your child’s behavior to… Read more

Ruth Soukup ITA

Conquering Kid Clutter with Ruth Soukup :: ITA104

| Podcast | One Comment

Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter of “kid stuff” in your home?  Tune in to hear Ruth Soukup give us some helpful tips and ideas on living in a peaceful space.

Christy Wright ITA image

Mompreneurs: Turning Your Hobby Into a Business with Christy Wright : ITA 103

| Podcast | One Comment

So often as moms, we put our hobbies, dreams, ideas, and skills on the back-burner.  Maybe you think no one would want what you’re offering.  Or maybe the logistics of starting a business are just too intimidating. Entrepreneur Christy Wright is inspiring us today with great ideas on how to… Read more

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