ITA55 – Motherhood and Nutrition – Simple Steps To Eating Better – A Chat with Trina Holden

Eating smarter could be one of the fastest ways to become a better mom, because what we eat affects how we feel, and how we feel affects how we respond to those around us.

“You are what you eat.” You’ve heard it before. Maybe you’ve even said it to your kids. But how often do we, as moms, think about the effect of food on our actions and attitudes toward our children?


On today’s show, Trina Holden, shares several simple ways to make better food choices and even get our families excited about healthy eating. No, really.

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ITA54 – The House That Mercy Built – Kristen Welch’s Inspiring Story

How can an average suburban mom change the world? Kristen Welch is sharing her incredible story on the podcast today.

Her journey took her around the world, but as you’ll hear in this episode, she found just as much need right in her own backyard. Kristen is humble and wise and a woman of action. Don’t miss this podcast!

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ITA #53 – No More Mommy Brain – Finding the Time for Learning – An Interview with Stephanie Langford and Erin Odom


Motherhood can be an incredible season of learning and it doesn’t have to just be about motherhood related topics. Today, I’m chatting with Stephanie Langford and Erin Odom – the amazing (and wonderfully humble) women behind about how they have made time for learning about all kinds of things, ranging from cloth diapering to traveling around the world, all while raising a crew of little ones.

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Playground Missions: Changing the World One Juice Box at a Time

Playground missions

Note from Kat: This post is from my good friend and monthly contributor, Liz Griffin.

My husband and I were a year into planting a church in Seattle when my daughter was born. Of course, I was thrilled to be a mom and have this little blonde baby to spend my days with. Who wouldn’t? I was prepared for sleepless nights and days spent in yoga pants, but there were some aspects of the motherhood transition I wasn’t as prepared for.

As someone who had been doing ministry for years, it took some getting used to seeing how motherhood aligned with my passion for church planting and discipleship.

I was able to schedule in a few meetings with girls during naps, but most of the time I was at the library story hour or pushing a swing at a playground. While the journey had some ups and downs, I am more convinced than ever that raising kids offers a massive opportunity to show the love of Jesus to an entire demographic I previously had no access to.

My kid’s friends.

This summer two things happened that showed me what an impact my parents had on kids that I played with when I was little. In June I was talking to a friend that I had known since elementary school, but really got close to in high school. She had come from a broken home and my parents always invited her over after school. She joined us for countless meals and weekend hang outs.

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What Voice Are You Listening To?

Note from Kat: Today’s post is from the lovely Jenni Keller

Ps 11973

Four of us stood around the kitchen island while our kids played downstairs. While we talked about the start of school and getting settled into new routines, our conversation took a sadly, familiar turn to the topic of body image.

While we four women have very different body types, we shared one thing in common: the struggle for contentment. And as one woman shared, I looked at her and couldn’t see what it was that she saw in herself and so clearly could not accept. We nodded our heads as she spoke, because we all have the same thoughts rattling through our heads at times.

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ITA #52 – Back To School Routines That Rock – with Amy McCready

Parenting expert Amy McCready gives us some fantastic tips on making life giving morning, after school and evening routines during the school year.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The power of the “When-Then” routine
  • How to use lists to eliminate nagging
  • How to empower your kids to get themselves ready on time
  • How 10 minutes can transform your child’s day

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New Resources for Your Mornings!

Hello Mornings Logo Final - God Plan Move

Hi friends! I’ve been very busy working on a fun project for you and I’m so excited to share about it today.

As you might know, I wrote a book called Maximize Your Mornings and it’s all about helping you to develop an amazing morning routine. And we have a community challenge called HelloMornings that is designed to help you build that habit with a community of other women. (Actually, registration just opened this week and we’d love to have you join us. Spots are filling up fast, though, so make sure to sign up soon.)


Well, The HelloMornings Team and I have created two NEW resources that I think will be amazingly helpful for those of you wanting to make the most of your mornings.

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Oh Exercise! How I Love Thee–Sometimes


This post is written by regular contributor, Lisa Walters.

Why is it that even though I know how important exercise is and how much I need it and how good it makes me feel when I actually get out there and DO it, I’m constantly in a battle to make it a regular part of my life?


I wish I could share with you today all about how I’ve created regular space in my days to add in the “Move” aspect of the HelloMornings theme: “God, Plan, Move.”

I can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy exercising! When I’ve managed to keep consistent with it for a few weeks at a time, I understand and feel all the beneficial effects. But I struggle with the discipline of it.

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ITA #51 – Getting Back To The Mom Essentials with Kasey Johnson

Today on the podcast we are asking one of the most important questions a mother can ask herself, “What are my essentials?” There are a thousand things vying for your attention at any moment, but how can we separate the “urgent-yet-unimportant” from the things that are actually vital for the well being of our hearts and homes?


Kasey Johnson, author of Mom Essentials, and I discuss these very questions in this episode of the Inspired To Action podcast.

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How I Stopped Dreading Dinnertime

Dinnertime is relentless, isn’t it? It comes every single evening without fail.

How many weeks in a row can we eat spaghetti and tacos and that easy crockpot potato soup before my family notices I only have three poorly executed recipes in my arsenal? (Also, it’s summer and 80+ degrees. Nobody wants to eat my potato soup right now.)

If it were up to me, we’d eat breakfast dishes every night. I make delicious cheesy eggs and perfectly browned pancakes. My bacon is just the right level of crispiness (that’s extra crispy, thank you very much), and let’s not discount the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a simple bowl of cereal.

I mean, think of the time we’d all save if we ate cereal every night. Seriously.

But I live in the real world with things like my family’s health and happiness to consider. You, too?

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